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Constraint violations report for country (Discussion, uses, items, changes, related properties): sovereign state of this item; don't use on humans
Data time stamp: (UTC) — Items processed: 10,690,859
The report is generated based on the settings on Property talk:P17.
Updates overwrite this page. Some may already be fixed since the last update: check RecentChangesLinked.
When incremental dumps and the bot work as planned, items fixed before 07:00 UTC disappear in the next update. The report is not updated if only the item count changes.
The report can include false positives. No need to "fix" them.


"Self link" violationsEdit

Violations count: 360

"Conflicts with instance of (P31)" violationsEdit

Violations count: 3119

family name (Q101352), ethnic group (Q41710), given name (Q202444)Edit

Wikimedia template (Q11266439)Edit

Wikimedia template (Q11266439), executive branch (Q35798)Edit

Wikimedia template (Q11266439), human settlement (Q486972)Edit

double act (Q1141470), comic group (Q18510489), YouTube channel (Q17558136), human (Q5)Edit

female given name (Q11879590)Edit

female given name (Q11879590), Devi (Q494511)Edit

legendary figure (Q13002315), human (Q5)Edit

third-level administrative country subdivision (Q13221722), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

noble family (Q13417114), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

coat of arms (Q14659), Wikimedia category (Q4167836)Edit

town of the United States (Q15127012), human settlement (Q486972), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

broadcaster (Q15265344), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

fictional human (Q15632617), human (Q5)Edit

mausoleum (Q162875), human (Q5)Edit

taxon (Q16521)Edit

taxon (Q16521), ancient city (Q15661340)Edit

municipality of Bulgaria (Q1906268), human (Q5)Edit

bog body (Q199414), human (Q5)Edit

given name (Q202444)Edit

professional cycling team (Q20639847), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

sports season (Q27020041), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

section (Q3181348), taxon (Q16521)Edit

school (Q3914), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

university (Q3918), Wikimedia category (Q4167836)Edit

river (Q4022), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

magazine (Q41298), Wikimedia category (Q4167836)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), tag team (Q1066670)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), Wikimedia list article (Q13406463)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), noble family (Q13417114)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), mausoleum (Q162875)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), neighborhood of Brazil (Q19658107)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), lake (Q23397)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), island (Q23442)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), grave field (Q2593777)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), museum (Q33506)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), journalism school (Q352102)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), river (Q4022)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), building (Q41176)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), rural district of Kazakhstan (Q4414032)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), rural council of Ukraine (Q4414033)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), human settlement (Q486972)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), hamlet (Q5084)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), village (Q532)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), village (Q532), human settlement (Q486972)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), village in India (Q56436498)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), fortification (Q57821)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), archaeological site (Q839954)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), family (Q8436)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), sports club (Q847017)Edit

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), mountain (Q8502)Edit

Wikimedia category (Q4167836)Edit

Wikimedia category (Q4167836), coalition (Q124964), project (Q170584)Edit

Wikimedia category (Q4167836), second-level administrative country subdivision (Q13220204)Edit

Wikimedia category (Q4167836), drainage basin (Q166620)Edit

Wikimedia category (Q4167836), hospital (Q16917)Edit

Wikimedia category (Q4167836), association football club (Q476028)Edit

Wikimedia category (Q4167836), human settlement (Q486972)Edit

Wikimedia category (Q4167836), category of Wikimedia lists (Q56428020)Edit

organization (Q43229), geographical object (Q618123), human (Q5)Edit

province of the Russian Empire (Q4379644), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

advertising character (Q4686758), human (Q5), mythical character (Q4271324), Q11236982Edit

association football club (Q476028), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

human settlement (Q486972), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

census-designated place (Q498162), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

hamlet (Q5084), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

railway station (Q55488), underground railway station (Q55491), Wikimedia category (Q4167836)Edit

human (Q5)Edit

human (Q5), by-election (Q1057954)Edit

human (Q5), association (Q15911314)Edit

human (Q5), dynasty (Q164950)Edit

human (Q5), software developer (Q183888), gamer (Q5276395)Edit

human (Q5), bog body (Q199414)Edit

human (Q5), bog body (Q199414), skeleton (Q7881)Edit

human (Q5), terrorist attack (Q2223653)Edit

human (Q5), human settlement (Q486972)Edit

human (Q5), pseudonym (Q61002)Edit

human (Q5), royal or noble rank of the Qing dynasty (Q7991064)Edit

Asian Junior Badminton Championships (Q663964), Wikimedia template (Q11266439)Edit

government (Q7188), Wikimedia category (Q4167836)Edit

town in China (Q735428), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

village in the United States (Q751708), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

presidential election (Q858439), Wikimedia category (Q4167836)Edit

gens (Q899409), Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)Edit

ocean (Q9430)Edit

"Value type sovereign state (Q3624078), client state (Q1151405), occupied territory (Q2577883), disputed territory (Q15239622), state in the Holy Roman Empire (Q26830017), polis (Q148837), ancient Chinese state (Q836688), realm (Q1250464), fictional location (Q3895768), ancient civilization (Q28171280), provisional government (Q59281), country (Q6256), dependent territory (Q161243), mythical place (Q24334893), confederation (Q170156), historical country (Q3024240), state (Q7275), fictional country (Q1145276), federal state (Q43702), Roman province (Q182547)" violationsEdit

