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Wikidata property about Wikimedia entities (Q51118821)

Wikidata property to link to CommonsEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
videoP10Commons media filerelevant video. For images, use the property P18. For film trailers, qualify with "object has role" (P3831)="trailer" (Q622550)Varanus komodoensis <video> Komodo dragons video.ogv-
traffic signP14Commons media filegraphic symbol describing the item, used at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road usersEuropean route E40 <traffic sign> Tabliczka E40.svg-
route mapP15Commons media fileimage of route map at Wikimedia CommonsBundesautobahn 8 <route map> Map D A8.svg-
imageP18Commons media fileimage of relevant illustration of the subject; if available, use more specific properties (sample: coat of arms image, locator map, flag image, signature image, logo image, collage image); only images which exist on Wikimedia Commons are acceptableHal Koerner <image> HalKoerner2009.jpg-
flag imageP41Commons media fileimage of the item's flagBourbonnais <flag image> Flag of Bourbonnais.svg-
audioP51Commons media filerelevant sound. If available, use a more specific property. Samples: "spoken text audio" (P989), "pronunciation audio" (P443)Atlantic Puffin <audio> Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica) (W1CDR0001416 BD3).ogg-
coat of arms imageP94Commons media fileimage of the item's coat of armsStannis Baratheon <coat of arms image> Coat of Arms of Stannis Baratheon.png-
signatureP109Commons media fileimage of a person's signatureIsaac Newton <signature> Isaac Newton signature ws.svg-
chemical structureP117Commons media fileimage of a representation of the structure for a chemical compoundmethane <chemical structure> Methan Keilstrich.svg-
logo imageP154Commons media filegraphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and products-
seal imageP158Commons media fileimage of subject's seal (emblem)Alaska <seal image> Alaska-StateSeal.svg-
taxon range map imageP181Commons media filerange map of a taxonAdenoviridae <taxon range map image> Distribution.dysderidae.1.png-
bathymetry imageP207Commons media fileimage showing bathymetric chart, bathymetric mapBear Lake <bathymetry image> Bathymetry.jpg-
locator map imageP242Commons media filegeographic map image which highlights the location of the subject within some larger entityQueensland <locator map image> Queensland in Australia.svg-
astronomic symbol imageP367Commons media fileimage of the symbol that identify a planet or an asteroid of the solar systemJupiter <astronomic symbol image> Jupiter symbol.svg-
Commons categoryP373Stringname of the Wikimedia Commons category containing files related to this item (without the prefix "Category:")Calosoma reticulatum <Commons category> reticulatum Calosoma reticulatum-
pronunciation audioP443Commons media fileaudio file with pronunciationSão Paulo <pronunciation audio> Br-SaoPaulo.ogg-
orbit diagramP491Commons media fileimage with the diagram of the orbit of an astronomical body1105 Fragaria <orbit diagram> 1105orbit.png-
Gene Atlas ImageP692Commons media fileimage showing the GeneAtlas expression patternRELN <Gene Atlas Image> PBB GE RELN 205923 at tn.png-
Commons galleryP935Stringname of the Wikimedia Commons gallery page(s) related to this item (is suitable to allow multiple links to more gallery pages)Sicily <Commons gallery> Sicilia-
page bannerP948Commons media filelead image about the topic, mainly used by Wikivoyages and Women in Red-
spoken text audioP989Commons media fileaudio file for the spoken work or Wikipedia article, including audio descriptionsA Cartomante <spoken text audio> A Cartomante pt.ogg-
audio recording of the subject's spoken voiceP990Commons media fileaudio file representing the speaking voice of a person; or of an animated cartoon or other fictitious characterAlexandre Lacroix <audio recording of the subject's spoken voice> Alexandre-Lacroix-voix.oga-
document file on Wikimedia CommonsP996Commons media filefile on Wikimedia Commons related to the content of the source/book/reportMarch Constitution of Poland <document file on Wikimedia Commons> Konstytucja Marcowa (1921).pdf-
image of graveP1442Commons media filepicture of a person or animal's grave, gravestone or tombZita of Bourbon-Parma <image of grave> Kapuzinergruft Wien4.JPG-
Commons Creator pageP1472Stringname of Commons Infobox template residing in "Creator" namespace on Wikimedia CommonsStanley R. H. Rogers <Commons Creator page> R. H. Rogers Stanley R. H. Rogers-
monogramP1543Commons media fileimage of a person's monogramIvan VI of Russia <monogram> John III Russia Monogram.gif-
Commons Institution pageP1612Stringname of the institutions's page on Wikimedia Commons (without the prefix "Institution")Louvre Museum <Commons Institution page> Louvre-
