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Wikidata property for items about peopleEdit

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Wikidata property for items about organizationsEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
head of governmentP6Itemhead of the executive power of this town, city, municipality, state, country, or other governmental bodyGermany <head of government> Angela Merkel-
head of stateP35Itemofficial with the highest formal authority in a country/stateFrance <head of state> François Hollande-
flag imageP41Commons media fileimage of the item's flagBourbonnais <flag image> Flag of Bourbonnais.svg-
anthemP85Itemsubject's official anthemSoviet Union <anthem> The Internationale-
coat of arms imageP94Commons media fileimage of the item's coat of arms - for the shield part only use P4004Stannis Baratheon <coat of arms image> Coat of Arms of Stannis Baratheon.png-
founded byP112Itemfounder or co-founder of this organization, religion or placeApple Inc. <founded by> Steve Jobs-
airline hubP113Itemairport that serves as a hub for an airlineLufthansa <airline hub> Frankfurt Airport-
airline allianceP114Itemalliance the airline belongs toKorean Air <airline alliance> SkyTeam-
home venueP115Itemhome stadium or venue of a sports team or applicable performing arts organizationManchester United F.C. <home venue> Old Trafford-
leagueP118Itemleague in which team or player plays or has played inBologna F.C. 1909 <league> Serie A-
basic form of governmentP122Itemsubject's governmentAfghanistan <basic form of government> republic-
owned byP127Itemowner of the subjectChoupette <owned by> Karl Lagerfeldowner of
movementP135Itemliterary, artistic, scientific or philosophical movement or scene associated with this person or workMax Horkheimer <movement> Frankfurt School-
logo imageP154Commons media filegraphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and products-
seal imageP158Commons media fileimage of subject's seal (emblem)Alaska <seal image> Alaska-StateSeal.svg-
headquarters locationP159Itemspecific location where an organization's headquarters is or has been situated. Inverse property of "occupant" (P466).Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries <headquarters location> Viennaoccupant
flagP163Itemsubject's flagSlovakia <flag> flag of Slovakia-
chief executive officerP169Itemhighest-ranking corporate officer appointed as the CEO within an organizationGoogle <chief executive officer> Larry Page-
legislative bodyP194Itemlegislative body governing this entity; political institution with elected representatives, such as a parliament/legislature or councilUnited Kingdom <legislative body> Parliament of the United Kingdom-
business divisionP199Itemorganizational divisions of this organization (which are not independent legal entities)Toyota <business division> Lexus-
executive bodyP208Itembranch of government for the daily administration of the stateIsrael <executive body> Cabinet of Israel-
highest judicial authorityP209Itemsupreme judicial body within a country, administrative division, or other organizationCape Verde <highest judicial authority> Supremo Tribunal de Justiça-
ISNIP213External identifierInternational Standard Name Identifier for an identity. Format: 4 blocks of 4 digits separated by a space, first block is 0000Norway <ISNI> 0001 2197 5163 0000 0001 2197 5163-
VIAF IDP214External identifieridentifier for the Virtual International Authority File database [format: up to 22 digits]Stan Lauryssens <VIAF ID> 120062731-
GND IDP227External identifieridentifier from an international authority file of names, subjects, and organizations (please don't use type n = name, disambiguation) - Deutsche Nationalbibliothekuniverse <GND ID> 4079154-3-
IATA airline designatorP229Stringtwo-character identifier for an airlineMalaysia Airlines <IATA airline designator> MH-
ICAO airline designatorP230Stringthree letter identifier for an airline (two letters only until 1982) (for airports, see P239)Korean Air <ICAO airline designator> KAL-
coat of armsP237Itemsubject's coat of armsLiechtenstein <coat of arms> Coat of arms of Liechtenstein-
military branchP241Itembranch to which this military unit, award, office, or person belongs, e.g. Royal NavyPrince Harry, Duke of Sussex <military branch> British Army-
Library of Congress authority IDP244External identifierLibrary of Congress identifier for persons, organizations, events, places, titles, and subject headings [Format: 1-2 specific letters followed by 8-10 digits (see regex). For manifestations of works, use P1144]Vincent van Gogh <Library of Congress authority ID> n79022935-
ULAN IDP245External identifieridentifier from the Getty Union List of Artist NamesVincent van Gogh <ULAN ID> 500115588-
ticker symbolP249Stringidentifier for a publicly traded share of a particular stock on a particular stock market or that of a cryptocurrencyMicrosoft <ticker symbol> MSFT-
record labelP264Itembrand and trademark associated with the marketing of subject music recordings and music videosA Night at the Opera <record label> EMI-
head coachP286Itemon-field manager or head coach of a sports club (not to be confused with a general manager P505, which is not a coaching position) or personMontreal Canadiens <head coach> Michel Therrien-
subsidiaryP355Itemsubsidiary of a company or organization, opposite of parent organization (P749)The Walt Disney Company <subsidiary> Walt Disney Studios Motion Picturesparent organization
SBN author IDP396External identifieridentifier issued by National Library Service (SBN) of ItalyPetrarch <SBN author ID> IT\ICCU\CFIV\017574-
military rankP410Itemmilitary rank achieved by a person (should usually have a "start time" qualifier), or military rank associated with a positionGuillaume Henri Dufour <military rank> General-
stock exchangeP414Itemexchange on which this company is tradedBerkshire Hathaway <stock exchange> New York Stock Exchange-
seal descriptionP418Itemdescription of a subject's sealUnited States of America <seal description> Great Seal of the United States-
callsign of airlineP432External identifieridentifier used in radio transmissions to refer to the subject airlineWhite Airways <callsign of airline> WHITE JET-
industryP452Itemindustry of company or organizationRed Hat <industry> software industry-
foundational textP457Itemtext through which an institution or object has been created or establishedCanada <foundational text> Constitution Act, 1867-
archives atP485Itemthe institution holding the subject's archivesJohann Sebastian Bach <archives at> Bach-Archiv Leipzig-
