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Wikidata:Database reports/Items with unit symbol

List based on P558 (P558) (excluding currencies)

number qid label instance of subclass of measured physical quantity unit symbol (DEPRECATED) conversion to SI unit Unicode character named after description
1 Q39467725 inches of water unit of pressure in H20 unit of pressure
2 Q20966455 joule per mole-kelvin unit of molar energy
SI derived unit
heat capacity J/(mol K)
measure of heat capacity
3 Q29924639 kilo-volt-ampere unit of power apparent power
electric power
kVA 1000 unit used for the apparent power in an electrical circuit
4 Q26708069 kilocalorie unit of energy energy kcal
4200 unit of energy (in colloquial usage also known as calorie)
5 Q14623804 kilodalton unit of mass mass kDa
6 Q28719934 kiloelectronvolt unit of energy
unit of mass
energy keV
7 Q39632159 kilogram force per square centimeter unit of pressure kgf/cm² 98066.5 unit of pressure
8 Q25999243 kilogram per metre unit of measurement
SI derived unit
linear density kg/m measure of linear density
9 Q28924753 kilogram per mole unit of molar mass
SI derived unit
molar mass kg/mol
1 unit for molar mass
10 Q39978339 kilogram per square centimeter unit of pressure pressure kg/cm² 10000 unit of pressure
11 Q39467934 kilogram-force per square metre unit of pressure kgf/m² 9.80665 unit of pressure
12 Q21077849 kilojoule per kilogram unit of measurement kJ/kg unit of measurement of energy per unit mass
13 Q21064807 kilopascal unit of pressure pressure kPa
1000 unit of pressure
14 Q32750621 liquid pint unit of volume volume liq pt 0.0004731765 unit of volume used in the United States
15 Q39617688 long hundredweight unit of mass hundredweight mass cwt long 50.80235 unit of mass
16 Q14623803 megadalton unit of mass mass MDa
17 Q14786969 megajoule unit of energy energy MJ 1000000 unit of energy
18 Q21062777 megapascal unit of pressure
SI derived unit
pressure MPa
1000000 Blaise Pascal unit of pressure
19 Q14787261 megawatt hour unit of energy energy MWh
3600000000 megawatt
unit of energy
20 Q18344097 Meter water equivalent unit of measurement m.w.e
21 Q21719454 metre per cubic second unit of measurement jerk m/s³
22 Q21014455 metre per minute unit of speed speed м/мин 0.166666667 unit of speed
23 Q28232349 Metre sea water unit of measurement pressure msw unit of pressure used in diving
24 Q14850704 mho unit of measurement ohm alternative name for the unit siemens
25 Q39362962 microinch unit of length µin 2.54E-8 one millionth of an inch
26 Q26162587 micropascal second unit of measurement
dynamic viscosity
SI derived unit
dynamic viscosity μPa s
1.0E-6 unit of dynamic viscosity
27 Q27864215 microwatt-hour unit of energy µWh
28 Q21500224 milliarcsecond unit of angle mas 4.8481368110954E-9
29 Q22137107 milliarcsecond per year unit of angular velocity mas/y
30 Q21077820 milligram per cubic meter unit of density concentration mg/m³ 1.0E-6 unit of concentration
31 Q21091747 milligram per kilogram unit of measurement median lethal dose мг/кг
unit for toxicological data: amount of substance divided per the mass of the animal used in the test
32 Q21075844 millilitre per litre unit of measurement concentration мл/л measure of volumetric concentration. 1 ml/l corresponds to 0.1 vol%
33 Q26156132 millinewton per metre unit of measurement surface tension мН/м 0.001 unit of measurement
34 Q32744917 neper per second SI derived unit Np/s
SI derived unit
35 Q26156113 newton per metre SI derived unit
unit of measurement
surface tension
Н/м 1 unit of measurement
36 Q29463499 nights per year unit of measurement time night/year Unit of available time per duration
37 Q21006887 parts per million unit of measurement
parts-per notation
concentration ppm unit of measurement based on number of particles
38 Q32745742 phase coefficient SI derived unit β SI derived unit
39 Q21344460 picofarad per metre unit of measurement permittivity pF/m 1.0E-12 unit for permittivity
40 Q28003216 Planck acceleration unit of measurement
unit of acceleration
Natural units acceleration a_P 5.568E+51 Max Planck acceleration from zero to the speed of light in one Planck time
41 Q30080109 Planck current density unit of measurement Natural units electric current density J_P 1.332E+95 Max Planck Very large unit of electrical current density
42 Q56317622 Planck flow rate unit of measurement
unit of volumetric flow rate
Natural units volumetric flow rate Q_P 7.83E-62 Max Planck very small unit of volumetric flow rate
43 Q17255465 Planck volume unit of measurement
unit of volume
Natural units volume v_P 4.222E-105 Max Planck very smale scale unit of volume
44 Q16859309 pound-foot unit of torque torque lb·ft
lb ft
1.355818 unit of torque
45 Q39468084 pounds per square foot unit of pressure psf 47.88020833333 unit of pressure
46 Q32746002 propagation coefficient SI derived unit
material property
γ SI derived unit
47 Q30338605 radian per metre SI derived unit rad/m SI derived unit of measurement
48 Q30338333 radian per second squared SI derived unit angular acceleration rad/s² SI derived unit of angular acceleration
49 Q26162545 square centimetre per second kinematic viscosity
SI derived unit
kinematic viscosity cm²/s
0.0001 unit of kinematic viscosity
50 Q39462709 square inches unit of area in² in²
51 Q39462789 square microinch unit of area µin² 6.451484E-16 unit of area
52 Q26162546 square milimetre per second unit of measurement kinematic viscosity mm²/s
1.0E-6 unit of kinematic viscosity
53 Q14741167 steenkoolequivalent unit of measurement SKE coal
54 Q39617818 troy pound unit of mass t lb 0.3732417 unit of mass
55 Q39363132 UK leagues unit of length length UK lg 4830.918 Note that UK leagues differ from Nautical Leagues, UK Nautical Leagues and US Leagues.
56 Q39363209 UK nautical leagues unit of length UK nl 5559.552 Note that UK leagues differ from Nautical Leagues, UK Leagues and US Leagues.
57 Q39359957 UK nautical miles unit of measurement length UK nmi 1853.184
Unit of distance measurement
58 Q39360235 US leagues unit of length length US lea 4828.042 A unit of distance equal to 3.0 statute miles (4.8 kilometers). Note that there also Nautical Leagues, UK Leagues and UK Nautical Leagues which all differ.
59 Q39380159 US nautical miles unit of length length US nmi 1853.24 A unit of length used in marine navigation that was equal to a minute of arc of a great circle on a sphere, before 1954. One US nautical mile was equivalent to 1,853.24 meters.
60 Q16683188 watt per steradian unit of measurement radiant intensity W/sr
61 Q53679447 yottaampere unit of measurement YA 1.0E+24
62 Q14913554 yottasecond unit of time time Ys
63 Q14754979 zettagram unit of mass mass Zg
1000000000000000000 unit of mass, equal to 10^21 grams