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Dashboards for the Smithsonian Institution Open Access initiative

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Other tools for reporting on Smithsonian Wikidata content and images:

Image Tool Description
GLAMorgan On-demand metrics tool that takes a Wikicommons category and analyzes which Wikipedia articles use the media files, and reports back the most used images and a list of articles. Since it is run "live" on Commons for any given year and month, it can take minutes to generate a report.
Baglama 2 reports A regular monthly report showing the most used Commons media across all Wikipedia editions. Run for categories relevant to cultural institutions, with each report stored and ready for quick access.
Knowledge Grapher Tool Visualize what collections and related properties look like in graph form using Wikidata Query.
  • Show people with AWHI WikiProject affiliation and their educational institutions (graph)
  • Show people with AWHI WikiProject affiliation and their occupation and educational institutions (graph)
  • Show women SI employees (
  • Graph of major holding units of the Smithsonian and those with special OA abbreviations (