Violations count: 1149

francophonie (Q1003588), Brazil (Q155)Edit

Clusone (Q100388)Edit

Holland (Q102911)Edit

Euskal Herria Bildu (Q1029761)Edit

Macedonia (Q103251)Edit

São Tomé and Príncipe (Q1039), river (Q4022)Edit

Occitania (Q104285)Edit

Mekong Delta (Q1052867)Edit

United Nations (Q1065)Edit

Wilhelm Stenhammar (Q10685800)Edit

international (Q1072012)Edit

10792 Ecuador (Q1084346)Edit

ship (Q11446)Edit

district of Turkey (Q1147395)Edit


China (Q11617949)Edit

The American (Q1164740)Edit

Mosquito Coast (Q1165546)Edit

Southeast Asia (Q11708)Edit

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne (Q11805)Edit



Lombardy (Q1210)Edit

Jerusalem (Q1218)Edit

Kosovo (Q1231)Edit

Al-Ándalus (Q123559)Edit

Al-Ándalus (Q123559), Spain (Q29)Edit

Vascones (Q1246837)Edit

Falkland Islands (Q1249802)Edit

Lake Chad (Q125309)Edit

Latin America (Q12585)Edit

History of Ptolemaic Egypt (Q1262449), Egypt (Q202311)Edit

tapir (Q128001)Edit

Umbria (Q1280)Edit

Asia Minor (Q12824780)Edit

Trinidad (Q128323)Edit

فلسطين. (Q12950813)Edit

Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic (Q130276), Kazak Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic (Q2332797)Edit

Heard Island and McDonald Islands (Q131198)Edit

Spanish (Q1321)Edit

Lucca (Q13373), Q1499150, Duchy of Lucca (Q158290), Grand Duchy of Tuscany (Q154849)Edit

Germany (Q1350565)Edit

BTS (Q13580495)Edit

Per (Q13582800)Edit

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tanger (Q1365681), Roman Catholic Diocese of Cadiz y Ceuta (Q764383)Edit

worldwide (Q13780930)Edit

Provisional Priamurye Government (Q1381504)Edit

Zambales (Q13895)Edit

Novgorodian Rus' (Q1392840), Kyivska Rus' (Q1108445), Novgorod Republic (Q151536), Pskov Republic (Q317078)Edit

Arabic (Q13955)Edit

Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Q139671)Edit

France (Q142), Provence (Q101081), Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (Q15104), French Riviera (Q182822)Edit

France (Q142), Occitania (Q104285)Edit

France (Q142), Holy Roman Empire (Q12548), Liguria (Q1256), Kingdom of France (Q70972), Kingdom of Burgundy (Q530670), Gaul (Q38060), County of Provence (Q2991382), Roman Republic (Q17167)Edit

France (Q142), Francia (Q146246), Kingdom of France (Q70972), French First Republic (Q58296), First French Empire (Q71084), France (Q142), German military administration in occupied France during World War II (Q2748708)Edit

France (Q142), Guadeloupe (Q17012)Edit

France (Q142), Martinique (Q17054)Edit

France (Q142), Spain (Q29), Portugal (Q45), European Commission (Q8880), European Investment Bank (Q192247)Edit

France (Q142), Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours (Q378966)Edit

France (Q142), Kingdom of France (Q70972), Francia (Q146246), German military administration in occupied France during World War II (Q2748708), France (Q142), First French Empire (Q71084), French First Republic (Q58296)Edit

Genoa (Q1449)Edit

United Kingdom (Q145), Great Britain (Q23666)Edit

United Kingdom (Q145), Commonwealth of Nations (Q7785)Edit

Sicily (Q1460)Edit

Sardinia (Q1462)Edit

Guinea (Q14630117)Edit

Mexico City (Q1489)Edit

People's Republic of China (Q148), Republic of China (1912–1949) (Q13426199), Q46565161Edit

People's Republic of China (Q148), Republic of China (1912–1949) (Q13426199), Wang Jingwei regime (Q696242), Reformed Government of the Republic of China (Q708865), Great Way Government (Q4375948), Taiwan (Q865)Edit

People's Republic of China (Q148), Q15954552, Heilongjiang (Q19206), Songjiang Province (Q11531694), Q15954032, Q6736982, Soviet occupation of Manchuria (Q15132619), Q5361099, Q5361160, Mutankiang Province (Q704440), Pingkiang Province (Q5361067), Kirin Province (Q2812242), Q4138901, Q28408900Edit

People's Republic of China (Q148), Emperor of China (Q268218), Republic of China (1912–1949) (Q13426199)Edit

People's Republic of China (Q148), Yunnan (Q43194), Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture (Q868046), Mengla County (Q1343654)Edit

Barcelona (Q1492)Edit

Algeria (Q14955184)Edit

Tarragona (Q15088)Edit

South Tyrol (Q15124)Edit

Soviet Union (Q15180), Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Q2305208), Commonwealth of Independent States (Q7779)Edit

Abu Dhabi (Q1519)Edit

Athens (Q1524)Edit

Franc (Q15303979)Edit

Tyrol (Q153809)Edit

Soviet Railways (Q1550653)Edit

Land of Palestine (Q155321)Edit

Brazil (Q155), Santa Catarina (Q41115)Edit

Marathi (Q1571)Edit

Holy See (Q159583)Edit

Württemberg (Q159626)Edit

Republic of Crimea (Q15966495), Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Q756294)Edit

