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This is a list of Wikipedia language edition (Q10876391).

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Databaseid QID label Langcode Language writing system ML MS LC Inception Closed URL #
<no value> Q28970868 Toki Pona Wikipedia Toki Pona Latin script 2009 1
Q8752365 Balinese Wikipedia Balinese 2
aawiki Q8558395 Afar Wikipedia aa Afar 2008 3
abwiki Q3568035 Abkhaz Wikipedia ab Abkhaz 2008 4
acewiki Q3957795 Acehnese Wikipedia ace Acehnese 2009 5
adywiki Q22676953 Adyghe Wikipedia ady Adyghe 2016 6
afwiki Q766705 Afrikaans Wikipedia af Afrikaans Latin script 2001 7
akwiki Q8558731 Akan Wikipedia ak Akan 8
alswiki Q1211233 Alemannic Wikipedia als Alemannic German 2003 9
amwiki Q3025527 Amharic Wikipedia am Amharic 2002 10
anwiki Q1147071 Aragonese Wikipedia an Aragonese 2004 11
angwiki Q8558960 Old English Wikipedia ang Old English 12
arwiki Q199700 Arabic Wikipedia ar Arabic Arabic script 2003 13
arcwiki Q8569951 Aramaic Wikipedia arc Aramaic 14
arzwiki Q2374285 Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia arz Egyptian Arabic 2008 15
aswiki Q8559119 Assamese Wikipedia as Assamese Assamese alphabet 2002 16
astwiki Q1071918 Asturian Wikipedia ast Asturian 2004 17
atjwiki Q30286865 Atikamekw Wikipedia atj Atikamekw Latin script 2017 18
avwiki Q5652665 Avar Wikipedia av Avaric 2005 19
aywiki Q3826575 Aymara Wikipedia ay Aymara 2005 20
azwiki Q58251 Azerbaijani Wikipedia az Azerbaijani 2002 21
azbwiki Q20789766 South Azerbaijani Wikipedia azb South Azerbaijani 22
bawiki Q58209 Bashkir Wikipedia ba Bashkir Cyrillic script 2005 23
barwiki Q1961887 Bavarian Wikipedia bar Bavarian 2008 24
bat_smgwiki Q3568069 Samogitian Wikipedia bat-smg Samogitian 2006 25
bclwiki Q8561870 Central Bikol Wikipedia bcl Central Bikol 26
bewiki Q877583 Belarusian Wikipedia be Belarusian Cyrillic script 2007 27
be_x_oldwiki Q8937989 Taraškievica Wikipedia be-tarask Taraškievica Cyrillic script 2007 28
bgwiki Q11913 Bulgarian Wikipedia bg Bulgarian 2003 29
bhwiki Q8561277 Bihari Wikipedia bh Bihari languages 30
biwiki Q8561332 Bislama Wikipedia bi Bislama 31
bjnwiki Q2983979 Banjar Wikipedia bjn Banjar 2010 32
bmwiki Q8559737 Bambara Wikipedia bm Bambara 2005 33
bnwiki Q427715 Bengali Wikipedia bn Bengali Bengali alphabet 2004 34
bowiki Q2091593 Tibetan Wikipedia bo Tibetan 2008 35
bpywiki Q1287192 Bishnupriya Manipuri Wikipedia bpy Bishnupriya Manipuri Bengali alphabet 36
brwiki Q846871 Breton Wikipedia br Breton 2004 37
bswiki Q1047829 Bosnian Wikipedia bs Bosnian 2002 38
bugwiki Q4097773 Buginese Wikipedia bug Buginese 2005 39
bxrwiki Q8561415 Buryat Wikipedia bxr Buryat 40
cawiki Q199693 Catalan Wikipedia ca Catalan Latin script 2001 41
