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This page gives an overview of current, upcoming and possible future Wikidata and Wikibase activities, projects, ideas, experiments and opportunities for the KB, the national library of the Netherlands.

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Current projectsEdit

Wikidata:WikiProject Collection highlights National Library of the NetherlandsEdit


This project aims to

  1. improve the Wikidata descriptions for all digitised KB collection highlights,
  2. upload their public domain images to Wikimedia Commons, reusing fields from Wikidata as much as possible to create image metadata
  3. create and improve the Wikipedia articles about them on Dutch and English Wikipedia

following best practices and lessons learned during the Alba amicorum Jacob Heyblocq project

For this project a dedicated job posting was created in early April 2020.

Wikidata:WikiProject Alba amicorum National Library of the NetherlandsEdit


This project is the follow-up / scaling-up of the Alba amicorum Jacob Heyblocq pilot project. Drawing from its best practices and lessons learned, this projects aims to

  1. create Wikidata items for all alba amicorum and album contributions in the KB collection
  2. create links between all these abla and contributions, as well as vizualize these links and connections across space and time.

Project code name: "Linked2 alba")

Wikidata:WikiProject Children's picture books National Library of the NetherlandsEdit


This project aims to

  1. create Wikidata items for all the picture books in
  2. bulk extract 381 KB children's books from the Europeana Rise of Literacy project and upload them to Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata (as far as they are not yet in the above category, and are in the public domain)

Wikidata:WikiProject Medieval manuscripts National Library of the NetherlandsEdit


This project aims to .....

Wikidata:WikiProject Maps and atlases National Library of the NetherlandsEdit


This project aims to .....

Wikidata:WikiProject Dutch Literary AwardsEdit


This project aims to create Wikidata items for some 400 Dutch literary awards, their editions, nominees, winners and jurymembers

Wikidata:WikiProject Canon of Dutch LiteratureEdit


This project aims to create Wikidata descriptions for the (1000+) most important (canonical) texts from the cultural history of The Netherlands, as defined by these two lists:

  1. Basisbibliotheek - Duizend sleutelteksten uit de cultuurgeschiedenis van de Lage Landen (DBNL). See this list on Dutch Wikipedia and on Wikidata
  2. Canon van de Nederlandse letterkunde (Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde). See this list on Dutch Wikipedia and on Wikidata

Secondary goals would be to

  1. create Wikidata-generated Wikipedia articles for those texts that do not yet have their own articles, as well as to
  2. put these texts on Wikisource, as far as they are in the public domain.

Wikidata:WikiProject Hendrik Nicolaas WerkmanEdit


This project aims to create Wikidata descriptions and Wikipedia articles for the full oeuvre of Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman (Q559440)

Wikidata:WikiProject Algemeen letterkundig lexiconEdit


This project aims to create LOD + Wikidata items for the Algemeen letterkundig lexicon, the Dutch philological lexicon, an overview of more than 4.500 literary terms explained in their context. In collaboration with the Digital Library for Dutch Literature (DBNL) (Q2451336)

Wikidata:WikiProject Literatuurplein naar WikidataEdit


This project aims to add relevant data from to Wikidata, most notably 11.598 persons, often with dates of birth & death and places of birth & death.

Wikidata:WikiProject Netherlands Public LibrariesEdit


This project aims to create Wikidata items for Dutch public libraries, both for the pm. 1500 library branches and for the pm. 160 library organisations.

See this presentation (pdf) for the rationale of the project.

A spin-off from this project is the Map making workshop – from Wikidata to interactive off-Wiki maps in three steps

Overview of KB WikiprojectsEdit

#Wikiprojects maintained by the KB
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Try it!

