Wikidata:Database reports/Constraint violations/P36

Constraint violations report for capital (Discussion, uses, items, changes, related properties): primary city of a country, province, state or other type of administrative territorial entity
Data time stamp: (UTC) — Items processed: 102,814
The report is generated based on the settings on Property talk:P36.
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When incremental dumps and the bot work as planned, items fixed before 07:00 UTC disappear in the next update. The report is not updated if only the item count changes.
The report can include false positives. No need to "fix" them.
inverse property: capital ofWikidata:Database reports/Constraint violations/P1376#Inverse

"Self link" violationsEdit

Violations count: 7

"Single value" violationsEdit

Violations count: 580 (+ 6 exceptions)

"Inverse" violationsEdit

Violations count: 27670

Too many results. 22669 records skipped.

"Allowed qualifiers" violationsEdit

Violations count: 902

Properties statisticsEdit

"Type administrative territorial entity (Q56061), human settlement (Q486972), island (Q23442), fictional country (Q1145276)" violationsEdit

Violations count: 853

Types statisticsEdit