Russia (Q159), East Prussia (Q103801)Edit

Russia (Q159), Ishimbay (Q143376)Edit

Russia (Q159), Soviet Union (Q15180), Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Q2305208), Russian Republic (Q139319), Russian Empire (Q34266), Tsardom of Russia (Q186096), Grand Duchy of Moscow (Q170770), Principality of Suzdal—Nizhny Novgorod (Q4318679)Edit

Russia (Q159), Ukraine (Q212), Belarus (Q184), Podlachia (Q931565)Edit

Russia (Q159), Ukraine (Q212), Kazakhstan (Q232), United States of America (Q30), Belarus (Q184), Uzbekistan (Q265), Latvia (Q211), Canada (Q16), Afghanistan (Q889), Argentina (Q414), Armenia (Q399), Australia (Q408), Austria (Q40), Azerbaijan (Q227), Belgium (Q31), Brazil (Q155), Bulgaria (Q219), Chile (Q298), People's Republic of China (Q148), Croatia (Q224), Cuba (Q241), Cyprus (Q229), Czech Republic (Q213), Denmark (Q35), Egypt (Q79), Estonia (Q191), Ethiopia (Q115), Finland (Q33), France (Q142), Germany (Q183), Greece (Q41), Hungary (Q28), Iran (Q794), Ireland (Q22890), Italy (Q38), North Korea (Q423), South Korea (Q884), Kyrgyzstan (Q813), Lithuania (Q37), Mexico (Q96), Moldova (Q217), Monaco (Q235), Mongolia (Q711), Montenegro (Q236), Morocco (Q1028), Mozambique (Q1029), Netherlands (Q55), New Zealand (Q664), Norway (Q20), Paraguay (Q733), Peru (Q419), Poland (Q36), Portugal (Q45), Romania (Q218), Serbia (Q403), Slovakia (Q214), Slovenia (Q215), Spain (Q29), Svalbard (Q25231), Sweden (Q34), Switzerland (Q39), Syria (Q858), Tajikistan (Q863), Turkey (Q43), Turkmenistan (Q874), United Kingdom (Q145), Uruguay (Q77), Venezuela (Q717), Palestinian territories (Q407199), Yemen (Q805)Edit

Russia (Q159), Ukraine (Q212), Poland (Q36), Slovakia (Q214), Slovenia (Q215), Bulgaria (Q219), Serbia (Q403), Gagauzia (Q164819)Edit

Russia (Q159), Kazakhstan (Q232), Kyrgyzstan (Q813), United States of America (Q30), Ukraine (Q212), Uzbekistan (Q265), Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Q5267), Stavropol Krai (Q5207), Moscow (Q649), Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Q5328)Edit

Russia (Q159), Kazikumukh Shamkhalate (Q2638136), Kazikumukh Khanate (Q4208290), Q16657023Edit

Russia (Q159), monument (Q4989906)Edit

Russia (Q159), Republic of Tatarstan (Q5481), Orenburg Oblast (Q5338)Edit

Russia (Q159), Nazi Germany (Q7318), Soviet Union (Q15180), Kingdom of Prussia (Q27306), Duchy of Prussia (Q153091), Teutonic Knights (Q48189)Edit

Russia (Q159), Commonwealth of Independent States (Q7779)Edit

Metropolitan Museum of Art (Q160236)Edit

Safavid dynasty (Q161205), Baku Khanate (Q1740533), Russian Empire (Q34266), Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (Q206411), Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (Q131337), Azerbaijan (Q227)Edit

India (Q16429066)Edit

Merida (Q165204)Edit

doping in sport (Q166376)Edit

international relations (Q166542)Edit

Thessaly (Q166919)Edit

Los Andes (Q16903)Edit

German Democratic Republic (Q16957), medal (Q131647)Edit

Ürümqi (Q16959)Edit

Hejaz (Q169977)Edit

Guadeloupe (Q17012)Edit

Martinique (Q17054)Edit

Réunion (Q17070)Edit

Kingdom of Hungary (Q171150), Transylvania (Q39473)Edit

Kingdom of Hungary (Q171150), Transylvania (Q39473), Oaș Country (Q782781)Edit

Tibet (Q17252)Edit

Kingdom of Italy (Q172579), Kingdom of Sardinia (Q2577303)Edit

Algérienne (Q17331078)Edit

Byblos (Q173532)Edit

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Q174193), Irish Free State (Q31747), Córas Iompair Éireann (Q633519)Edit

East Azerbaijan Province (Q176081), West Azarbaijan Province (Q134411), Tehran Province (Q590866), Ardabil (Q180103), Hamadan (Q28587), Zanjan (Q146699), Qazvin (Q181578)Edit

Dublin (Q1761)Edit

Great Russian Encyclopedia (Q1768199)Edit

Budapest (Q1781)Edit

institution (Q178706), Argentina (Q414)Edit

Denominación de Origen Catalunya (Q1796282)Edit

Gioele (Q18182610)Edit

Khwarezm (Q182647)Edit

Windward Islands (Q183416), Colombia (Q739), Jamaica (Q766), Haiti (Q790), Dominican Republic (Q786), Cuba (Q241), Bahamas (Q778), United States of America (Q30)Edit