detail mapP1621Commons media filemap containing details about the entire locationSicily <detail map> Map of region of Sicily, Italy, with provinces-en.svg-
place name signP1766Commons media fileimage of road sign with place name on itOld Appleton <place name sign> Old Appleton, Missouri, Road sign.jpg-
commemorative plaque imageP1801Commons media fileimage of plaque or inscription commemorating or mentioning the subject. For graves, use grave picture (P1442)Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor <commemorative plaque image> Jesi Piazza Federico II.jpg-
distribution mapP1846Commons media filedistribution of item on a mapped area (for range map of taxa, use (P181).)Roberts <distribution map> Roberts.png-
location mapP1943Commons media fileblank geographic map image suitable for overlaying coordinate points, as defined at c:Category:Location mapsAlabama <location map> USA Alabama location map.svg-
relief location mapP1944Commons media filerelief location map of placeUnited States of America <relief location map> Usa edcp relief location map.png-
playing range imageP2343Commons media fileimage showing the playing range of the instrumentdouble bass <playing range image> Range contrabass.png-
service ribbon imageP2425Commons media filean image depicting the ribbon associated with a medal, order, etc.Order of the White Eagle <service ribbon image> POL Order Orła Białego BAR.svg-
sectional viewP2713Commons media fileimage file that shows a sectional view of the itemhuman eye <sectional view> Human eye cross-sectional view grayscale.png-
collage imageP2716Commons media fileimage file that assembles two or more other images of itemBerlin <collage image> Collage Berlin2.jpg-
iconP2910Commons media filepictogram suitable to represent the item. For logos of an organization, use "logo image" (P154)wheelchair accessible <icon> Wheelchair-green3.png-
film posterP3383Commons media fileposter used to promote and advertise this film (if file is available on Commons). Use P154 for logos, P18 for movie stills and related images. Items about film posters can be linked with the qualifier "subject of" (P805).North by Northwest <film poster> Northbynorthwest1.jpg-
nighttime viewP3451Commons media fileimage of the subject at night, or at least in twilightPonce de Leon Inlet Light <nighttime view> Ponce Inlet Lighthouse at night - panoramio.jpg-
geoshapeP3896Geographic shapegeographic data from Wikimedia Commons-
shield imageP4004Commons media fileofficial shield image; see also P41, P158 and P94Givati Brigade <shield image> GivatiBrigade.svg-
Sandbox-Tabular dataP4045Tabular dataA sandbox type per available data type-
Sandbox-Geographic shapeP4047Geographic shapeA sandbox type per available data type-
weather historyP4150Tabular datalink to a Commons tabular data file with the weather history of a certain place-
panoramic viewP4291Commons media filepanoramic view of the objectFörkärla Church <panoramic view> Förkärla kyrka 20160421 06.jpg-
photosphere imageP4640Commons media fileimage with the field of view 360×180 degreesStegeborg Castle <photosphere image> Stegeborgs slottsruin 2016 10.jpg-
3D modelP4896Commons media filerepresentation of any three-dimensional surface of an objectEiffel Tower <3D model> EiffelTower fixed.stl-
winter viewP5252Commons media fileimage of the subject at winter, preferrable with snowAbramtsevo <winter view> Abramtsevo Estate in Jan2013 img11.jpg-
schematicP5555Commons media fileillustration of the structure or operation of an object, system, or processCorinthian order <schematic> Corint.JPG-
sail emblemP5962Commons media fileimage of figure placed on the sail of sailing boats to mark the boat typeKielzugvogel <sail emblem> Kielzugvogel black.svg-
stroke orderP6655Commons media filemedia file showing the order of strokes in a CJKV character <stroke order> 力-order.gif-
related imageP6802Commons media fileunfitting image to be used because a better alternative does not exist or is not available due to legal restrictions. Don't use if item has P18. Value should not be a generic placeholderGreat Belt Bridge rail accident <related image> DSB IC4 70 at Aarhus H.jpg-
creator's signatureP7457Commons media fileimage of the artist's mark on the work that identifies their workAdam <creator's signature> Duerermonogramm Adam 1507.jpg-
category for files created with programP7861ItemCommons category for files created with that programGIMP <category for files created with program> Category:Created with GIMP-
category for mapsP7867Itemname of the Wikimedia category specifically for maps or plans of this itemCambridge <category for maps> Category:Maps of Cambridge-
content partnership categoryP8252StringWikimedia Commons category for media files contributed by this institutionDigital Public Library of America <content partnership category> contributed by the Digital Public Library of America Category:Media contributed by the Digital Public Library of America-