chairpersonP488Itempresiding member of an organization, group or bodyUnited Nations <chairperson> António Guterres-
general managerP505Itemgeneral manager of a sports team. If they are also an on-field manager use P286 insteadMontreal Canadiens <general manager> Marc Bergevin-
armamentP520Itemequippable weapon item for the subjectF/A-18 Super Hornet <armament> AIM-120 AMRAAM-
diplomatic relationP530Itemdiplomatic relations of the countryUnited States of America <diplomatic relation> People's Republic of China-
MuseofileP539External identifieridentifer for a museum in the Museofile database of the French ministry of cultureLouvre Museum <Museofile> M5031-
website account onP553Itemwebsite that the person or organization has an account on (use with P554) Note: only used with reliable source or if the person or organization disclosed it.Maria Böhmer <website account on> Werkenntwen-
NATO reporting nameP561Stringofficial reporting name assigned by the ASCC for NATO useMiG-21 <NATO reporting name> Fishbed-
inceptionP571Point in timedate or point in time when the subject came into existence as definedSociety of Jesus <inception> 1539-
dissolved, abolished or demolishedP576Point in timepoint in time at which the subject (organisation, building) ceased to exist; see "date of official closure" (P3999) for closing a facility, "service retirement" (P730) for retiring equipment, "discontinued date" (P2669) for stopping a productTeam Bath F.C. <dissolved, abolished or demolished> 2009inception
commander of (DEPRECATED)P598Itemfor persons who are notable as commanding officers, the units they commandedJean de Lattre de Tassigny <commander of (DEPRECATED)> French Far East Expeditionary Corpscommanded by
conflictP607Itembattles, wars or other military engagements in which the person or item participatedMichel Ney <conflict> Battle of Borodino-
guidance systemP624Itemguidance system of a missileAIM-9 Sidewinder <guidance system> infrared homing-
captainP634Itemcaptain of this sports teamLondon Knights <captain> Scott Harrington-
sportP641Itemsport in which the subject participates or belongs toGediminas Grinius <sport> ultra-trail-
NKCR AUT IDP691External identifieridentifier in the Czech National Authority Database (National Library of Czech Republic)Václav Klaus <NKCR AUT ID> jn19990218045-
participantP710Itemperson, group of people or organization (object) that actively takes/took part in an event or process (subject). Preferably qualify with "object has role" (P3831). Use P1923 for participants that are teams.Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen <participant> Saudi Arabiaparticipant in
ammunitionP739Itemcartridge or other ammunition used by the subject firearmG3 <ammunition> 7.62×51mm NATO-
location of formationP740Itemlocation where a group or organization was formedThe Beatles <location of formation> Liverpool-
Low German Bibliography and Biography IDP745External identifieridentifierGorch Fock <Low German Bibliography and Biography ID> [personUid=713&tx_inspbub_pi1[action]=show&tx_inspbub_pi1[controller]=Person 713]-
parent organizationP749Itemparent organization of an organization, opposite of subsidiaries (P355)Airbus basic <parent organization> Airbus Groupsubsidiary
ISILP791External identifieridentifier for a library or related organizationLibrary of Congress <ISIL> US-DLC-
authorityP797Itementity having executive power on given entityCatholic Church <authority> Holy See-
military designationP798Stringofficially assigned designation for a vehicle in military serviceCommander 500 family <military designation> U-9-
separated fromP807Itemsubject was founded or started by separating from identified objectPresbyterian Church in America <separated from> Presbyterian Church in the United States-
mascotP822Itemmascot of an organization, e.g. a sports team or universityCarnegie Mellon University <mascot> Scotty-
parent clubP831Itemparent club of this teamRochester Red Wings <parent club> Minnesota Twins-
United States Navy aircraft designationP847Stringidentifier for an aircraft of the United States NavyS-2 Tracker <United States Navy aircraft designation> S2F-
Japanese military aircraft designationP849External identifieridentifier for an aircraft per the Japanese militaryDouglas DC-3 <Japanese military aircraft designation> L2D-
official websiteP856URLURL of the official homepage of an item (current or former) [if the homepage changes, add an additional statement with preferred rank. Do not remove the former URL]Facebook <official website>
sponsorP859Itemorganization or individual that sponsors this itemKílian Jornet Burgada <sponsor> Salomon Group-
Operational Requirement of the UK Air MinistryP862External identifierspecification for future military aircraft by the UK Air MinistrySupermarine Spitfire <Operational Requirement of the UK Air Ministry> OR.92-
GRAU indexP917External identifierindex of Russian (and Soviet) weapons and rocketsVostok-K <GRAU index> 8К72К-
MusicBrainz label IDP966External identifieridentifier for a label in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopediaJamendo <MusicBrainz label ID> c80d3a32-73d9-4c2a-b591-115edd0fa65b-
IOC country codeP984External identifierthree-letter abbreviation country code by the International Olympic CommitteeAmerican Samoa <IOC country code> ASA-
DMOZ IDP998External identifiercategory path at Open Directory ProjectAfrica <DMOZ ID> Regional/Africa/-
applies to jurisdictionP1001Itemthe item (an institution, law, public office ...) or statement belongs to or has power over or applies to the value (a territorial jurisdiction: a country, state, municipality, ...)European Central Bank <applies to jurisdiction> Eurozone-
National Library of Romania IDP1003External identifieridentifier for authority control used at the National Library of RomaniaGeorge Enescu <National Library of Romania ID> 000331371-
Lattes Platform numberP1007External identifiernumber for the Lattes Platform entry on the person or group. Relationship between entry and subject must be supported by a sourceÂngelo da Cunha Pinto <Lattes Platform number> 0061106995455595-
KldB-2010 occupation codeP1021External identifierGerman classification of occupations 2010truck driver <KldB-2010 occupation code> 117742-
SBC-2010 occupation codeP1023External identifierDutch classification of occupations SBC maintained by the Dutch CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek), 2010 version-
SBFI occupation codeP1024External identifierSwiss classification of occupations SBFI/SEFRI maintained by the Swiss SBFI/SEFRIbookseller <SBFI occupation code> 70511-