Germany (Q183), West Germany (Q713750), Allied-occupied Germany (Q2415901), Nazi Germany (Q7318), Weimar Republic (Q41304), German Empire (Q43287), North German Confederation (Q150981), German Confederation (Q151624), France (Q142), Holy Roman Empire (Q12548), Lotharingia (Q6673921), East Francia (Q153080), Francia (Q146246)Edit

Germany (Q183), Nazi Germany (Q7318), Weimar Republic (Q41304), German Empire (Q43287), Grand Duchy of Baden (Q186320), Electorate of Baden (Q637238), Margraviate of Baden (Q650489)Edit

Germany (Q183), Baden-Württemberg (Q985), Main-Tauber (Q8517)Edit

Tobago (Q185111)Edit

English (Q1860)Edit

Constantine (Q187346)Edit

Empire of Japan (Q188712), Joseon (Q28179), Korean Empire (Q28233), Goryeo (Q28208), Unified Silla (Q715257), Later Three Kingdoms (Q698268), Three Kingdoms of Korea (Q165292)Edit

German (Q188)Edit

Argos (Q189901)Edit

Iceland (Q189), Reykjavík (Q1764)Edit

South America (Q18)Edit

Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Q190353)Edit

Martins (Q1905655)Edit

Liberec Region (Q193266)Edit

Inglaterra (Q19447119)Edit

Yerevan (Q1953)Edit

Pryazovia (Q1964297), Ciscaucasia (Q1232392)Edit

Russian Esperantist Union (Q1968203)Edit

Israel (Q19819746)Edit

Russ (Q19819762)Edit

Argentina–Chile border (Q1993076)Edit

Zizo (Q19941199)Edit

Brazil (Q1998364)Edit

Salamis Island (Q202422)Edit

Songhai Empire (Q202687), Dendi Kingdom (Q761103)Edit

Kingdom of Romania (Q203493), Union of Bessarabia with Romania (Q2377743)Edit

5 (Q203)Edit

Crown of Aragón (Q204920), Kingdom of Hungary (Q171150), Holy Roman Empire (Q12548), Holy See (Q159583), Avignon Papacy (Q202558)Edit

United Kingdom (Q20530126)Edit

Caribbean Community Secretariat (Q205995)Edit

Timurid dynasty (Q20737645), Mughal Empire (Q33296)Edit

Captaincy General of Guatemala (Q2077243)Edit

Guinea (Q207887)Edit

Imperial State of Iran (Q207991)Edit

Imperial State of Iran (Q207991), Interim Government of Iran (Q3112669)Edit

Norway (Q20), Orkney Islands (Q100166)Edit

Norway (Q20), Azores (Q25263)Edit

Norway (Q20), Nesodden (Q57864)Edit

Norway (Q20), Oslo (Q585), Oslo Spektrum (Q1508325)Edit

Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (Q210036), Caucasus Emirate (Q58826)Edit

Leyte (Q211377)Edit

Scandinavia (Q21195)Edit

Metropolitan France (Q212429)Edit

Ukraine (Q212), Bukovina (Q105206), Romania (Q218)Edit

Ukraine (Q212), Russian Empire (Q34266), territorial dispute (Q1078001), Russia (Q159)Edit

Ukraine (Q212), monument (Q4989906)Edit

Ukraine (Q212), Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Q756294)Edit

Czech Republic (Q213), Milevsko (Q1015011)Edit

Czech Republic (Q213), Kingdom of Bohemia (Q42585), Moravia (Q43266)Edit

Czech Republic (Q213), Moravia (Q43266)Edit

Coco Island (Q215081)Edit

Q21661946, Emirate of Bukhara (Q746558)Edit

Chinese Taipei (Q216923)Edit

Chinese Taipei (Q216923), Taiwan (Q865)Edit

Moldova (Q217), Soviet Union (Q15180), Government of Transnistria (Q4375985), Soviet Union (Q15180), Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q133356), Ukrainian People's Republic (Q243610), Russian Republic (Q139319), Russian Empire (Q34266)Edit

Moldova (Q217), Transnistria (Q907112), Russian Empire (Q34266), Kingdom of Romania (Q203493), Soviet Union (Q15180), Kingdom of Romania (Q203493), Soviet Union (Q15180), Moldavia (Q10957559), Bessarabia (Q174994)Edit

Romania (Q218), Austria-Hungary (Q28513), Kingdom of Hungary (Q171150), Voievodatul Transilvaniei (Q20429739), Principality of Transylvania (Q655621), Principality of Transylvania (Q3113481)Edit

State of Palestine (Q219060), Israeli-occupied territories (Q575187)Edit

State of Palestine (Q219060), Israel (Q801), Egypt (Q79), Mandatory Palestine (Q193714), Ottoman Empire (Q12560), Byzantine Empire (Q12544), Early Islamic Period in Palestine (Q12407080), Mamluk Sultanate (Q282428), Kingdom of Jerusalem (Q55502)Edit

Bulgaria (Q219), Turkey (Q43), Albania (Q222), North Macedonia (Q221), Western Thrace (Q1192701), Kosovo (Q1246)Edit