based on tabular dataP8265Tabular dataCommons tabular data file that a Commons file (or statement) derives from-

Wikidata property about Wikimedia categoriesEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
category's main topicP301Itemprimary topic of the subject Wikimedia categoryCategory:Germany <category's main topic> Germanytopic's main category
Commons categoryP373Stringname of the Wikimedia Commons category containing files related to this item (without the prefix "Category:")Calosoma reticulatum <Commons category> reticulatum Calosoma reticulatum-
topic's main categoryP910Itemmain Wikimedia categorynarratology <topic's main category> Category:Narratologycategory's main topic
category combines topicsP971Itemthis category combines (intersects) these two or more topicsCategory:Dutch politicians <category combines topics> Netherlands-
bodies of water basin categoryP1200Itemthe Wikimedia category associated with the basin of a bodies of waterDanube <bodies of water basin category> Category:Danube basin-
category for people born hereP1464Itemcategory item that groups people born in this placeSaxony <category for people born here> Category:Births in Saxony-
category for people who died hereP1465Itemcategory item for people who died in this locationSouth Africa <category for people who died here> Category:Deaths in South Africa-
category for films shot at this locationP1740Itemthe object is a category for films shot at or in the subjectAmsterdam <category for films shot at this location> Category:Films shot in Amsterdam-
list related to categoryP1753ItemWikimedia list equivalent to a Wikimedia categoryCategory:Geographers <list related to category> list of geographerscategory related to list
category related to listP1754ItemWikimedia category equivalent to a Wikimedia listlist of geographers <category related to list> Category:Geographerslist related to category
category of people buried hereP1791ItemWikimedia category for people with a burial site within this areaSt. Vitus Cathedral <category of people buried here> Category:Burials at St. Vitus Cathedral-
category of associated peopleP1792ItemWikimedia category for people associated with this placeAustralia <category of associated people> Category:Australian people-
category for pictures taken with cameraP2033ItemCommons category for photos taken with that camera model or model lineSony Alpha 550 <category for pictures taken with camera> Category:Taken with Sony DSLR-A550-
category for recipients of this awardP2517Itemlink to Wikimedia category for recipients of this awardNational Hero of Armenia <category for recipients of this award> Category:National Hero of Armenia-
property usage tracking categoryP2875Itemcategory tracking a Wikidata property in sister projects-
category for value different from WikidataP3709Itemitem for categories of pages with template parameter value different from Wikidata-
category for value not in WikidataP3713Itemitem for categories of pages with template parameter value not as property value in Wikidata-
category for value same as WikidataP3734Itemitem for categories of pages with template parameter value same as Wikidata-
category for alumni of educational institutionP3876Itemcategory containing people who studied at this institutionBelarusian National Technical University <category for alumni of educational institution> Category:Belarusian National Technical University alumni-
category for employees of the organizationP4195ItemWikimedia category for people who work or worked at this organizationBelarusian State University <category for employees of the organization> Category:Belarusian State University employees-
category containsP4224Itemcategory contains elements that are instances of this itemCategory:Grade I listed buildings in Bedfordshire <category contains> architectural structure-
category for films in this languageP5996Itemlink to category entity contains films in this languageRussian <category for films in this language> Category:Russian-language films-
category for members of a teamP6112ItemWikimedia category for players playing for a sports teamDenmark national football team <category for members of a team> Category:Denmark international footballers-
category for eponymous categoriesP6186ItemWikimedia category that contains subcategories dedicated to specific instances of the said itemexplorer <category for eponymous categories> Category:Wikipedia categories named after explorers-
related categoryP7084ItemWikimedia category is related to this item-
category for ship nameP7782ItemCommons category for a name of a shipMississippi Queen <category for ship name> Category:Mississippi Queen (ship, 1987)-
category for files created with programP7861ItemCommons category for files created with that programGIMP <category for files created with program> Category:Created with GIMP-