conferred byP1027Itemperson or organization who awards a prize to or bestows an honor upon a recipientOrder of Franz Joseph <conferred by> Emperor of Austria-
director / managerP1037Itemperson who manages any kind of groupLouvre Museum <director / manager> Jean-Luc Martinez-
IDEO Job IDP1043External identifieridentifier for an occupation on IDEOcashier <IDEO Job ID> 10070-
CVR numberP1059External identifierunique identifier for a business in Denmark's Central Business Register (CVR), the official database of Danish businesses.Wikimedia Denmark <CVR number> 41380551-
Statistics Denmarks classification of occupation (DISCO-08)P1069External identifierStatistics Denmarks classification of occupation, derived from ISCOpharmacist <Statistics Denmarks classification of occupation (DISCO-08)> 226200-
employeesP1128Quantitytotal number of employees of a company at a given point in timeŠkoda Auto <employees> 25452-
Scopus Affiliation IDP1155External identifieridentifier for an organisation in author affiliations per ScopusUniversity of Sydney <Scopus Affiliation ID> 60025709-
USB vendor IDP1167External identifierhexadecimal identifier of a manufacturer of a USB deviceSony <USB vendor ID> 054c-
Swedish Football Association player IDP1238External identifieridentifier for a Swedish association football (soccer) player's page at, the official website of the Swedish Football Association (in Swedish: Svenska Fotbollförbundet; SvFF)Zlatan Ibrahimović <Swedish Football Association player ID> 473352-
ISFDB publisher IDP1239External identifieridentifier for a publisher in the Internet Speculative Fiction DatabaseAce Books <ISFDB publisher ID> 37-
Swiss Football Association club numberP1241External identifieridentifierFC Aarau <Swiss Football Association club number> 1001-
HelveticArchives IDP1255External identifieridentifier in the Swiss National Library's archive databaseAlice Rivaz <HelveticArchives ID> 165123-
Dictionnaire du Jura IDP1276External identifieridentifier in the encyclopedia Dictionnaire du JuraPhilippe Robert <Dictionnaire du Jura ID> 3822-
Legal Entity IdentifierP1278External identifieridentifier for a legally distinct entity per ISO 17442Microsoft <Legal Entity Identifier> INR2EJN1ERAN0W5ZP974-
CONOR IDP1280External identifieridentifier in the National and University Library, Ljubljana databaseFrance Prešeren <CONOR ID> 954467-
Munzinger person IDP1284External identifieridentifier on the Munzinger ArchivJean-Christophe Ammann <Munzinger person ID> 00000027787-
Munzinger Sport numberP1285External identifieridentifer on the Munzinger ArchivErich Buck <Munzinger Sport number> 01000001849-
Munzinger Pop IDP1286External identifieridentifier on the Munzinger ArchivVan Morrison <Munzinger Pop ID> 02000000503-
IRS Employer Identification NumberP1297External identifiernumber given to businesses by the United States Internal Revenue ServiceGoogle <IRS Employer Identification Number> 77-0493581-
central bankP1304Itemcountry's central bankCanada <central bank> Bank of Canada-
officeholderP1308Itempersons who hold and/or held an office or noble titleUnited Nations Secretary-General <officeholder> António Guterresposition held
office held by head of governmentP1313Itempolitical office that is fulfilled by the head of the government of this itemUnited Kingdom <office held by head of government> Prime Minister of the United Kingdom-
OpenCorporates IDP1320External identifieridentifier for a corporation, in the OpenCorporates databaseGoldman Sachs <OpenCorporates ID> us_de/2923466-
territory claimed byP1336Itemadministrative divisions that claim control of a given areaSenkaku Islands <territory claimed by> Toucheng-
number of seatsP1342Quantitynumber of seats/members in an assembly (legislative house or similar)United States Senate <number of seats> 100-
participant inP1344Itemevent in which a person or organization was/is a participant; inverse of P710 or P1923Alberto Tomba <participant in> Alpine skiing at the 1992 Winter Olympicsparticipant
number of matches played/races/startsP1350Quantitymatches or games a player or a team played during an event. Also a total number of matches a player officially appeared in during the whole career.Stade Toulousain <number of matches played/races/starts> 877423-
number of points/goals/set scoredP1351Quantitygoals / points scored in a match or an event used as qualifier to the participant. Use P1358 for league points.-
rankingP1352Quantitysubject's numbered position within a competition or group of performersXu Xin <ranking> 2014-
number of winsP1355Quantitynumber of sporting matches, games or events won2014 FIFA World Cup Group A <number of wins> 3-
number of lossesP1356Quantitynumber of sporting matches, games or events lost2014 FIFA World Cup Group A <number of losses> 0-
number of draws/tiesP1357Quantitynumber of matches or games drawn or tied in a league or an event2014 FIFA World Cup Group A <number of draws/ties> 1-
points forP1358Quantitynumber of points in a league table or decathlon. (Use P1351 for goals/points in a match)-
number of points/goals concededP1359Quantitypoints conceded or goals against (use in league table items)2014 FIFA World Cup Group A <number of points/goals conceded> 3-
Japanese High School CodeP1386External identifieridentifier for a high school in JapanIno Business High School <Japanese High School Code> 39119A-
political alignmentP1387Itempolitical position within the political spectrumLeft, Ecology and Freedom <political alignment> left-wing-
licensed to broadcast toP1408Itemplace that a radio/TV station is licensed/required to broadcast toWNBC <licensed to broadcast to> New York City-
number of representatives in an organization/legislature or won in electionsP1410Quantitynumber of seats a political party, faction, or group has in a given legislature or won in electionsBharatiya Janata Party <number of representatives in an organization/legislature or won in elections> 117-
collection or exhibition sizeP1436Quantitynumber of items in a collection or exhibitionMaksim Bahdanovič Literary Museum <collection or exhibition size> 16946-
nicknameP1449Monolingual textinformal name (for a pseudonym use P742)California <nickname> The Golden State(en)-
legal formP1454Itemlegal form of an organizationHaribo <legal form> GmbH & Co. KG-
standards bodyP1462Itemorganisation that published or maintains the standard governing an itemHyperText Markup Language <standards body> World Wide Web Consortium-