Tristan da Cunha (Q220982)Edit

Kanyakumari (Q222267)Edit

League of Legends (Q223341)Edit

Greenland (Q223), Greenland (Q4148644)Edit

Inida (Q22438243)Edit

Momo (Q22508)Edit

Riksdag of the Estates (Q2255390)Edit

Troy (Q22647)Edit

Project Gutenberg (Q22673)Edit

Norge (Q2274865), Norway (Q20)Edit

Roman Empire (Q2277), Byzantine Empire (Q12544), Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Q211004)Edit

Roman Empire (Q2277), Indian subcontinent (Q60140)Edit

Ireland (Q22890)Edit

Ireland (Q22890), Canada (Q16), France (Q142)Edit

Cyprus (Q229), Cyprus (Q644636)Edit

Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Q2305208), Soviet Union (Q15180), Paris Commune (Q133132), Chinese Soviet Republic (Q1135255)Edit

Georgia (Q230), Telavi Municipality (Q1953364)Edit

Western Armenia (Q2311567)Edit

Malta (Q233), Commonwealth of Nations (Q7785)Edit

Libyan Arab Republic (Q2347668), Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Q4843701)Edit

Great Britain (Q23666)Edit

Great Britain (Q23666), United Kingdom (Q145)Edit

Susiana (Q2369687), Babylonia (Q47690)Edit

Palestine (Q23792)Edit

Palestine (Q23792), Mandatory Palestine (Q193714), Israel (Q801)Edit

Palestine (Q23792), State of Palestine (Q219060)Edit

Palestine (Q23792), Spain (Q29)Edit

Palestine (Q23792), Palestinian National Authority (Q42620)Edit

Palestine (Q23792), Israel (Q801)Edit


Barbuda (Q238752)Edit

Caucasus Viceroyalty (Q2424466)Edit

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Q2429253)Edit

History of the Hittites (Q247882)Edit

History of the Hittites (Q247882), Arzawa (Q649262)Edit

Italy in the Middle Ages (Q2480041)Edit

Bremen (Q24879)Edit

Schwabing (Q252119)Edit

Svalbard (Q25231)Edit

Curaçao (Q25279), Sint Maarten (Q26273), Netherlands Antilles (Q25227), Caribbean Netherlands (Q27561)Edit

Indonesia (Q252), English (Q1860)Edit

Pichilemu (Q25304)Edit

Bonaire (Q25396)Edit

Košice (Q25409)Edit


Saba (Q25528)Edit

Saint Martin (Q25596)Edit

Kingdom of Sardinia (Q2577303)Edit

international waters (Q25855)Edit

Old Montenegro (Q2585734)Edit

Congo (Q2597556)Edit

Sint Eustatius (Q26180)Edit

España (Q26210244)Edit

Madeira (Q26253)Edit

Phocis (Q2637650)Edit

Palermo (Q2656)Edit

Uzbekistan (Q265), Achaemenid dynasty (Q13527812), Alexander the Great (Q8409), Kushan Empire (Q25979), Xionites (Q26264), Kidarites (Q26996), Hephthalite Empire (Q26576), Khanate of Bukhara (Q577668), Soviet Union (Q15180)Edit

Emperor of China (Q268218)Edit

Aetolia (Q26857)Edit

Captaincy General of the Philippines (Q2721139)Edit

Captaincy General of the Philippines (Q2721139), Philippines (Q928)Edit

India (Q274592)Edit

Central Europe (Q27509)Edit

Caribbean Netherlands (Q27561)Edit

gatehouse (Q277760)Edit

New Zealand (Q27779455)Edit

Achaea (Q2790451)Edit

ancient Paphos (Q27955760)Edit

Ireland (Q27), Irish Free State (Q31747), Southern Ireland (Q31573), Irish Republic (Q1140152)Edit

Ireland (Q27), human population (Q33829)Edit

Ireland (Q27), Q3398012Edit

God's Own Country (Q28212152)Edit

Maghreb (Q28227)Edit

Allemagne (Q2837849)Edit

Austria-Hungary (Q28513), Romania (Q218), Voievodatul Transilvaniei (Q20429739), Principality of Transylvania (Q655621), Principality of Transylvania (Q3113481)Edit

Rostock (Q2861), Germany (Q183)Edit

Uruguayan Primera División (Q287453)Edit

China (Q29520), Hebei (Q21208)Edit

China (Q29520), Jiangxi (Q57052)Edit

Oceania Cycling Championships (Q2954777)Edit

Tangamandapio (Q29625071)Edit

Chile (Q298), Holy See (Q159583)Edit

Chile (Q298), Colonial Chile (Q16241219)Edit

Kingdom of the Netherlands (Q29999), Suriname (Q730), Turkey (Q43), Morocco (Q1028), Aruba (Q21203), Curaçao (Q25279), Sint Maarten (Q26273), Caribbean Netherlands (Q27561)Edit

Spain (Q29), Al-Ándalus (Q123559), Crown of Castile (Q217196)Edit

Spain (Q29), Festival of Tourist Interest of Galicia, Spain (Q12388486)Edit

Spain (Q29), parish of Galicia (Q12397176)Edit

Spain (Q29), La Línea de la Concepción (Q13148)Edit

Spain (Q29), Sicily (Q1460)Edit

Spain (Q29), Neda (Q1635664)Edit

Spain (Q29), English (Q1860)Edit

Spain (Q29), Andorra (Q228), Captaincy General of Cuba (Q2039931), Captaincy General of the Philippines (Q2721139), Captaincy General of Puerto Rico (Q541745), Ifni (Q763141), Western Sahara (Q6250), Spanish Protectorate in Morocco (Q457242), Equatorial Guinea (Q983)Edit

