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Wikidata:Dataset Imports/People in the Ísmús database

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Guidelines for using this pageEdit

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  • Guidelines on how to import a dataset into Wikidata are available at Wikidata:Data Import Guide.
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Dataset nameEdit

People in the Ísmús database




Dataset descriptionEdit

Just over 10,000 People listed on Ísmús website, an Icelandic music and cultural heritage database. Data available for each person:

  • Ísmús unique URL to description page
  • Icelandic name
  • Icelandic Aliases
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Gender
  • Occupations

Dataset Wikidata itemEdit

people listed in the Ísmús database (Q63565750)

Additional informationEdit

There are 10,003 people in the database at the time of the first import

Progress of importEdit

The initial focus was adding the missing women from the dataset, so I've split the progress section to track each gender separately.

Gender segmentImport data into spreadsheetFormat the spreadsheet to import the dataStructure of data within WikidataMatch the dataset to WikidataImporting data into WikidataVisualisationsMaintainance queries and expected results
Female  Done (Link)  Done  Done   Done  Doing…  Not done  Not done
Male  Not done  Not done  Done  Not done  Not done  Not done  Not done

Edit historyEdit

The edit history so far, as well as planned upcoming edits are shown below:

DateSegmentDescriptionMethodPropertiesQualifiersReferencesItems createdStatements addedStatements removedLink to import sheet
5 Mar 2019FemaleCreated missing items and added URL for each personQuickStatementsdescribed at URL (P973)192419240Link
5 Mar 2019Female Add Icelandic labelsQuickStatementslabel19240Link
5 Mar 2019Female Add instance of human statementsQuickStatementsinstance of (P31) = human (Q5)reference URL (P854)19760Link
5 Mar 2019Female Add gender statementsQuickStatementssex or gender (P21) = female (Q6581072)reference URL (P854)19760Link
5 Mar 2019Female Add date of birth statementsQuickStatementsdate of birth (P569)reference URL (P854)18600Link
6 Mar 2019FemaleAdd country of citizenship statementsQuickStatementscountry of citizenship (P27) = Iceland (Q189) reference URL (P854)19760Link
  Not doneFemaleAdd date of death statementsQuickStatements
  Not done FemaleAdd Icelandic AliasesQuickStatements
  Not done FemaleAdd occupationsQuickStatements

Discussion of importEdit

These headings are generally useful, please change this section to suit your needs.

Format the spreadsheet to import the dataEdit

The simplest method for extracting data from the website is to filter the view to required data then copy and paste into Google sheet.

When you do this, you need to extract the links for each item from the 'embedded HTML' links that result in your spreadsheet.This can be achieved with this online solution (scroll down to the solution at the end of the thread). The basic steps are:

  1. Publish Google sheet to web
  2. Import data back using IMPORTXML

Note that most solutions you find online only work when the hyperlink() formula has been used, but this solution works with embedded HTML links as well.

NavinoEvans (talk) 18:10, 7 May 2019 (UTC)

Match the dataset to WikidataEdit

Auto-matching done in spreadsheet using existing list of all Icelandic people on Wikidata


Not done yet


Queries and expected resultsEdit

Query linkDescriptionExpected results
All People with Described at URL starting with ""Shows all people imported so far, along with the link back to their page on the data source. This property is the main link used for matching
  • All URLs should be unique
  • Should be around 10,000 or fewer results

Schedule of new data releasedEdit

No set schedule but new data expected to be added periodically