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Dataset nameEdit

A Bibliography for Aegean Glyptic in the Bronze Age (1991), compiled by John G. Younger

A side of a four-sided green jasper seal. (CMS II,2 316d)


The original bibliography list was published in the CMS series by the Corpus der Minoischen und Mykenischen Siegel ( in 1991 as the supplementary volume 4 (Beiheft 4). In 2009 the author published this same annotated bibliography in HTML format on


The HTML version of the bibliography is available under:

A digitised version of the printed bibliography is available under in PDF format.

A biblatex version of the bibliography is being prepared and enriched and available under

Dataset descriptionEdit

The dataset consists of about 1200 bibliographic references to scholarly publications about Aegean seals and sealings from the Bronze Age published before 1991. Each reference is annotated with related topics, including places and discussed objects.

The bibliography list uses the citation format and the abbreviations established by the American Journal of Archaeology (AJA) 90 (1986) 381-394.

Additional informationEdit

The list is first organised by author and then followed by a thematic index, where after each keyword a list of author year references follows. Import of the dataset was initiated during a fellowship in the programme "Open Science Fellows Program" funded by Wikimedia Deutschland, the Stifterverband, and the Volkswagen Foundation. A detailed project description is available on Wikiversity. Additionally a dedicated web application is under construction in order to fetch the references from wikidata and display them in a custom way with a search function and filters. Further functionalities like sorting and also exporting are planned. The repository is available on GitHub.

Progress of importEdit

The table below is used to track the progress of importing this dataset. The suggested column headings are most applicable to data being imported from a spreadsheet - you can change some column headings or add new columns as required to best describe the progress of this import.

Wikidata item for the datasetTransform data from HTML into bibtexClean and enrich dataFormat data into spreadsheet to import the dataStructure of data within WikidataMatch the dataset to WikidataImporting data into WikidataVisualisationsMaintainance queries and expected results
A Bibliography for Aegean Glyptic in the Bronze Age (Q61761384)In progress, Authors a to f ready. Final bibtex files are stored on GitHub.In progress. Correcting typos and in rare cases wrong references. Adding links to full texts when available, as well as DOIs and the like.Not done yet; depends on structure of data within WikidataIn progress, first manual entries already present.In progress. Information to be matched: Keywords, Authors, Editors, Publisers, and Journals.Not done yetIn progress; see repository on GitHub.Not done yet

Edit historyEdit

Use the table below to list batches of edits that have been completed for this dataset. Ideally each entry should have all applicable columns filled out, but at a minimum please make to add a date and description to give an idea of what was added to Wikidata and when.

DateDescriptionMethodPropertiesQualifiersReferencesStatements addedStatements removedLink to import sheet
Nov. 18 - Feb. 19Exploring how references can be modelled in WikidataManual and for two or three test with Quickstatemens---10 new items; 12 items expanded0
30. May 19Updating persons and importing new person information related to references a-bReconciliation with OpenRefine, exporting from there via Quickstatements in multiple iterations; manual editing for corrections and individual additionsfamily name; given name; occupation; sex or gender; Viaf ID; series ordinals -26 new family names; 35 updated items; 36 new persons0
Date 3Description 3Method 3Properties 3Qualifiers 3References 3Added Count 3Removed Count 3Link 3

Discussion of importEdit

These headings are generally useful, please change this section to suit your needs.

Wikidata item for datasetEdit

The bibliographic information of the printed bibliography was entered into Wikidata and also marked as a dataset: A Bibliography for Aegean Glyptic in the Bronze Age (Q61761384)

Transform data from HTML into bibtexEdit

Transforming of data was done in seven batches by author last names: a-b, c-f, g-j, k-m, n-q, r-t, and v-z. First the references where manually copied from the website and pasted into a txt file. This was processed with a Python script in order to get a text file where each line contains a reference with the author name at the beginning of the line. The resulting file could then be parsed with AnyStyle. The GUI of AnyStyle offers a comfortable way of viewing the parsed results and correcting the assigned labels. The first two batches were also used to train the model, which resulted in better parsing results in the remaining batches. The corrected references could then be exported from AnyStyle into the BibTeX format, which was then further edited with JabRef.

Screenshots of the individual transformation steps:

Clean and enrich dataEdit

After transformation into the BibTeX format the references where edited using JabRef. In order to improve the quality of the dataset each reference was manually looked up online in order to check and enrich (e. g. add links to full texts) it.

In the course of this process typos were detected and errors corrected. Whenever a digital version of the reference was found, the respective link was added. If DOIs were assigned, they were also added. Links to full texts include links to JSTOR, journal web pages, and in some cases to or

The final BibTeX files are available on GitHub. Authors a-f are ready, the remaining still in progress. All references to reviews are going to be processed later, because they all refer to publications mentioned in the list.

Format data into spreadsheet to import the dataEdit

Structure of data within WikidataEdit

First manual entries are already present. They were created in order to explore how they can be modelled in Wikidata and if any new properties have to be created. For formatting reference information work done in the WikiCite project is considered. An overview on how the individual reference types are going to be represented will follow here.

Field nameWikidata propertyNotes

Match the dataset to WikidataEdit

Information to be matched: Keywords, Authors, Editors, Publisers, and Journals. More information will follow.

Importing data into WikidataEdit

Import completion notesEdit


With Scholia a nice visualisation of the dataset is already provided out of the box:

Still a bespoke web application is being developed, in order to provide more information and more reference management related functionality. The development repository is available on GitHub. The current version of the application is published with GitHub pages


Queries and expected resultsEdit

Query linkDescriptionExpected results

Schedule of new data releasedEdit