Spain (Q29), Hispanic America (Q653884)Edit

Spain (Q29), Americas (Q828)Edit

Spain (Q29), Mexico (Q96), Argentina (Q414), Brazil (Q155), Chile (Q298), United States of America (Q30), Colombia (Q739), Costa Rica (Q800), Peru (Q419), Dominican Republic (Q786), Panama City (Q3306), Puerto Rico (Q1183), Venezuela (Q717), People's Republic of China (Q148), Philippines (Q928), Indonesia (Q252), Japan (Q17), Turkey (Q43)Edit

Paramaribo (Q3001)Edit

Northeast Greenland National Park (Q309276)Edit

history (Q309)Edit

United States of America (Q30), First Mexican Republic (Q1109279)Edit

United States of America (Q30), Viceroyalty of New Spain (Q170603), First Mexican Empire (Q285658), First Mexican Republic (Q1109279)Edit

United States of America (Q30), Thirteen Colonies (Q179997)Edit

United States of America (Q30), United Kingdom (Q20530126)Edit

United States of America (Q30), Province of North-Carolina (Q2334526), Province of Carolina (Q1044394), Bertie County (Q504335), United States of America (Q30)Edit

United States of America (Q30), Saint Martin (Q25596), Puerto Rico (Q1183), Antigua and Barbuda (Q781), Cuba (Q241), Anguilla (Q25228), United States Virgin Islands (Q11703), British Virgin Islands (Q25305), Turks and Caicos Islands (Q18221), Bahamas (Q778), France (Q142)Edit

United States of America (Q30), The Carolinas (Q2747220)Edit

United States of America (Q30), Sangamon County (Q490994)Edit

United States of America (Q30), Powhatan (Q49291), Colony of Virginia (Q1070529)Edit

United States of America (Q30), Native American tribe in the United States (Q7840353)Edit

United States of America (Q30), Israel (Q801), Russia (Q159), Ukraine (Q212), European Union (Q458), Belarus (Q184)Edit

Norfolk Island (Q31057)Edit

Upper Mesopotamia (Q311819)Edit

green (Q3133)Edit

Kingdom of Sitawaka (Q3136850)Edit

Kingdom of Dambadeniya (Q3136869)Edit

Antigua (Q316390), Bahamas (Q778), Belize (Q242), Dominica (Q784), Jamaica (Q766), Saint Kitts and Nevis (Q763), Trinidad and Tobago (Q754)Edit

Arab Caliphate (Q3181749), Umayyad Caliphate (Q8575586)Edit

Abitibi-Témiscamingue (Q321529)Edit

Britannia (Q3240725)Edit

locality (Q3257686), hamlet (Q5084)Edit

Central Tibetan Administration (Q326343)Edit

cinema of India (Q328799)Edit

English Wikipedia (Q328)Edit

Luxembourg (Q32), 2004 Luxembourge Memorial Thierry Theis (Q1878290)Edit

Ü-Tsang (Q330785)Edit

Catalunya Lliure (Q3313721)Edit

Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest (Q332506)Edit

Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia (Q334731)Edit

Lapith (Q334794)Edit

Singapore (Q334), Colony of Singapore (Q4373718), Straits Settlements (Q376178), Malaysia (Q833)Edit

Kannada (Q33673)Edit

Valparaíso (Q33986)Edit

Hertfordshire (Q3410)Edit

Russian Empire (Q34266), Russian Republic (Q139319), Ukrainian People's Republic (Q243610), Armed Forces of South Russia (Q2992254)Edit

Russian Empire (Q34266), Samara Governorate (Q1746), Q16680884, Soviet Union (Q15180), Samara Oblast (Q1727), Russia (Q159)Edit

Russian Empire (Q34266), Samara Governorate (Q1746), Q16680884, Russia (Q159)Edit

Russian Empire (Q34266), Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Q2305208), Committee of Members of the Constituent Assembly (Q164628), Soviet Union (Q15180)Edit

Crete (Q34374)Edit

Tyskland (Q34679087)Edit

Somaliland (Q34754), SOMALILAND (Q58029334)Edit

Sweden (Q34), Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Q172107), Sweden (Q34), Tsardom of Russia (Q186096), Sweden (Q34), Russian Empire (Q34266), Soviet Union (Q15180), Nazi Germany (Q7318), Soviet Union (Q15180), Estonia (Q191), Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Q172107), Tsardom of Russia (Q186096), Livonian Order (Q29140), Interwar Estonia (Q2174038)Edit


Madagaskar (Q35298113)Edit

Panama State (Q3591874)Edit

Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Q36004)Edit

Crown of João VI (Q3693948)Edit

Poland (Q36), Lower Silesian Voivodeship (Q54150)Edit

Emirate of Cyrenaica (Q370372), Tripolitania (Q192435), Kingdom of Libya (Q31454)Edit