Stack Exchange tagP1482URLtag on the Stack Exchange websitesPHP <Stack Exchange tag>
Art UK venue IDP1602External identifierauthority control identifier for venues housing art, in the UKRoyal Birmingham Society of Artists <Art UK venue ID> royal-birmingham-society-of-artists-4793-
IRC channelP1613URLofficial IRC channel of an institution or project-
SIREN numberP1616External identifieridentifer for an organization in the SIRENE register maintained by INSEELyon <SIREN number> 216901231-
curatorP1640Itemcontent specialist responsible for this collection or exhibition4. documenta <curator> Arnold Bode-
British Museum person or institution IDP1711External identifieridentifier for a person or institution in the British Museum person-institution thesaurusRembrandt <British Museum person or institution ID> 43386-
Metacritic IDP1712External identifieridentifier for MetacriticThe Godfather <Metacritic ID> movie/the-godfather-
Parlement & Politiek IDP1749External identifierentry of described object on Parlement & Politiek, website describing Dutch politicsMark Rutte <Parlement & Politiek ID> vg9fgoprkxw3-
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System IDP1771External identifieridentifier for colleges and universities in the United StatesValparaiso University <Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System ID> 152600-
chief operating officerP1789Itemthe chief operating officer of an organizationFacebook, Inc. <chief operating officer> Sheryl Sandberg-
Smithsonian American Art Museum person/institution IDP1795External identifieridentifier for a person or institution, in the Smithsonian American Art Museum: person/institution thesaurusAllan D'Arcangelo <Smithsonian American Art Museum person/institution ID> 1121-
International Standard Industrial Classification code Rev.4P1796Stringcode of industry by ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities)aerospace industry <International Standard Industrial Classification code Rev.4> 3030-
Name Assigning Authority NumberP1870External identifieridentifier in the Archival Resource Key registryUniversity of Chicago <Name Assigning Authority Number> 61001-
CERL Thesaurus IDP1871External identifieridentifier in the Consortium of European Research Libraries ThesaurusSimone da Lesina Simonetta <CERL Thesaurus ID> cnp00166993-
BALaT person/organisation idP1901External identifieridentifier for person or organisation in the People & Institutions database of Belgian Art Links & Tools (BALaT), maintained by KIK-IRPA, Belgium's Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage.Peter Paul Rubens <BALaT person/organisation id> 364-
office held by head of stateP1906Itempolitical office that is fulfilled by the head of state of this itemIsrael <office held by head of state> President of Israel-
Ministry of Education of Chile school IDP1919External identifierID number (Rol Base de Datos, RBD, in Spanish, meaning database role) of all schools (high, middle, primary) in Chile, as registered by the Ministry of Education of ChileColegio de la Preciosa Sangre <Ministry of Education of Chile school ID> 2656-
participating teamP1923ItemLike 'Participant' (P710) but for teams. For an event like a cycle race or a football match you can use this property to list the teams and P710 to list the individuals (with 'member of sports team' (P54) as a qualifier for the individuals)2014 FIFA World Cup Final <participating team> Argentina national football team-
UN/LOCODEP1937External identifiergeographic location code mantained by UNECEGenoa <UN/LOCODE> ITGOA-
Encyclopaedia Metallum band IDP1952External identifieridentifier for a band in the Encyclopaedia Metallum databaseBlack Sabbath <Encyclopaedia Metallum band ID> 99-
Discogs label IDP1955External identifieridentifier for a record label, studio or series in the Discogs databaseHarvest <Discogs label ID> 2564-
Google Scholar author IDP1960External identifieridentifier of a person, in the Google Scholar academic search serviceKlara Nahrstedt <Google Scholar author ID> CUO0vDcAAAAJ-
CTHS society IDP1961External identifieridentifier of Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiquesAcadémie Française <CTHS society ID> 2789-
Anime News Network company IDP1983External identifieridentifier of a company on Anime News NetworkMC Entertainment <Anime News Network company ID> 3625-
Facebook Places IDP1997External identifieridentifier for a place in FacebookSchlatkow <Facebook Places ID> 115498741794980-
UCI codeP1998Stringcode uniquely identifying a cycling teamSport Vlaanderen-Baloise <UCI code> TSV-
Twitter usernameP2002External identifierthis item's username on Twitter; do not include the “@” symbolNASA <Twitter username> NASA-
Instagram usernameP2003External identifieritem's username on InstagramNASA <Instagram username> nasa-
Cooper-Hewitt Person IDP2011External identifieridentifier for a person or organization in the Cooper-Hewitt (Smithsonian Institution) catalogueSarah Cooper Hewitt <Cooper-Hewitt Person ID> 18049321-
cuisineP2012Itemtype of food served by a restaurant or restaurant chainHindoostane Coffee House <cuisine> Indian cuisine-
Facebook IDP2013External identifierofficial identifier for a person, product or organization in Facebook - everything after Thompson <Facebook ID> billt-
GitHub usernameP2037External identifierusername of this project, person or organization on GitHubMichael Niedermayer <GitHub username> michaelni-
National Gallery of Victoria artist IDP2041External identifieridentifier assigned to an artist by the National Gallery of Victoria in AustraliaAnsel Adams <National Gallery of Victoria artist ID> 2372-
M.49 codeP2082External identifierUnited Nations M.49 code for the subject itemSouth America <M.49 code> 005-
Crunchbase organization IDP2088External identifierIdentifier for an organization, in the Crunchbase database of companies and start-ups, operated by Oath TechFacebook <Crunchbase organization ID> facebook-
substitute/deputy/replacement of office/officeholderP2098Itemfunction that serves as deputy/replacement of this function/office (scope/conditions vary depending on office)Governor of the United States Virgin Islands <substitute/deputy/replacement of office/officeholder> Lieutenant Governor of the United States Virgin Islands-
size of team at startP2103Quantitynumber of players/sled dogs/etc. in a team at the start of a match or raceIditarod Trail Sled Dog Race <size of team at start> 16 sled dog-
size of team at finishP2105Quantitynumber of players/sled dogs/etc. in a team at the end of the race or matchIditarod Trail Sled Dog Race <size of team at finish> 8 sled dog-
