Rumored sighting of The Wikidata Flashmob

The Wikidata Flashmob is a mysterious group of volunteers spread out all over the world, who descend on an item and provide it with labels and descriptions (aliases optional, and as appropriate) in as many languages as possible. They then disappear as suddenly as they appeared, whistle, and pretend nothing ever happened.

At their discretion, the mob may also make other improvements such as adding statements and references.

Want the Flashmob to visit an item? edit

To summon the Wikidata Flashmob to visit an item, add the template {{flashmob}} to the item's talk page. It would shortly thereafter appear in the list below:

Current summonings edit

File:Wikidata nodes in white.svg

Past visitations of the Wikidata Flashmob edit

Past summonings of the Wikidata Flashmob can still use some wikidatalove, here:

Join the Flashmob! edit

To join the Wikidata Flashmob, add the template {{User flashmobber}} to your user page. Then, either visit this page to check for summonings, or wait for the special Bat-Signal (Q890714) to summon you. You can also watch the relevant category for new summonings.

This page should not contain a list of the flashmobbers; remember, they're "a mysterious group of volunteers"!