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Constraint violations report for diplomatic relation (Discussion, uses, items, changes, related properties): diplomatic relations of the country
Data time stamp: (UTC) — Items processed: 267
The report is generated based on the settings on Property talk:P530.
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"Symmetric" violationsEdit

Violations count: 310 (+ 1 exceptions)

"Type state (Q7275), intergovernmental organization (Q245065), historical country (Q3024240)" violationsEdit

Violations count: 19

Types statisticsEdit

"Value type state (Q7275), supranational union (Q1335818), country (Q6256)" violationsEdit

Violations count: 34

Types statisticsEdit

"Mandatory Qualifiers" violationsEdit

Violations count: 556


Gabon (Q1000)Edit

The Gambia (Q1005)Edit

Guinea (Q1006)Edit

Guinea-Bissau (Q1007), Portuguese Guinea (Q2002279)Edit

Ivory Coast (Q1008)Edit

Cameroon (Q1009)Edit

Cape Verde (Q1011), Portuguese Empire (Q200464)Edit

Lesotho (Q1013)Edit

Libya (Q1016)Edit

Malawi (Q1020)Edit

Mauritius (Q1027)Edit

Mozambique (Q1029), Portuguese Empire (Q200464)Edit

Namibia (Q1030)Edit

Niger (Q1032)Edit

Nigeria (Q1033)Edit

Uganda (Q1036)Edit

Rwanda (Q1037)Edit

Senegal (Q1041)Edit

Sudan (Q1049)Edit

Eswatini (Q1050)Edit

Kenya (Q114)Edit

Ethiopia (Q115)Edit

Ghana (Q117), Portuguese Empire (Q200464)Edit

France (Q142)Edit

United Kingdom (Q145)Edit

Soviet Union (Q15180)Edit

Brazil (Q155), Portuguese Empire (Q200464)Edit

Russia (Q159)Edit

German Democratic Republic (Q16957)Edit

Canada (Q16)Edit

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (Q174193)Edit

Japan (Q17)Edit

Iceland (Q189)Edit

Estonia (Q191)Edit

Norway (Q20)Edit

Latvia (Q211)Edit

Czech Republic (Q213)Edit

Slovakia (Q214)Edit

Slovenia (Q215)Edit

Moldova (Q217), Transnistria (Q907112)Edit

Romania (Q218)Edit

Bulgaria (Q219)Edit

North Macedonia (Q221)Edit

Albania (Q222)Edit

Croatia (Q224)Edit

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q225)Edit

Azerbaijan (Q227)Edit

Andorra (Q228)Edit

Cyprus (Q229)Edit

Georgia (Q230)Edit

Montenegro (Q236)Edit

Vatican City (Q237)Edit

San Marino (Q238)Edit

Cuba (Q241)Edit

Indonesia (Q252)Edit

South Africa (Q258)Edit

Algeria (Q262)Edit

Ireland (Q27)Edit

Kingdom of the Netherlands (Q29999)Edit

Spain (Q29)Edit

Spain (Q29), Catalan Republic (Q138837)Edit

Belgium (Q31)Edit

Luxembourg (Q32)Edit

Czechoslovakia (Q33946)Edit

Finland (Q33)Edit

Niue (Q34020)Edit

Liechtenstein (Q347)Edit

Sweden (Q34)Edit

Yugoslavia (Q36704)Edit

Poland (Q36)Edit

Lithuania (Q37)Edit

Italy (Q38)Edit

Bahrain (Q398)Edit

Armenia (Q399)Edit

Australia (Q408)Edit

Austria (Q40)Edit

Argentina (Q414)Edit

Peru (Q419)Edit

North Korea (Q423)Edit

Cambodia (Q424)Edit

Turkey (Q43)Edit

Portugal (Q45)Edit

Chad (Q657)Edit

New Zealand (Q664)Edit

India (Q668)Edit

Samoa (Q683)Edit

Solomon Islands (Q685)Edit

Vanuatu (Q686)Edit

Kiribati (Q710)Edit

Mongolia (Q711)Edit

Paraguay (Q733)Edit

Guyana (Q734)Edit

Ecuador (Q736)Edit

Colombia (Q739)Edit

Bolivia (Q750)Edit

Danish Realm (Q756617)Edit

Danish Realm (Q756617), Greenland (Q223)Edit

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Q757)Edit

Jamaica (Q766)Edit

Grenada (Q769)Edit

Guatemala (Q774)Edit

The Bahamas (Q778)Edit

Uruguay (Q77)Edit

Antigua and Barbuda (Q781)Edit

Honduras (Q783)Edit

Dominica (Q784)Edit

Dominican Republic (Q786)Edit

El Salvador (Q792)Edit

Iraq (Q796)Edit

Egypt (Q79)Edit

Costa Rica (Q800)Edit

Yemen (Q805)Edit

Jordan (Q810)Edit

Nicaragua (Q811)Edit

Kyrgyzstan (Q813)Edit

Kuwait (Q817)Edit

Laos (Q819)Edit

Lebanon (Q822)Edit

Myanmar (Q836)Edit

Nepal (Q837)Edit

Qatar (Q846)Edit

Saudi Arabia (Q851)Edit

Thailand (Q869)Edit

Turkmenistan (Q874)Edit

United Arab Emirates (Q878)Edit

Vietnam (Q881)Edit

South Korea (Q884)Edit

Afghanistan (Q889)Edit

Bangladesh (Q902)Edit

Angola (Q916), Portuguese Empire (Q200464)Edit

Brunei (Q921)Edit

Tanzania (Q924)Edit

Philippines (Q928)Edit

Central African Republic (Q929)Edit

Togo (Q945)Edit

Zambia (Q953)Edit

Zimbabwe (Q954)Edit

South Sudan (Q958)Edit

Botswana (Q963)Edit

Burkina Faso (Q965)Edit

Burundi (Q967)Edit

Comoros (Q970)Edit

Republic of the Congo (Q971)Edit

Democratic Republic of the Congo (Q974)Edit

Djibouti (Q977)Edit

Equatorial Guinea (Q983), Portuguese Empire (Q200464)Edit

Eritrea (Q986)Edit

"Allowed qualifiers" violationsEdit

Violations count: 2

Properties statisticsEdit