member countP2124Quantitynumber of people who are part of an organization at a particular timeNational Coalition Party <member count> 40000-
total debtP2133Quantityamount of debt for a company, organization or public entity-
total equityP2137Quantityamount of equity value for an entity-
total revenueP2139Quantityincome gained by an organization during a given time frame. not to be confused with fiscal revenueMondial Relay <total revenue> 190000000 euro-
SIGIC group IDP2165External identifierSIGIC - Slovenian Music Information Center (property for music group)Slovenski oktet <SIGIC group ID> 482-
SIGIC institution IDP2166External identifierSIGIC - Slovenian Music Information Center (property for institution)Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra <SIGIC institution ID> 1-
UNSPSC CodeP2167External identifieridentifier for taxonomy of products and services for use in eCommerceambulance <UNSPSC Code> 25101703-
Museum of Modern Art artist IDP2174External identifieridentifier assigned to an artist by the Museum of Modern ArtAntonio M. Ruíz <Museum of Modern Art artist ID> 5078-
BiblioNet publisher IDP2189External identifieridentifier in the BiblioNet database of publishersKedros <BiblioNet publisher ID> 21-
students countP2196Quantitynumber of students of any type in an educational organizationJagiellonian University <students count> 51601-
official symbolP2238Itemofficial symbol of administrative entitiesUtah <official symbol> Rocky Mountain elk-
National Gallery of Art artist IDP2252External identifieridentifier assigned to an artist by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DCGerrit Dou <National Gallery of Art artist ID> 1239-
DfE URNP2253External identifierDepartment for Education Unique Reference Number; school identifier used by the UK governmentOld Palace of John Whitgift School <DfE URN> 101846-
PolitiFact people and groups IDP2267External identifierperson or group whose statements have been fact checked by PolitiFact.comBarack Obama <PolitiFact people and groups ID> barack-obama-
Swedish Olympic Committee athlete IDP2323External identifierentry in the bibliographic database of the Swedish Olympic Committee (Swedish: Sveriges Olympiska Kommitté, SOK)Anna Lindberg <Swedish Olympic Committee athlete ID> a/anna-lindberg-
ProCyclingStats team IDP2328External identifierAG2R La Mondiale 2015 <ProCyclingStats team ID> ag2r-la-mondiale-2015-
Cycling Archives team IDP2331External identifieridentifier in the Cycling ArchivesTopsport Vlaanderen-Baloise 2015 <Cycling Archives team ID> 22764-
Norwegian organisation numberP2333External identifierorganisation's purely numerical identifier in the Norwegian "Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities"Wikimedia Norge <Norwegian organisation number> 993101583-
Swedish Film Database company IDP2335External identifiercompany identifier in the Swedish Film Database (SFDb)Anagram Produktion <Swedish Film Database company ID> 348624-
Swedish Film Database group IDP2337External identifiergroup identifier in the Swedish Film Database (SFDb)ABBA <Swedish Film Database group ID> 173225-
AGORHA person/institution IDP2342External identifieridentifier for a person or institution in the Agorha database (INHA)Claude Monet <AGORHA person/institution ID> 112086-
office held by head of the organizationP2388Itemposition of the head of this itemSupreme Court of the United States <office held by head of the organization> Chief Justice of the United Statesorganization directed by the office or person
organization directed by the office or personP2389Itemorganization which is directed by this officeChief Justice of the United States <organization directed by the office or person> Supreme Court of the United Statesoffice held by head of the organization
OKPO IDP2391External identifieridentifier for a company, in the Russian National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO) databaseGazprom <OKPO ID> 00040778-
teaching methodP2392Itemteaching method adopted by an educational institutionSecundaria #70 <teaching method> Montessori education-
YouTube channel IDP2397External identifierID of the YouTube channel of a person or organisation (not to be confused with the name of the channel)Jordan Jansen <YouTube channel ID> UCDLPyCCDRSxQd1OtBkup-Bw-
GRID IDP2427External identifierinstitutional identifier from the global research identifier database-
J. Paul Getty Museum artist idP2432External identifieridentifier assigned to an artist by the J. Paul Getty MuseumThéodore Géricault <J. Paul Getty Museum artist id> 493-
Turkish Football Federation player IDP2448External identifieridentifier for a player in the Turkish Football Federation's databaseArda Turan <Turkish Football Federation player ID> 664036-
Turkish Football Federation coach IDP2449External identifieridentifier for a coach or manager in the Turkish Football Federation's databaseFatih Terim <Turkish Football Federation coach ID> 1063339- organisation IDP2463External identifieridentifier for an organization in the database of science, education, and government organisations in RussiaSiberian State Industrial University < organisation ID> 915-
ACMA Radiocommunications Client NumberP2472External identifieridentifier of an organisation or person who holds a radiocommunications licence within AustraliaDepartment of Defence <ACMA Radiocommunications Client Number> 1138015-
HNI person/institution IDP2476External identifieridentifier for a person or organization in the database of Het Nieuwe InstituutRem Koolhaas <HNI person/institution ID> 43397abb-0a7f-5fd7-b5af-995192519b19-
NCES District IDP2483External identifieridentifier for a school district or education agency in the United StatesLos Angeles Unified School District <NCES District ID> 0622710-
NCES School IDP2484External identifieridentifier for a school in the United StatesGrafton High School <NCES School ID> 550561002248-
FMD brand IDP2486External identifierexternal link to a brand's profile at the FMD (Fashion Model Directory) websiteArmani <FMD brand ID> giorgio-armani-
victoryP2522Itemcompetition or event won by the subjectVerandas Willems 2015 <victory> 2015 Internationale Wielertrofee Jong Maar Moedigwinner
SEED numberP2524External identifieridentifier for a school in Scotland, in the Scottish Government's SEED databaseCraigmount High School <SEED number> 5532132-
operating areaP2541Itemarea this organisation operates in, serves or has responsibility forLondon Fire Brigade <operating area> Greater London- IDP2558External identifierunique identifier of Uruguayan authors and artistic, scientific or literary worksMario Benedetti < ID> 485-
