Delftware tile panel

This project envisages to collect data and images on Delftware pottery workshops (in Delft) during the Dutch Republic and all the people that worked in the professional network around the Dleftware workshops (Delftware masters, owners, potters etc). During the first phase I am trying to gather as much information as possible on the professionals and collect the data on several Wiki projects: Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wiki Source. Focus of this project is not so much the items that were created in the pottery workshops (even though I gained a love for certain Delftware items and tiles) but more to get some insights in the who, what and whereabouts of the people working in de pottery workshops in Delft. Added to that I would like to get an overview (and digital representation) of the locations of the pottery workshops in Delft.

Goals are to

  • Create a visual network of people working in the pottery workshops in delft during the 17th and 18 century.
  • create digital versions of 17th century maps of Delft (and surrounding area) showing the locations of the pottery workshops (and paint mills) through the decades during the 17th and 18th centuries.

To doEdit

Several things that can be done (be bold!)

Lists and other stuffEdit


These sources have been put on Wikidata. Any other relevant encyclopedic books or manuals can be added to (Don't forget to add on focus list of Wikimedia project (P5008))