cbk_zamwiki Q8575930 Chavacano Wikipedia cbk-zam Chavacano 42
cdowiki Q846630 Min Dong Wikipedia cdo Min Dong Chinese characters
Foochow Romanized
Y 2006 43
cewiki Q4783991 Chechen Wikipedia ce Chechen 2005 44
cebwiki Q837615 Cebuano Wikipedia ceb Cebuano 2005 45
chwiki Q8576190 Chamorro Wikipedia ch Chamorro 46
chowiki Q8576395 Choctaw Wikipedia cho Choctaw 2007 47
chrwiki Q8576237 Cherokee Wikipedia chr Cherokee 48
chywiki Q8561491 Cheyenne Wikipedia chy Cheyenne 49
ckbwiki Q4115463 Central Kurdish Wikipedia ckb Central Kurdish 50
cowiki Q3111179 Corsican Wikipedia co Corsican 2003 51
crwiki Q8561582 Cree Wikipedia cr Cree 52
crhwiki Q60786 Crimean Tatar Wikipedia crh Crimean Tatar Y 2008 53
cswiki Q191168 Czech Wikipedia cs Czech Latin script 2002 54
csbwiki Q3756269 Kashubian Wikipedia csb Kashubian 2004 55
cuwiki Q547271 Old Church Slavonic Wikipedia cu Old Church Slavonic 2006 56
cvwiki Q58215 Chuvash Wikipedia cv Chuvash 2004 57
cywiki Q848525 Welsh Wikipedia cy Welsh 2003 58
dawiki Q181163 Danish Wikipedia da Danish Latin script 2002 59
dewiki Q48183 German Wikipedia de German Latin script 2001 60
dinwiki Q32012187 Dinka Wikipedia din Dinka 2017 61
diqwiki Q38288 Zazaki Wikipedia diq Zazaki 2006 62
dsbwiki Q8561147 Lower Sorbian Wikipedia dsb Lower Sorbian 2008 63
dtywiki Q29048035 Doteli Wikipedia dty Doteli Devanagari 2017 64
dvwiki Q928808 Maldivian Wikipedia dv Dhivehi 2007 65
dzwiki Q8561662 Dzongkha Wikipedia dz Dzongkha 66
eewiki Q8562097 Ewe Wikipedia ee Ewe 67
elwiki Q11918 Greek Wikipedia el Greek Greek alphabet 2002 68
emlwiki Q3568066 Emiliano–Romagnolo Wikipedia eml Emilian-Romagnol 69
enwiki Q328 English Wikipedia en English Latin script 2001 70
eowiki Q190551 Esperanto Wikipedia eo Esperanto Latin script 2001 71
eswiki Q8449 Spanish Wikipedia es Spanish Latin script 2001 72
etwiki Q200060 Estonian Wikipedia et Standard Estonian Latin script 2002 73
euwiki Q207260 Basque Wikipedia eu Basque Latin script 2001 74
extwiki Q3181928 Extremaduran Wikipedia ext Extremaduran 2007 75
fawiki Q48952 Persian Wikipedia fa Persian 2003 76
ffwiki Q8562927 Fula Wikipedia ff Fula 77
fiwiki Q175482 Finnish Wikipedia fi Finnish Latin script 2002 78
fiu_vrowiki Q1585232 Voro Wikipedia fiu-vro Võro 2005 79
fjwiki Q8562502 Fijian Wikipedia fj Fijian 80
fowiki Q8042979 Faroese Wikipedia fo Faroese 2004 81
frwiki Q8447 French Wikipedia fr French Latin script 2001 82
frpwiki Q8562529 Franco-Provençal Wikipedia frp Franco-Provençal 83
frrwiki Q8669146 North Frisian Wikipedia frr North Frisian Latin script Y 2010 84
furwiki Q3568039 Friulian Wikipedia fur Friulian 2005 85
fywiki Q2602203 West Frisian Wikipedia fy West Frisian Latin script 2002 86
gawiki Q875631 Irish Wikipedia ga Irish 2003 87