hashtagP2572Stringhashtag associated with this entity. Format: do not include the "#" symbolBlack Lives Matter <hashtag> BlackLivesMatter-
Latvian Olympic Committee athlete IDP2593External identifieridentifier of a person in the database of the Latvian Olympic Committee (Latvian: Latvijas Olimpiskā Komiteja, LOK)Martins Dukurs <Latvian Olympic Committee athlete ID> martins-dukurs-502-
Hungarian company IDP2619External identifieridentifier for a company in the company register of HungaryMagyar Telekom <Hungarian company ID> 01-10-041928-
Companies House IDP2622External identifiernumeric identifier for company registered with Companies House in the United KingdomAardman Animations <Companies House ID> 02050843-
ISO 9362 SWIFT/BIC codeP2627External identifierIdentifier ISO 9362 SWIFT/BIC codeDeutsche Bank <ISO 9362 SWIFT/BIC code> DEUTDEFF-
German tax authority IDP2628External identifiernumerical identifier for a local German tax office; forms part of the Steuernummer, assigned to individual taxpayers by that authorityFinanzamt Trier <German tax authority ID> 2742-
Filmportal IDP2639External identifieridentifier of the German Filmportal.deThe Most Beautiful Day <Filmportal ID> fa85c5fe1b0349d0b47cfd6bc21b8d97-
Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher EducationP2643Itemclassification of colleges and universities in the United StatesSouth Dakota School of Mines and Technology <Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education> engineering school-
interested inP2650Itemitem of special or vested interest to this person or organisationEuropean Holocaust Research Infrastructure <interested in> The Holocaust-
CRICOS Provider CodeP2651External identifierunique identifier for Australian education providers assigned by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)Monash University <CRICOS Provider Code> 00008C-
partnership withP2652Itemcommercial partnership between this organization and another organization or institutionWest London Waste Authority <partnership with> London Borough of Ealing-
Estyn IDP2655External identifieridentifier for a school in Wales, in the Welsh Assembly's Estyn databaseRadyr Comprehensive School <Estyn ID> 6814070-
EU Transparency Register IDP2657External identifieridentity code for an organisation, in the transparency register of the European UnionYoung Pirates of Europe <EU Transparency Register ID> 697519611807-33-
ResearchGate institute IDP2740External identifieridentifier of an institute in ResearchGateNASA <ResearchGate institute ID> NASA-
source of incomeP2770Itemsource of income of an organization or personWikimedia Foundation <source of income> donation-
D-U-N-S numberP2771External identifierunique company identifier from Dun & BradstreetLangley Holdings <D-U-N-S number> 548160290- client IDP2782External identifieridentifier of a client in models.comH&M < client ID> hm-
house publicationP2813Itemmedia that speaks for an organization or a movement, and that is usually edited by its membersCommunist Party of Réunion <house publication> Témoignages-
P-numberP2814External identifierP-number identifier from the Danish company register for linking physical sites to an organizationCourt of Lyngby <P-number> 1003389328-
Royal Belgian Football Association player IDP2823External identifieridentifier for a player, on the official Belgian football federation websiteDaniel Van Buyten <Royal Belgian Football Association player ID> PH_2477-
corporate officerP2828Itemperson who holds a specific positionESPN <corporate officer> Chuck Pagano-
Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System designationP2832External identifierunclassified designator for United States military electronic equipmentAN/MPQ-64 Sentinel <Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System designation> AN/MPQ-64-
Google+ IDP2847External identifierGoogle Plus, account identifier of this person or organization: either starting with a "+" or consisting of 21 digitsUbuntu <Google+ ID> +Ubuntu-
Skype usernameP2893Stringusername on the Skype instant messaging serviceAndrea James <Skype username> [skype:%5Bskype%3Aandreajeanjames%20andreajeanjames%5D [skype:andreajeanjames andreajeanjames]]-
Beer Advocate brewery IDP2904External identifieridentifier for a brewery, in the Beer Advocate databaseBrouwerij De Molen <Beer Advocate brewery ID> 11031-
RateBeer brewery IDP2905External identifieridentifier for a brewery, in the RateBeer databaseBrouwerij De Molen <RateBeer brewery ID> brouwerij-de-molen/4448-
CageMatch tag team IDP2939External identifieridentifier for a professional wrestling tag team at www.cagematch.netThe Vaudevillains <CageMatch tag team ID> 5383-
Dailymotion channel IDP2942External identifieridentifier of the Dailymotion channel of a person, or organizationUnion of Democrats and Independents <Dailymotion channel ID> TV-udi-
British Book Trade Index IDP2945External identifieridentifier for an individual or business entity listed in the University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries' British Book Trade Index databaseWynkyn de Worde <British Book Trade Index ID> 78064-
Transferred Account Data Interchange Group CodeP2954External identifierT-Mobile Deutschland <Transferred Account Data Interchange Group Code> DEUD1-
National Library of Wales Authority IDP2966External identifieridentifier of persons, corporate entities and families in the National Library of Wales Archives and Manuscripts databaseDylan Thomas <National Library of Wales Authority ID> thomas-dylan-1914-2-
UNDP country codeP2983External identifiercountry code by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)Austria <UNDP country code> AUS-
Snapchat usernameP2984External identifierthis item's username on SnapchatArnold Schwarzenegger <Snapchat username> arnoldschnitzel-
Untappd brewery IDP3002External identifiernumerical identifier for a brewery, in the Untappd databaseBrouwerij De Molen <Untappd brewery ID> 3367-
French national research structure identifierP3016External identifieridentifier in the French national research structure repertoryLaboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble <French national research structure identifier> 200711886U-
UK National Archives IDP3029External identifieridentifier for a person, family or organisation, in the UK's National Archives databaseCharles Babbage <UK National Archives ID> F44040-
