Wikidata:Eighth Birthday/India/Datathon

Birthday banner for 4th Wikidata Birthday

For background, see Wikidata:Eighth Birthday/India/Datathon/Sum of all Indian paintings. For status, see Wikidata:WikiProject sum of all paintings/Location/India. Any Wikidatan with a named account (on any wiki) may participate.

To participate you need to sign up on the Participants page: you must include a link to your talk page (it may be on any Wikimedia project, but the link needs to work from the Participants page)

The datathon is based on an honors system, with the participants self-reporting their points. All edits are a gift to Wikidata for its 8th birthday. The point is to gain as many points as possible. Here the points rules:

  • 5 points: a new painting item with statements for instance of (P31), collection (P195), location (P276), creator (P170), depicts (P180), genre (P136), made from material (P186), inception (P571)
  • 2 points: Adding image (P18) and adding the Qid to the Commons image file with "Artwork" and "|Wikidata="
  • Bonus 5 points: Adding a painting item for a Commons image file that is in use on 2+ other Wikimedia projects as an illustration (Note: that "other" project could be another Wikidata item).
  • 2 points: a new listeria list to help track paintings added in this datathon
  • 5 points: a new property proposal to add an external ID that will enable authority control for paintings of India
  • all items should be traceable to this datathon other than the link on the participants page (if it won't show up in a listeria list, then we can see if we can create one.
Sign up here for "Sum of all Indian paintings Datathon"
All you have to do is to sign your name below (~~~~) and add a link to your usual talk page; then, when you create or improve items, add a link to each item under your name, with the score you claim.

Follow the format of the Example below. Remember to put a colon : before the language prefix. Use show preview to make sure your links work; then save page


User:MrExample (French userpage and talkpage) - 7Edit

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User:Jane023 (English userpage and talkpage) - 7Edit

User:Rajeeb (Bengali userpage and talkpage) - 45Edit

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