gagwiki Q79633 Gagauz Wikipedia gag Gagauz 2010 88
ganwiki Q6125437 Gan Chinese Wikipedia gan Gan 89
gdwiki Q8562272 Scottish Gaelic Wikipedia gd Scottish Gaelic 2003 90
glwiki Q841208 Galician Wikipedia gl Galician 2003 91
glkwiki Q3944107 Gilaki Wikipedia glk Gilaki 92
gnwiki Q3807895 Guarani Wikipedia gn Guarani 93
gomwiki Q20726662 Goan Konkani Wikipedia gom Goan Konkani Devanagari
Latin script
Y 2015 94
gorwiki Q52048523 Gorontalo Wikipedia gor Gorontalo Latin script 2018 95
gotwiki Q8563136 Gothic Wikipedia got Gothic 96
guwiki Q3180306 Gujarati Wikipedia gu Gujarati 2004 97
gvwiki Q8566503 Manx Wikipedia gv Manx 2003 98
hawiki Q8563393 Hausa Wikipedia ha Hausa 99
hakwiki Q6112922 Hakka Wikipedia hak Hakka Y 100
hawwiki Q3568043 Hawaiian Wikipedia haw Hawaiian 101
hewiki Q199913 Hebrew Wikipedia he Hebrew 2003 102
hiwiki Q722040 Hindi Wikipedia hi Hindi 2003 103
hifwiki Q8562481 Fiji Hindi Wikipedia hif Fiji Hindi Latin script 104
howiki Q8563536 Hiri Motu Wikipedia ho Hiri Motu 2007 105
hrwiki Q203488 Croatian Wikipedia hr Croatian Latin script 2003 106
hsbwiki Q2402143 Upper Sorbian Wikipedia hsb Upper Sorbian 2006 107
htwiki Q1066461 Haitian Creole Wikipedia ht Haitian Creole 2004 108
huwiki Q53464 Hungarian Wikipedia hu Hungarian Latin script 2003 109
hywiki Q1975217 Armenian Wikipedia hy Eastern Armenian 2005 110
hywwiki Q60437959 Western Armenian Wikipedia hyw Western Armenian 2019 111
hzwiki Q8927872 Herero Wikipedia hz Herero 2007 112
iawiki Q3757068 Interlingua Wikipedia ia Interlingua 2002 113
idwiki Q155214 Indonesian Wikipedia id Indonesian 2003 114
iewiki Q6167360 Interlingue Wikipedia ie Interlingue 115
igwiki Q8563635 Igbo Wikipedia ig Igbo 116
iiwiki Q8582909 Nuosu Wikipedia ii Nuosu language 2007 117
ikwiki Q8563863 Inupiat Wikipedia ik Inupiat 118
ilowiki Q8563685 Ilokano Wikipedia ilo Ilocano 119
inhwiki Q47099246 Ingush Wikipedia inh Ingush Cyrillic script 2018 120
iowiki Q1154766 Ido Wikipedia io Ido 2004 121
iswiki Q718394 Icelandic Wikipedia is Icelandic Latin script 2003 122
itwiki Q11920 Italian Wikipedia it Italian Latin script 2001 123
iuwiki Q3913095 Inuktitut Wikipedia iu Inuktitut Y 124
jawiki Q177837 Japanese Wikipedia ja Japanese 2001 125
jamwiki Q23948717 Jamaican Wikipedia jam Jamaican Patois 2016 126
jbowiki Q8566311 Lojban Wikipedia jbo Lojban 127
jvwiki Q3477935 Javanese Wikipedia jv Javanese 2004 128
kawiki Q848974 Georgian Wikipedia ka Georgian 2003 129
kaawiki Q79636 Karakalpak Wikipedia kaa Karakalpak 130
kabwiki Q8564352 Kabyle Wikipedia kab Kabyle 131
kbdwiki Q13231253 Kabardian Wikipedia kbd Kabardian 132
kbpwiki Q28971705 Kabiye Wikipedia kbp Kabiye 2017 133
kgwiki Q8565463 Kongo Wikipedia kg Kongo 134
kiwiki Q8565476 Gikuyu Wikipedia ki Gikuyu 135
