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Wikidata:Dataset Imports/Data set of

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Documenting the importEdit

  • Guidelines on how to import a dataset into Wikidata are available at Wikidata:Data Import Guide.
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Creating a Wikidata item for the datasetEdit

  • Please create a Wikidata item for the dataset, this will allow us to improve the coverage of datasets on Wikidata and understand what datasets are available on that topic and which of them have been added to Wikidata.
  • If you are working with very large dataset you can break it into smaller Mix n' Match catalogues, but only create one Wikidata item.
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Getting helpEdit

  • If your dataset import runs into issues please edit the page to change the progress status from in progress to help needed.
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Dataset nameEdit

Data set of


German Film Institute


Dataset descriptionEdit

A core data set of the german film website

Progress of importEdit

The table below is used to track the progress of importing this dataset. The suggested column headings are most applicable to data being imported from a spreadsheet - you can change some column headings or add new columns as required to best describe the progress of this import.

Wikidata item for the datasetImport data into spreadsheetFormat the spreadsheet to import the dataStructure of data within WikidataMatch the dataset to WikidataImporting data into WikidataVisualisationsMaintainance queries and expected results
??Not done yetNot done yetNot done yet Not done yetNot done yetNot done yetNot done yet

Discussion of importEdit

As announced in this thread we will have the nice opportunity to get a core data set of the german film website In my opinion we should first define in which format we get the most benefit out of this data (TSV or others?). It then should be hosted where everybody can access it easily. Do we have such a free data repository? And does the data set then need necessarely a creative commons licence? Queryzo (talk) 18:53, 27 September 2018 (UTC)