ISBN publisher prefixP3035External identifierpart of an ISBN(-13) specific to a publisherScottish Academic Press <ISBN publisher prefix> 978-0-7073-
SoundCloud IDP3040External identifieridentifier for a person, band, radio station or other entity, on SoundCloudLeona Lewis <SoundCloud ID> leonalewis-
CageMatch wrestling stable IDP3042External identifieridentifier for a professional wrestling stable at CageMatch.netThe Shield <CageMatch wrestling stable ID> 1254-
College Football HoF IDP3044External identifieridentifier for American football players in the College Football Hall of FameEarl Abell <College Football HoF ID> 1268-
Scottish Football Association player IDP3049External identifieridentifier of a player in the records of the Scottish Football AssociationKenny Dalglish <Scottish Football Association player ID> 113766-
Charity Commission no.P3057External identifierofficial number of a charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and WalesRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds <Charity Commission no.> 207076-
Basisregistratie Instellingen numberP3061External identifierregister number, issued by the Dutch ministry of Education, given to schoolsBarlaeus Gymnasium <Basisregistratie Instellingen number> 21AB-
GLAM IdentifierP3066External identifierunique identifier for heritage institutions as they have been used in the context of the OpenGLAM Benchmark SurveySwiss National Library <GLAM Identifier> CH-000221-
WIPO ST.3P3068External identifierWorld Intellectual Property Organization standard for the two-letter codes of countries and certain organizationsEuropean Patent Office <WIPO ST.3> EP-
UN document symbolP3069External identifierunique number assigned to United Nations documentsUnited Nations Security Council Resolution 392 <UN document symbol> S/RES/392(1976)-
official religionP3075Itemofficial religion in this administrative entityIran <official religion> Shia Islam-
fiscal/tax revenueP3087Quantityfiscal revenue of a public entityKramfors Municipality <fiscal/tax revenue> 811861000 Swedish krona-
ISzDb company IDP3115External identifieridentifier of a company in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database)InterCom <ISzDb company ID> 66-
EDRPOU codeP3125External identifierUkrainian state registry legal entity identifierNaftogaz <EDRPOU code> 20077720-
NSZL name authority IDP3133External identifierID of a person or organisation in the "Integral Information System of the National Library" (NEKTÁR) in HungaryAntal Szerb <NSZL name authority ID> 114-
Findsmiley IDP3152External identifieridentifier for Danish companies serving foodNoma <Findsmiley ID> 113807-
Crossref funder IDP3153External identifieridentifier for an organisation that funds research, in the Crossref registryNatural History Museum <Crossref funder ID> 501100000831-
Scottish Charity numberP3163External identifierofficial number of a charity registered with the Scottish Charity RegulatorRoyal Zoological Society of Scotland <Scottish Charity number> SC004064-
Visual Novel Database IDP3180External identifieridentifier at the Visual Novel DatabaseDo You Like Horny Bunnies? <Visual Novel Database ID> v133-
VK usernameP3185External identifieridentifier for a person or organization in VKontakteNational University “Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine” <VK username> nlu_edu_ua-
GS1 Manufacturer codeP3193External identifiercodes for a company or organisation, used in GS1 barcodes (note UPC prefixes are GS1 prefixes that start with "0", without the leading "0")Google <GS1 Manufacturer code> 08653210001-
charity number (Isle of Man)P3199External identifierCharity number of a charity or charitable organisation registered on the Isle of ManMacmillan Cancer Support <charity number (Isle of Man)> 604-
Northern Ireland charity numberP3200External identifierofficial number of a charity registered with the Charity Commission for Northern IrelandUlster Wildlife Trust <Northern Ireland charity number> 101848- organisation IDP3206External identifieridentifier of an organization on the French national open-data platform data.gouv.frOrléans Métropole < organisation ID> 57ed2fe9c751df236179df72-
Vine user IDP3207External identifierID of the Vine account of a person or organisationJack Dorsey <Vine user ID> 76-
SIRET numberP3215External identifiernumber of a French establishment or companyWikimedia France <SIRET number> 48179646400024-
KvK company IDP3220External identifieridentifier of a company in the Dutch KvK Business RegisterWikimedia Netherlands <KvK company ID> 17189036-
NAICS codeP3224External identifierclassification in the North American Industry Classification Systemrecording studio <NAICS code> 512240-
Corporate Number (Japan)P3225External identifieridentifier assigned to companies and other organizations by the National Tax Agency of JapanToho Cinemas <Corporate Number (Japan)> 8010001087623-
Library of Congress Cultural Heritage OrganizationsP3234External identifiera system of classification for Cultural Heritage Organizations developed by the Library of CongressApple Inc. <Library of Congress Cultural Heritage Organizations> ccupaci-
SIC codeP3242External identifierU.S. Standard Industrial Classification numbercoal mine <SIC code> 05-
LiveJournal IDP3258External identifierusername of a person or organisation, on LiveJournalEdward Opp <LiveJournal ID> edopp-
Myspace IDP3265External identifieridentifier for a person or organisation, at MyspaceBlood Raw <Myspace ID> bloodraw-
Flickr user IDP3267External identifieridentifier for a person or organisation, with an account at FlickrIan Emes <Flickr user ID> 47978897@N06-
PORT organization URLP3268URLURL of an organization (venue, band, etc.) in the PORT-network database-
Actorenregister IDP3273External identifierunique identifier in the Dutch Actorenregister databaseVan Gogh Museum <Actorenregister ID> ecf1864e-3c37-45c6-a239-474452fcaa86-
Angel List IDP3276External identifierprofile of a person or organisation on Angel ListBen Horowitz <Angel List ID> bhorowitz0-
French National Assembly Lobbyist IDP3281External identifieridentifier of an individual lobbyist or lobbying organisation, at the French National AssemblySNCF <French National Assembly Lobbyist ID> 2054-
Bandcamp IDP3283External identifieridentifier for an artist (person or group) or record label, in the Bandcamp databaseAmanda Palmer <Bandcamp ID> amandapalmer-
musical conductorP3300Itemthe person who directs a musical group, orchestra or chorusOrfeó Català <musical conductor> Simon Halsey-
board memberP3320Itemmember(s) of the board for the organizationWikimedia Foundation <board member> Jimmy Wales-