Overview of other activities so farEdit

Besides the current projects above, the KB is currently involved in a number of other Wikidata related activities:

Experiments with semantic image tagging on Wikimedia CommonsEdit

The KB is undertaking some small scale experiments on Stedenboek de Wit and catchpenny prints to add P180 'Depicts' fields to selected images in those categories. In other words: the KB is exploring the added values of Wikidata based semantic tagging of things that can be seen (are depicted) in images in those categories. These Wikidata tags enable semantic searching for KB images in Wikimedia Commons and are the basis for further LOD functionalities that will be added to Commons in the months ahead.

Example queries: Images in Stedenboek de Wit depicting 'De Burcht' in Leiden or cities on the Zuiderzee

Tools used for tagging:

  1. Direct tagging in the Commons image interface (tab 'Structured data')
  2. ISA tool, with running campaigns for Stedenboek de Wit and catchpenny prints
  3. Bulk tagging via sdc_tool.js. 'This user script lets you quickly add statements for Structured Data on Commons (SDC) to (selected) files on galleries, category pages, and serach results'.

You can see more about this in:

KB thesauri in Wikidata, and vice versaEdit

The KB hosts the Dutch Thesaurus of Author Names (NTA) and the Thesaurus of Authors in the Digital Library of Dutch Literature (DBNLA).

These thesauri are directly linked to two distinct Wikidata properties: P1006 for the NTA and P723 for the DBNLA.

The KB periodically synchronizes both thesauri with Wikidata, and reversely the Wikidata community periodically synchronizes Wikidata against these two thesauri.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Update dd 20-05-2020, 75K NTA koppelingen aan Wikidata toegevoegd zie --> nog uitwerken


The Wikidata community runs a campaign to manually and automatically add more DBNL authors identifiers to Wikidata items using the Mix'n'Match tool.

We periodically monitor the usage of these properties (page in Dutch) because we want to

  • Understand how often the KB (via the NTA and DBNLA thesauri) is acting as an authority for persons/authors in Wikidata (and via proxy also in Wikipedia)
  • Understand how often Wikidata is used as an authority for persons/authors in the two KB thesauri
  • Correct mismatches in Wikidata and our two thesauri, see the Single value violations and Unique value violations in the latest monitoring report from February 2020 (page in Dutch).

KB xportalEdit

The KB xportal is a web application for accessing metadata and content of KB collections. It is used for testing and demonstrating new developments prior to a potential implementation in Delpher. Named entities (persons, places, organisations etc.) in eg. historical newspapers are linked to resource descriptions in Wikidata and other sources. The xportal also supports direct Wikidata SPARQL queries (and see here).

Live demo and further instructions:

Presentations about or referring to the xportal: Wikidata as universal library thesaurus by Theo van Veen (2018, from slide 16) and Verbinden van bibliotheekcollecties met Wikimedia-projecten by Ursula Oberst (2019, slide 9)

Meetings, conferences, events, workshops etc.Edit

Staff members of the KB take parts in numerous meetings, workshops, conferences, hackathons and other events in which Wikidata and/or Wikibase play main or significant roles. The aims of these events are always to learn, teach, inspire and share both theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and awareness related to Wikidata/Wikibase.

See the full listing below for further details.

Awareness and advocacyEdit

The KB tries to raise awareness of the opportunities, advantages and disadvantages of using Wikidata and Wikibase in the fields of open cultural heritage, digital humanities, data sciences etc. This is not only done via the publications, presentations and events metioned elsewhere on this page, but also throught direct and indirect consultancy and lobbying with policy makers, government bodies, networks and interest groups, such as the ministry of OCW and the NDE network.

Upcoming projectsEdit

Add structured data fields to KB images on CommonsEdit

Manual: Tagging KB collections on Wikimedia Commons using Wikidata

This project aims to expand the small scale semantic image tagging experiments made so far on eg. Stedenboek de Wit and catchpenny prints.

The goal is to add more structured data fields and bounding boxes to more KB images on Wikimedia Commons.

In March 2020 we created this manual in Dutch for crowdsourcing this task among KB employees and the general public.

Future project ideas, prototyping, experimentsEdit

In no particular order:

Middelnederlandse handschriftenEdit

This project aims to upload 100s of digitized Middle-Dutch (?) manuscripts to Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.