Classical Chinese (Q37041)Edit

Venezuela (Q37121577)Edit

Republic of Adygea (Q3734), Krasnodar Krai (Q3680), Moscow (Q649), Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Q5267), Rostov Oblast (Q3573)Edit

Persia (Q3746183)Edit

Algieri (Q37467330), Algeria (Q262)Edit

Java (Q3757)Edit


British Isles (Q38272)Edit

Roman Catholic Diocese of Chulucanas (Q383516), Roman Catholic Diocese of Loja (Q871376), Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cuenca (Q1080693), Vicariate Apostolic of Méndez (Q620371), Apostolic Vicariate of Jaén en Peru (Q620353)Edit

Suva (Q38807)Edit

Italy (Q38), cascina a corte (Q1169748)Edit

Italy (Q38), Tuscany (Q1273), San Giovanni Valdarno (Q52097)Edit

Italy (Q38), Sicily (Q1460)Edit

Italy (Q38), Sicily (Q1460), Syracuse (Q13670)Edit

Italy (Q38), Sicily (Q1460), Province of Enna (Q16166)Edit

Italy (Q38), Sicily (Q1460), Province of Syracuse (Q16277)Edit

Italy (Q38), Sicily (Q1460), Mount Etna (Q16990)Edit

Italy (Q38), Sicily (Q1460), Santa Croce Camerina (Q34117)Edit

Italy (Q38), Brazil (Q155), Argentina (Q414), United States of America (Q30), Uru (Q13109246), Canada (Q16), Venezuela (Q717), Australia (Q408), Switzerland (Q39), Germany (Q183), Peru (Q419), France (Q142), Belgium (Q31)Edit

Italy (Q38), region of Italy (Q16110), province of Italy (Q15089)Edit

Italy (Q38), Province of Ragusa (Q16251), Province of Syracuse (Q16277)Edit

Italy (Q38), English (Q1860)Edit

Italy (Q38), Rome (Q220), Santa Maria del Popolo (Q869513)Edit

Italy (Q38), Sesto Fiorentino (Q82865)Edit

Bansko (Q391159)Edit


Transylvania (Q39473)Edit

Australia (Q3960)Edit

Baltic States (Q39731), Estonia (Q191)Edit

Armenia (Q399), North America (Q49), South America (Q18), Europe (Q46), Near East (Q48214), Russia (Q159)Edit

Switzerland (Q39), Southern Germany (Q46519)Edit

Switzerland (Q39), Alvaschein (Q64319)Edit

Switzerland (Q39), Lower Engadine (Q690127)Edit

New Guinea (Q40285)Edit

Serbia (Q403), Kosovo (Q1246), United Nations (Q1065)Edit

Avtozavodskiy Rayon (Q4056242)Edit

Palestinian territories (Q407199), East Jerusalem (Q212938)Edit

Australia (Q408), coordinate location (Q60874119)Edit

Austria (Q40), Salzburg (Q34713)Edit

Kurdistan (Q41470)Edit

Argentina (Q414), Buenos Aires Province (Q44754)Edit

Argentina (Q414), Hol (Q484057)Edit

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Q41508), Germany (Q183)Edit

Dialogs (Q4161033)Edit

Haifa (Q41621)Edit

.sg (Q41851)Edit

Tahiti (Q42000)Edit

Government of the Republic of Abkhazia (Q4206689)Edit

Q4214448, Ottoman Empire (Q12560), Russian Empire (Q34266)Edit

The Sky Is Red (Q42187939)Edit

Channel Islands (Q42314)Edit

English people (Q42406)Edit

Duchy of Savoy (Q426025), Kingdom of Sardinia (Q2577303), Kingdom of Italy (Q172579)Edit

Solferino (Q42788)Edit

.pk (Q43150)Edit

Suziann Reid (Q433720)Edit

Pipo (Q43536285)Edit

Two Sicilies ducat (Q4362333)Edit

Ljubljana (Q437)Edit

Turkey (Q43), Aeolis (Q255325)Edit

Turkey (Q43), Kurdistan (Q41470)Edit

Turkey (Q43), Anatolia (Q51614)Edit

Turkey (Q43), Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Q5267), Republic of Adygea (Q3734), Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Q5328), Krasnodar Krai (Q3680), Stavropol Krai (Q5207), Moscow (Q649), Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (Q5237), Jordan (Q810), Syria (Q858), Iraq (Q796), Libya (Q1016), Saudi Arabia (Q851), Germany (Q183), Egypt (Q79), United States of America (Q30), State of Palestine (Q219060), Israel (Q801), Serbia (Q403), Uzbekistan (Q265), Ukraine (Q212), Australia (Q408), Bulgaria (Q219)Edit

Turkey (Q43), Cilicia (Q620864)Edit

Turkey (Q43), Mysia (Q622319), Achaemenid Empire (Q389688), Lydia (Q620765)Edit

Turkey (Q43), Moscow (Q649), Krasnodar Krai (Q3680), Rostov Oblast (Q3573), Saint Petersburg (Q656), Republic of Adygea (Q3734), Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Q5328), Syria (Q858), South Ossetia (Q23427), Adjara (Q45693), Tbilisi (Q994), Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti (Q200309), Ukraine (Q212), Jordan (Q810), Lebanon (Q822), Egypt (Q79), United States of America (Q30), The Republic of Abkhazia (Q31354462), Georgia (Q230)Edit