kjwiki Q8565913 Kwanyama Wikipedia kj Kwanyama 2007 136
kkwiki Q58172 Kazakh Wikipedia kk Kazakh Y 2002 137
klwiki Q3568042 Greenlandic Wikipedia kl Greenlandic Latin script 138
kmwiki Q3568044 Khmer Wikipedia km Khmer 139
knwiki Q3181422 Kannada Wikipedia kn Kannada 2003 140
kowiki Q17985 Korean Wikipedia ko Korean 2002 141
koiwiki Q1116066 Komi-Permyak Wikipedia koi Komi-Permyak 2010 142
krwiki Q8565254 Kanuri Wikipedia kr Kanuri 2007 143
krcwiki Q1249553 Karachay-Balkar Wikipedia krc Karachay-Balkar 2010 144
kswiki Q8565447 Kashmiri Wikipedia ks Kashmiri language 145
kshwiki Q3568041 Ripuarian Wikipedia ksh Ripuarian 2005 146
kuwiki Q1154741 Kurdish Wikipedia ku Kurdish languages Y 2004 147
kvwiki Q925661 Komi Wikipedia kv Komi-Zyrian 2004 148
kwwiki Q8565801 Cornish Wikipedia kw Cornish 2004 149
kywiki Q60799 Kyrgyz Wikipedia ky Kyrgyz 2002 150
lawiki Q12237 Latin Wikipedia la Latin 2002 151
ladwiki Q3756562 Judaeo-Spanish Wikipedia lad Ladino Y Y 2005 152
lbwiki Q950058 Luxembourgish Wikipedia lb Luxembourgish Latin script 2004 153
lbewiki Q6587084 Lak Wikipedia lbe Lak 154
lezwiki Q45041 Lezgian Wikipedia lez Lezgian 155
lfnwiki Q52047822 Lingua Franca Nova Wikipedia lfn Lingua Franca Nova Latin script 2018 156
lgwiki Q8566347 Luganda Wikipedia lg Luganda 157
liwiki Q2328409 Limburgish Wikipedia li Limburgish Latin script 2004 158
lijwiki Q3568046 Ligurian Wikipedia lij Ligurian 2008 159
lmowiki Q3913160 Lombard Wikipedia lmo Lombard 160
lnwiki Q8566298 Lingala Wikipedia ln Lingala 161
lowiki Q3568045 Lao Wikipedia lo Lao 162
lrcwiki Q20442276 Northern Luri Wikipedia lrc Northern Luri Arabic alphabet 2015 163
ltwiki Q202472 Lithuanian Wikipedia lt Lithuanian 2003 164
ltgwiki Q2913253 Latgalian Wikipedia ltg Latgalian 2011 165
lvwiki Q728945 Latvian Wikipedia lv Latvian 2003 166
maiwiki Q18508969 Maithili Wikipedia mai Maithili 2014 167
map_bmswiki Q4077512 Banyumasan Wikipedia map-bms Banyumasan 2005 168
mdfwiki Q1178461 Moksha Wikipedia mdf Moksha 2008 169
mgwiki Q3123304 Malagasy Wikipedia mg Malagasy Latin script 2004 170
mhwiki Q8568150 Marshallese Wikipedia mh Marshallese 2008 171
mhrwiki Q824297 Meadow Mari Wikipedia mhr Meadow Mari 2009 172
miwiki Q2732019 Māori Wikipedia mi Māori Latin script 2003 173
minwiki Q4296423 Minangkabau Wikipedia min Minangkabau 2013 174
mkwiki Q842341 Macedonian Wikipedia mk Macedonian 2003 175
mlwiki Q874555 Malayalam Wikipedia ml Malayalam 2002 176
mnwiki Q2998037 Mongolian Wikipedia mn Mongolian 2004 177
mowiki Q3568049 Moldovan Wikipedia mo Moldovan Cyrillic script 2003 2010 178
mrwiki Q3486726 Marathi Wikipedia mr Marathi 2003 179
mrjwiki Q1034940 Hill Mari Wikipedia mrj Hill Mari language 2010 180
mswiki Q845993 Malay Wikipedia ms Malaysian
2002 181