The KB has no suitable image platform to publish these scans on. (KB contact: Jeroen van D.)

Experimental KB WikibaseEdit

This project aims to expand the experimental Wikibase instance of the KB to play with and learn from.

A suitable dataset to ingest into this Wikibase could be

Presentations, conferences, hackathons, workshops and other meetingsEdit

Up nextEdit

  • tbd

In preparation or ideationEdit

  • Presentation/publications about the Album amicorum Jacob Heyblocq project - showing the huge added values of putting combined images + metadata of digitised KB collection highlights into the Wikimedia ecosystem, using the album amicorum of Jacob Heyblocq as a demonstrator. We can use De bevrijding van Q72752496 & de Wikidata-activiteiten van de KB as a basis.
  • Taggathons: small scale events where participants can add Wikidata structured tags to KB images on Wikimedia Commons using eg. the SIA tool. Taggathon is derived from 'editathon', 'hackaton' etc. This manual in Dutch can be handed out prior to the event
  • Presentations/publications about Leveraging KB collection highlights using Wikidata & Wikimedia Commons - scaling up from the Heyblocq project above, now for all KB collection highlights.
  • Wikibase information event for Dutch GLAMs, universities and other interested parties.
  • Edition of the Wikidata map making workshop aimed at Dutch cultural and scientific (heritage) professionals



Talking about KB's Wikidata image tagging experiments, slide 38 onwards.


Map making workshop - from Wikidata to interactive off-Wiki maps in three steps (Wiki Techstorm 23-11-2019)
Talking about the KB's Wikidata image tagging experiments, slide 19 onwards.
Being the host of the previous two editions of the Techstorm, Olaf participated as a mentor and teacher in this Wikidata-heavy event.
He also ran the third edition of his Map making workshop – from Wikidata to interactive off-Wiki maps in three steps. See the workshop slides (pdf).
Talking about KB's Wikidata image tagging experiments, slide 92 onwards
Beelddonaties - enkele reis of retour? Studiemiddag Wiki Wetenschappers SAE 26 september 2019 Utrecht
Talking about KB's Wikidata image tagging experiments, slide 60 onwards.

KB participated in this one day meeting to bring together representatives of National Libraries, and Libraries with equivalent status (e.g. legal deposit/cataloguing in publication/union catalogues), for a one-day meeting, to share current activities, to discuss the roadmap plans, and to describe needs/requirements for the use of Wikidata and Wikibase in this specific professional context. See the report by Europeana : Wikidata & Wikibase for National Libraries: the inaugural meeting
Olaf participated in this Wikidata-heavy event and ran the first edition of the Map making workshop – from Wikidata to interactive off-Wiki maps in three steps. Slides (pdf)
Ghent University Wikidata and Wikibase Workshop, July 2019
For this events the KB teamed up with the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and Wikimedia Nederland. The learing goal of this 3-day workshop was to understand and experience the steps involved in installing, modelling and filling a self-hosted Wikibase instance. The GEM-RM-WMNL-KB team had chosen the dataset behind for filling the Wikibase.


  • Literary award modelling workshop with Andra Waagmeester of Micelio, Antwerp, 21 November 2018.
Aim of this workshop was designing and building a semantic model for literary and scientific awards in Wikidata, as part of the WikiProject Dutch Literary Awards
After this event's SPARQL workshop the Wikimedia coordinator of the KB was finally able to take the 'SPARQL hurdle' and write his first queries. This, combined with a lighting talk about the lack of public libraries in Wikidata proved to be the spark setting off the Wikidata project about Public Libraries in The Netherlands.
Aim of this event was to get insight into opportunities of Wikidata that could be valuable for the KB. Programme and speakers - Report


Aim of this workshop was to get a very first theoretical and practical understanding of what Wikidata is. Slides



Andrew Lih / MET

Jason Evans / National library of Wales

Simon Cobb

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