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Wikidata property associated with people (Q64830420)

property likely to be challengedEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
sexual orientationP91Itemthe sexual orientation of the person — use IF AND ONLY IF they have stated it themselves, unambiguously, or it has been widely agreed upon by historians after their deathAlbert Verlinde <sexual orientation> homosexuality-
religionP140Itemreligion of a person, organization or religious building, or associated with this subjectNarendra Modi <religion> Hinduism-
ethnic groupP172Itemsubject's ethnicity (consensus is that a VERY high standard of proof is needed for this field to be used. In general this means 1) the subject claims it themself, or 2) it is widely agreed on by scholars, or 3) is fictional and portrayed as such)Karl Marx <ethnic group> Jewish people-
unmarried partnerP451Itemsomeone with whom the person is in a relationship without being married. Use "spouse" (P26) for married couplesSimone de Beauvoir <unmarried partner> Jean-Paul Sartreunmarried partner
medical conditionP1050Itemany state relevant to the health of an organism, including diseases and positive conditionsPetchara Chaowarat <medical condition> spina bifida-
convicted ofP1399Itemcrime a person was convicted ofMark Hofmann <convicted of> murder-
lifestyleP1576Itemtypical way of life of an individual, group, or cultureSadegh Hedayat <lifestyle> vegetarianism-
blood typeP1853Itemblood type of the human or animalAkira Ishida <blood type> O-
massP2067Quantitymass (in colloquial usage also known as weight) of the itemPluto <mass> 13.05 yottagram-
social classificationP3716Itemsocial class as recognized in traditional or state lawSally Hemings <social classification> slave-
preferred pronounP6553Lexemepersonal pronoun(s) this person uses-

Wikidata property for items about people or organisationsEdit

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