mtwiki Q3180091 Maltese Wikipedia mt Maltese Latin script 182
muswiki Q8569511 Muscogee Wikipedia mus Muscogee 2007 183
mwlwiki Q8568791 Mirandese Wikipedia mwl Mirandese 184
mywiki Q4614845 Burmese Wikipedia my Burmese language 2004 185
myvwiki Q856881 Erzya Wikipedia myv Erzya 2008 186
mznwiki Q3568048 Mazanderani Wikipedia mzn Mazanderani 187
nawiki Q3753095 Nauru Wikipedia na Nauruan 188
nahwiki Q2744155 Nahuatl Wikipedia nah Nahuatl 2003 189
zh_min_nanwiki Q3239456 Min Nan Wikipedia nan Southern Min Latin script 2003 190
napwiki Q1047851 Neapolitan Wikipedia nap Neapolitan Y 2006 191
ndswiki Q4925786 Plattdüütsch Wikipedia nds Low Saxon Latin script 2006 192
nds_nlwiki Q1574617 Dutch Low Saxon Wikipedia nds-nl Dutch Low Saxon 2006 193
newiki Q8560590 Nepali Wikipedia ne Nepali 194
newwiki Q1291627 Nepal Bhasa Wikipedia new Newari 2006 195
ngwiki Q8569782 Ndonga Wikipedia ng Ndonga 2010 196
nlwiki Q10000 Dutch Wikipedia nl Dutch Latin script 2001 197
nnwiki Q2349453 Nynorsk Wikipedia nn Nynorsk
Y 2004 198
nowiki Q58691283 Norwegian Wikipedia no Bokmål
Latin script 2005 199
nowiki Q191769 Norwegian Wikipedia no Norwegian Latin script 2001 2005-04-03 200
novwiki Q8570353 Novial Wikipedia nov Novial 201
nrmwiki Q3568051 Norman Wikipedia nrm Norman Latin script 2006 202
nsowiki Q13230970 Northern Sotho Wikipedia nso Northern Sotho 203
nvwiki Q8569757 Navajo Wikipedia nv Navajo 204
nywiki Q8561552 Chewa Wikipedia ny Chewa Latin script 205
ocwiki Q595628 Occitan Wikipedia oc Occitan Latin script 2003 206
olowiki Q27102215 Livvi-Karelian Wikipedia olo Livvi-Karelian Latin script 2016 207
omwiki Q8570425 Oromo Wikipedia om Oromo 208
orwiki Q7102897 Odia Wikipedia or Odia 2002 209
oswiki Q226150 Ossetian Wikipedia os Ossetian 2005 210
pawiki Q1754193 Punjabi (Eastern) Wikipedia pa Punjabi Gurmukhi 211
pagwiki Q12265494 Pangasinan Wikipedia pag Pangasinan 212
pamwiki Q588620 Kapampangan Wikipedia pam Kapampangan Latin script 213
papwiki Q3568056 Papiamento Wikipedia pap Papiamento 214
pcdwiki Q3568053 Picard Wikipedia pcd Picard 215
pdcwiki Q3025736 Pennsylvania German Wikipedia pdc Pennsylvania German 216
pflwiki Q13358221 Palatinate German Wikipedia pfl Palatinate German 217
piwiki Q8570791 Pali Wikipedia pi Pali 218
pihwiki Q8570048 Norfolk Wikipedia pih Norfuk 219
plwiki Q1551807 Polish Wikipedia pl Polish Latin script 2001 220
pmswiki Q3046353 Piedmontese Wikipedia pms Piedmontese 2006 221
pnbwiki Q3696028 Punjabi (Western) Wikipedia pnb Lahnda languages 2008 222
pntwiki Q4372058 Pontic Greek Wikipedia pnt Pontic Greek 2009 223
pswiki Q3568054 Pashto Wikipedia ps Pashto 224
ptwiki Q11921 Portuguese Wikipedia pt Portuguese Latin script 2001 225
quwiki Q1377618 Quechua Wikipedia qu Southern Quechua 2003 226