category for mapsP7867Itemname of the Wikimedia category specifically for maps or plans of this itemCambridge <category for maps> Category:Maps of Cambridge-
content partnership categoryP8252StringWikimedia Commons category for media files contributed by this institutionDigital Public Library of America <content partnership category> contributed by the Digital Public Library of America Category:Media contributed by the Digital Public Library of America-

Wikidata property giving Wikimedia listEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
is a list ofP360Itemcommon element between all listed itemslist of Presidents of France <is a list of> humanhas list
has listP2354ItemWikimedia list related to this subjectpresident of the French Republic <has list> list of Presidents of Franceis a list of
appears in the heritage monument listP2817Itemheritage monument is a part of the list of heritage monumentsBasilica of the Assumption <appears in the heritage monument list> list of cultural heritage monuments in Anglona municipality-

Wikidata property about Wikimedia templatesEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
template's main topicP1423Itemprimary topic of the subject template or infoboxTemplate:Syngnathiformes <template's main topic> Syngnathiformestopic's main template
topic's main templateP1424Itemprimary infobox or navigational template of this subjectSyngnathiformes <topic's main template> Template:Syngnathiformestemplate's main topic
corresponding templateP2667Itemthe one-value-template that has the same meaning as this property-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Wikimedia language codeP424Stringidentifier for a language or variant as used by Wikimedia projectsDutch <Wikimedia language code> nl-
topic's main Wikimedia portalP1151ItemWikimedia portal associated with this topicParis <topic's main Wikimedia portal> Portal:ParisWikimedia portal's main topic
Wikimedia portal's main topicP1204Itemprimary topic of this Wikimedia portalPortal:Réunion <Wikimedia portal's main topic> Réuniontopic's main Wikimedia portal
Wikimedia database nameP1800External identifieridentifier for a Wikimedia project databaseEnglish Wikipedia <Wikimedia database name> enwiki-
MediaWiki hooks usedP2377ItemMediaWiki hooks used by this extensionMassMessage <MediaWiki hooks used> ParserFirstCallInit-
Wikidata SPARQL query equivalentP3921StringSPARQL code that returns a set of entities that correspond with this category or list. Include ?itemCategory:Ugandan writers <Wikidata SPARQL query equivalent> wdt:P31 wd:Q5; wdt:P27 wd:Q1036; wdt:P106 wd:Q36180.%0A%20%20SERVICE%20wikibase%3Alabel%20%7B%20bd%3AserviceParam%20wikibase%3Alanguage%20%22%5BAUTO_LANGUAGE%5D%2Cen%2Cde%2Cru%2Cfr%2Ces%2Cit%2Cja%2Czh%22%20%7D%0A%7D%0ALIMIT%20500 ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q5; wdt:P27 wd:Q1036; wdt:P106 wd:Q36180.-
Wikimedia usernameP4174External identifieruser name of a person, across all Wikimedia projects; disclosing others' usernames violates the WMF privacy policy and may result in a block; see Wikidata:Oversight if you want to remove your informationJimmy Wales <Wikimedia username> Jimbo_Wales-
kinship equivalent in SPARQL at WikidataP4316Stringpart of a SPARQL query that lists this type of ?relative of a ?person. Use with relationship properties (except "relative" (P1038)). See instructions for applicable formatfather <kinship equivalent in SPARQL at Wikidata> wdt:P22 ?relative.%0A%20%20%3Fperson%20wdt%3AP31%20wd%3AQ5%20.%20%3Frelative%20wdt%3AP31%20wd%3AQ5%20.%0A%20%20SERVICE%20wikibase%3Alabel%20%7B%20bd%3AserviceParam%20wikibase%3Alanguage%20%22%5BAUTO_LANGUAGE%5D%2Cen%22.%20%7D%0A%7D%0ALIMIT%2010 ?person wdt:P22 ?relative-
Wikimedia template that populates this categoryP4329ItemWikidata propertyCategory:Pages using infobox monument with unknown parameters <Wikimedia template that populates this category> Template:Infobox monument-
Wikimedia import URLP4656URLURL of source to indicate the page or revision of an import source from another Wikimedia project (except actual references, such as Wikisource source texts). Use instead of "reference URL" (P854)-
on focus list of Wikimedia projectP5008Itemproperty to indicate that an item is part of a group of items of particular interest for maintenance, management, or development. Please note: This property does not add notability to items and items should not be created with this property if not otherwiDerek Walcott <on focus list of Wikimedia project> Black Lunch Table-
maintained by WikiProjectP6104ItemWikiProject that maintains this property, item, or linked pages. If the WikiProject is hosted outside of Wikidata, define the scope using the qualifier "of (P642)"university <maintained by WikiProject> WikiProject Higher education-
Wikispore IDP7721External identifierpage on WikisporeWorld AIDS Day 2019 <Wikispore ID> Event:World_AIDS_Day_2019-