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Wikidata's distributed birthday | October 2020 | #WikidataBirthday


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Wikidata Education Week

26 October - 30 October, 2020

Join us during the week of Wikidata's birthday, 26th October - 30th October, in celebrating Wikidata in Education Week. We are using the birthday celebration as an opportunity for raising awareness of the educational value of Wikidata.

Celebrate with us! Some activities you can do:

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Join a Wikidata in Education meetup:

Join us during the 24-hours meetup on 29th October at 15:00 UTC to discuss Wikidata in education. We'll share ideas, learn from each other, and brainstorm applications of Wikidata.

Interviews with Wikimedians who use Wikidata in education:

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Share some messages on your social media:

Suggested social media posts
  • If every curriculum had structured data in Wikidata we could…
Digitizing Curricula Used Cases

alt text for image: 1) support the Wikimedia volunteer editing community to improve content related to school curricula 2) create an education portal with curated content from the Wikimedia projects and other open education resources 3) give education stakeholders the ability to do comparative analysis of curricula on a global scale 4) make data about curricula readily available and machine readable so that developers can create innovative solutions to education challenges

  • If you could easily generate lists of content on Wiki projects that are aligned with the school curriculum, what could you do with that?
  • Histropedia uses Wikidata to generate historical timelines that can be used in education. What ideas do you have for using Wikidata for other educational websites and applications?
  • Here is a cool visualization created by students using Wikidata. Have you done something like this? Share it here!
  • What’s your favorite Wikidata game for students?
  • What is the value of bringing open data into your classroom?
  • Share your programs and stories of using Wikidata in Education.

Main message
  • Celebrate Wikidata’s 8th birthday with us by joining Wikidata in Education Week from 26th - 30th October! Activities and information are here:
  • Are you interested in how Wikidata can make a difference in education? Join a meetup about this at x date and x time. #EduWiki #Wikidata #Wikidatabirthday
  • Learn how Wikimedians are using Wikidata in Education! Join us as we speak with x name on x date and time. If you watch live, you can bring your questions and we’ll try to answer as many as possible.


You can find more graphics here!

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Wikidata in Education consultation:

The Education Team will launch a consultation with key influencers on how Wikidata can be used for curriculum digitization. If you'd like to be part of this consultation please reach out to educationno

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