rmwiki Q3026819 Romansh Wikipedia rm Romansh Y 227
rmywiki Q8571143 Romani Wikipedia rmy Romani 2006 228
rnwiki Q8565742 Kirundi Wikipedia rn Kirundi 229
rowiki Q199864 Romanian Wikipedia ro Romanian Latin script 2003 230
roa_rupwiki Q2073394 Aromanian Wikipedia roa-rup Aromanian 2004 231
roa_tarawiki Q3568062 Tarantino Wikipedia roa-tara Tarantino 2003 232
ruwiki Q206855 Russian Wikipedia ru Russian Cyrillic script 2001 233
ru_sibwiki Q2996321 Siberian Wikipedia ru-sib Siberian language 2006 2007-11-05 234
ruewiki Q58781 Rusyn Wikipedia rue Rusyn 2011 235
rwwiki Q8565518 Kinyarwanda Wikipedia rw Kinyarwanda 236
sawiki Q2587255 Sanskrit Wikipedia sa Sanskrit 2004 237
sahwiki Q225594 Sakha Wikipedia sah Sakha Cyrillic script 2008 238
satwiki Q55950814 Santali Wikipedia sat Santali Ol Chiki alphabet 2018 239
scwiki Q3568059 Sardinian Wikipedia sc Sardinian 2004 240
scnwiki Q1058430 Sicilian Wikipedia scn Sicilian 2004 241
scowiki Q1444686 Scots Wikipedia sco Scots Latin script 2005 242
sdwiki Q8571840 Sindhi Wikipedia sd Sindhi 2006 243
sewiki Q4115441 Northern Sami Wikipedia se Northern Sami 2004 244
sgwiki Q8571487 Sango Wikipedia sg Sango 245
shwiki Q58679 Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia sh Serbo-Croatian Y 2003 246
shnwiki Q58832948 Shan Wikipedia shn Shan Burmese 2018 247
siwiki Q8571954 Sinhala Wikipedia si Sinhala 248
simplewiki Q200183 Simple English Wikipedia simple Simple English Latin script 2001 249
skwiki Q192582 Slovak Wikipedia sk Slovak 2003 250
slwiki Q14380 Slovene Wikipedia sl Slovene Latin script 2002 251
smwiki Q8571427 Samoan Wikipedia sm Samoan 252
snwiki Q8571809 Shona Wikipedia sn Shona 253
sowiki Q8572132 Somali Wikipedia so Somali 254
sqwiki Q208533 Albanian Wikipedia sq Albanian Latin script 2003 255
srwiki Q200386 Serbian Wikipedia sr Serbian Y Y 2003 256
srnwiki Q3568060 Sranan Wikipedia srn Sranan tongo 2008 257
sswiki Q3432470 Swazi Wikipedia ss Swazi 2004 258
stwiki Q8572199 Sotho Wikipedia st Sesotho 259
stqwiki Q3568040 Saterland Frisian Wikipedia stq Saterland Frisian Latin script 260
suwiki Q966609 Sundanese Wikipedia su Sundanese Latin script 2004 261
svwiki Q169514 Swedish Wikipedia sv Swedish Latin script 2001 262
swwiki Q722243 Swahili Wikipedia sw Swahili 2003 263
szlwiki Q940309 Silesian Wikipedia szl Silesian 2008 264
tawiki Q844491 Tamil Wikipedia ta Tamil 2003 265
tcywiki Q26235862 Tulu Wikipedia tcy Tulu Kannada alphabet 2016 266
tewiki Q848046 Telugu Wikipedia te Telugu 2003 267
tetwiki Q8575385 Tetum Wikipedia tet Tetum 2006 268
tgwiki Q2742472 Tajik Wikipedia tg Tajik Y 2004 269
thwiki Q565074 Thai Wikipedia th Thai 2003 270
tiwiki Q8575467 Tigrinya Wikipedia ti Tigrinya 271
tkwiki Q511754 Turkmen Wikipedia tk Turkmen 2004 272