Tashkent State (Q4453003), Khanate of Kokand (Q696241), Russian Empire (Q34266), Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Q75903), Soviet Union (Q15180), Uzbekistan (Q265)Edit

Q4533911, Mongolia (Q711)Edit

Czech Silesia (Q45551), Bohemia (Q39193), Moravia (Q43266)Edit

European Union (Q458)Edit

European Union (Q458), Germany (Q183)Edit

Plovdiv (Q459)Edit

Portugal (Q45), Viseu (Q117676)Edit

Portugal (Q45), Lisbon (Q597)Edit

British Overseas Territories (Q46395)Edit

Bali (Q4648)Edit

Europe (Q46)Edit

Hereva (Q47012490)Edit

Birth places: a geographical perspective on planned home birth in New Zealand. (Q47328090)Edit

Allemagne-en-Provence (Q473295)Edit

Goiás Island (Q47334398)Edit

Low Countries (Q476033)Edit

Abazinsky District (Q479354), Cherkessk (Q5326), Adyge-Khablsky District (Q503922), Malokarachayevsky District (Q40326), Ust-Dzhegutinsky District (Q40335), Stavropol Krai (Q5207), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (Q6320), Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Q5267), Moscow (Q649), Krasnodar Krai (Q3680), Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Q6407), Rostov Oblast (Q3573), Turkey (Q43), Egypt (Q79), The Republic of Abkhazia (Q31354462), Ukraine (Q212)Edit

Medellín (Q48278), Colombia (Q739)Edit

stadium (Q483110)Edit

Korean Peninsula (Q483134)Edit

Hol (Q484057)Edit

Sogdia (Q486244)Edit

Pedu (Q48732230)Edit

Ozolian Locris (Q4894785)Edit

Asia (Q48), India (Q668), Uttar Pradesh (Q1498), Kanpur division (Q1656311), Etawah district (Q1815288)Edit

Andorra (Q492533)Edit

bus station (Q494829)Edit

Republic of Venice (Q4948), Venice (Q641), Italy (Q38)Edit

Sicily (Q4951156)Edit

Kayin State (Q495342), Myanmar (Q836)Edit

Armes (Q4956)Edit

feces (Q496)Edit

monument (Q4989906)Edit

monument (Q4989906), Canada (Q16)Edit

Caracas (Q5037560)Edit

Cochinchina (Q505503), Tonkin (Q622778), Annam (Q10828323), French Protectorate of Laos (Q1320058), French Protectorate of Cambodia (Q3173090), Guangzhouwan (Q1506615)Edit

Flintshire (Q505610), Cheshire (Q23064)Edit

Belize District (Q506056)Edit

Cali (Q51103)Edit

Makhachkala (Q5168), Botlikhsky District (Q1439001), Kizilyurtovsky District (Q2426300), Khasavyurtovsky District (Q1438662), Khasavyurt (Q147756), Kazbekovsky District (Q1438424), Kizlyarsky District (Q1438451), Kizilyurt (Q145799), Khunzakhsky District (Q1394899), Untsukulsky District (Q1438983), Buynaksk (Q132931), Shamilsky District (Q1438511), Gunibsky District (Q1438521), Tsumadinsky District (Q2556844), Akhvakhsky District (Q1438467), Tlyaratinsky District (Q1438410), Gumbetovsky District (Q1439024), Gergebilsky District (Q1438443), Tsuntinsky District (Q1438529), Buynaksky District (Q851694), Levashinsky District (Q1438994), Kaspiysk (Q145507), Charodinsky District (Q1439010), Kizlyar (Q145810), Stavropol Krai (Q5207), Moscow (Q649), flag of Chechnya (Q609337), Chechen Republic (Q5187), Astrakhan Oblast (Q3941), Rostov Oblast (Q3573), Republic of Kalmykia (Q3953), Zaqatala District (Q147553), Balakan District (Q330850), Qvareli Municipality (Q1789499)Edit

Third Reich (Q518617)Edit

Antarctica (Q51)Edit

Huahine (Q521020)Edit

Chinese Taipei at the Olympics (Q522768)Edit

Kingdom of Vaspurakan (Q5228183)Edit

Pisticci (Q52326)Edit

Japanese (Q5287)Edit

Wikipedia (Q52)Edit

Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Q5328), Krasnodar Krai (Q3680), Stavropol Krai (Q5207), Republic of Adygea (Q3734), Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Q5267), Israel (Q801), Egypt (Q79), Syria (Q858), Turkey (Q43)Edit

Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Q5328), Stavropol Krai (Q5207), Moscow (Q649), Krasnodar Krai (Q3680), Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Q5267), Rostov Oblast (Q3573), Saint Petersburg (Q656), Volgograd Oblast (Q3819), Saratov Oblast (Q5334), Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Q6407), Republic of Kalmykia (Q3953), Kyrgyzstan (Q813), Kazakhstan (Q232)Edit

Englan (Q5377946)Edit

Estonia (Q5401432), Latvia (Q211), Lithuania (Q37)Edit

Eurasia (Q5401)Edit

Ethopia (Q5404415)Edit

Anglosphere (Q541576)Edit

Captaincy General of Puerto Rico (Q541745)Edit

Sverdlovsk Oblast (Q5462)Edit

Trieste (Q546)Edit