tlwiki Q877685 Tagalog Wikipedia tl Tagalog 2003 273
<no value> Q22013259 Klingon Wikipedia tlh Klingon 2004 2005-08 274
tnwiki Q3568063 Tswana Wikipedia tn Tswana 275
towiki Q3112631 Tongan Wikipedia to Tongan 2004 276
tpiwiki Q571001 Tok Pisin Wikipedia tpi Tok Pisin 277
trwiki Q58255 Turkish Wikipedia tr Turkish 2002 278
tswiki Q8575674 Tsonga Wikipedia ts Tsonga 279
ttwiki Q60819 Tatar Wikipedia tt Tatar Y 2003 280
tumwiki Q8575782 Tumbuka Wikipedia tum Tumbuka 281
twwiki Q8575885 Twi Wikipedia tw Twi 282
tywiki Q3568061 Tahitian Wikipedia ty Tahitian 2008 283
tyvwiki Q14948450 Tuvinian Wikipedia tyv Tuvan 2013 284
udmwiki Q221444 Udmurt Wikipedia udm Udmurt 2005 285
ugwiki Q60856 Uyghur Wikipedia ug Uyghur Uyghur Arabic alphabet Y 2012 286
ukwiki Q199698 Ukrainian Wikipedia uk Ukrainian Cyrillic script 2004 287
urwiki Q1067878 Urdu Wikipedia ur Urdu Urdu alphabet 2004 288
uzwiki Q2081526 Uzbek Wikipedia uz Uzbek Y 2003 289
vewiki Q8577029 Venda Wikipedia ve Venda 290
vecwiki Q1055841 Venetian Wikipedia vec Venetian 291
vepwiki Q4107346 Veps Wikipedia vep Veps 2012 292
viwiki Q200180 Vietnamese Wikipedia vi Vietnamese 2002 293
vlswiki Q3568038 West Flemish Wikipedia vls West Flemish Latin script 294
vowiki Q714826 Volapük Wikipedia vo Volapük 2003 295
wawiki Q1132977 Walloon Wikipedia wa Walloon Latin script 2003 296
warwiki Q1648786 Waray Wikipedia war Waray 2005 297
wowiki Q8582589 Wolof Wikipedia wo Wolof 2005 298
wuuwiki Q1110233 Wu Chinese Wikipedia wuu Wu Chinese 2006 299
xalwiki Q4210231 Kalmyk Wikipedia xal Kalmyk Oirat 2006 300
xhwiki Q3568065 Xhosa Wikipedia xh Xhosa 2003 301
xmfwiki Q2029239 Mingrelian Wikipedia xmf Mingrelian 302
yiwiki Q1968379 Yiddish Wikipedia yi Yiddish 2004 303
yowiki Q1148240 Yoruba Wikipedia yo Yoruba 2008 304
zawiki Q3311132 Zhuang Wikipedia za Zhuang 305
zeawiki Q2111591 Zeelandic Wikipedia zea Zeelandic Latin script 2006 306
zhwiki Q30239 Chinese Wikipedia zh Standard Chinese Chinese characters Y 2002 307
zh_classicalwiki Q1378484 Literary Chinese Wikipedia zh-classical Classical Chinese Chinese characters 2006 308
zh_yuewiki Q1190962 Cantonese Wikipedia zh-yue Cantonese 2006 309
zuwiki Q8075204 Zulu Wikipedia zu Zulu 2003 310
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  1. sites, such as Wikipedia language versions, including articles on the same topic in several language variants. In Wikidata, one can be added to sitelinks, the other on a separate "duplicate" item
  2. sites, such as Wikipedia language versions, in more than one script: e.g. Latin and Cyrillic. Can include 2 pages with the same article in different scripts. In Wikidata, one can be added to sitelinks, the other on a separate "duplicate" item
  3. wikis that support language conversion syntaxes