PermIDP3347External identifieridentifier for an entity or concept, in Thomson Reuters Open PermIDBritish Film Institute <PermID> 5000098751-
operating incomeP3362Quantityprivate entity operating incomeAlphabet Inc. <operating income> 9360000000 United States dollar-
Tennis Hall of Fame player IDP3363External identifierInternational Tennis Hall of FameArthur Ashe <Tennis Hall of Fame player ID> arthur-ashe-
GECD Firmen-IDP3375External identifieridentifier of a film company in the German Early Cinema DatabaseMesster’s Projection GmbH <GECD Firmen-ID> 39-
Enterprise number (Belgium)P3376External identifierIdentifier from Crossroads Bank for Belgian EnterprisesWikimedia Belgium <Enterprise number (Belgium)> 0563775480-
Bloomberg company IDP3377External identifieridentifier for a company, in the Bloomberg databaseTrafigura <Bloomberg company ID> 251917196-
LittleSis organization IDP3393External identifierorganisation in the LittleSis who-knows-who of government and business databaseManhattan Institute for Policy Research <LittleSis organization ID> 35000/Manhattan_Institute-
Klosterdatenbank IDP3407External identifierentry in the Germania Sacra KlosterdatenbankMarienstift <Klosterdatenbank ID> 2077-
Quora topic IDP3417External identifieridentifier for a topic on Quora (English language version)-
ArbetSam IDP3426External identifieridentifier in Working Life Museums Co-operation Council's and the Museum of Work's database of working-life museums in Sweden (Arbetslivsmuseer)Lycksele Forest Museum <ArbetSam ID> 1667-
Electronic Enlightenment IDP3429External identifieridentifier in the Electronic Enlightenment databaseCharles Babbage <Electronic Enlightenment ID> babbacharl005697-
SNAC Ark IDP3430External identifieridentifier for items in the Social Networks and Archival Context systemEzra Pound <SNAC Ark ID> w6b38jcj-
FIFA country codeP3441Stringthree-letter country code assigned by FIFACyprus Football Association <FIFA country code> CYP-
Cinema of Israel IDP3445External identifierIdentifier number in "Cinema of Israel" websiteEvery Bastard a King <Cinema of Israel ID> 1070-
colonel-in-chiefP3460Itemceremonial position in a military regimentRoyal 22e Régiment <colonel-in-chief> Elizabeth II-
designated as terrorist byP3461Itemcountry or organization that has officially designated a given group as a terrorist organization (e.g. for India, listed on )Jundallah <designated as terrorist by> United States of America-
Ringgold IDP3500External identifieridentifier for organisations in the publishing industry supply chainWellcome Trust <Ringgold ID> 5072-
Ameblo usernameP3502External identifierthis item's username on AmebloHaruka Tomatsu <Ameblo username> tomatsuharuka-blog-
VGMDb organization IDP3511External identifieridentifier for a record label, game developer, or other organization in the Video Game Music databaseNBCUniversal Entertainment Japan LLC <VGMDb organization ID> 1286-
Australian Government Organisations Register IDP3534External identifieridentifier of an Australian government organisation within the now discontinued Australian Government Organisations RegisterDepartment of the Prime Minister and Cabinet <Australian Government Organisations Register ID> 106396-
Australian Business NumberP3548External identifierunique identifier for a business entity registered in AustraliaWesfarmers <Australian Business Number> 28008984049-
Australian Company NumberP3549External identifierunique identifier for a company registered in AustraliaWesfarmers <Australian Company Number> 008984049-
Australian Registered Body NumberP3551External identifierunique identifier for an organisation body (often a foreign business enterprise) registered in AustraliaLihir Gold <Australian Registered Body Number> 069803998- NHL player IDP3567External identifieridentifier of an NHL ice hockey player at the Hockey Hall of Fame website ( Shack < NHL player ID> 14279-
Croatian Football Federation player IDP3577External identifierID of player at Croatian Football Federation websiteMato Neretljak <Croatian Football Federation player ID> 31556/mato-neretljak-
Sina Weibo user IDP3579External identifierSina Weibo user's identifierUnited Nations <Sina Weibo user ID> un-
Pro Football Hall of Fame ID (old)P3581External identifieridentifier for American football players in the Pro Football Hall of FameDick Butkus <Pro Football Hall of Fame ID (old)> 39-
Minneapolis Institute of Art constituent IDP3603External identifieridentifier assigned to a person or organization by the Minneapolis Institute of ArtHarry Callahan <Minneapolis Institute of Art constituent ID> 69- hotel IDP3607External identifieridentifier for a hotel on the websiteLux* Réunion < hotel ID> re/grand-du-lagon-
EU VAT numberP3608External identifierEU VAT numberSanoma Corporation <EU VAT number> FI15243611-
ARCHON codeP3642External identifierunique number used to identify archival collection locations within the UK and key global repositories holding collections relating to British historyLondon Metropolitan Archives <ARCHON code> 74-
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame IDP3646External identifieridentifier on the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame websiteCarol Blazejowski <Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ID> carol-blazejowski-
Estonian Football Association player IDP3659External identifierID of a player by the Estonian Football AssociationKonstantin Nahk <Estonian Football Association player ID> 115-
Football Federation of Ukraine player IDP3662External identifierID of a player by Football Federation of UkraineOleksandr Rybka <Football Federation of Ukraine player ID> 50797-
Australian Olympic Committee athlete IDP3682External identifieridentifier for a sportsperson on the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) websiteLauren Burns <Australian Olympic Committee athlete ID> lauren-burns-
ISHOF swimmer IDP3691External identifieridentifier for a swimmer on the International Swimming Hall of Fame website-
NCAA sports team IDP3692External identifieridentifier for an American college sports team on the National Collegiate Athletic Association's websiteArizona State Sun Devils <NCAA sports team ID> arizona-st-
JMDb person or company IDP3703External identifierID of an actor or a company at Japanese Movie DatabaseAkira Kurosawa <JMDb person or company ID> 0121190-
NISH Hall of Fame IDP3715External identifieridentifier for an inductee in its Hall of Fame on the Niedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte websiteDRC Hannover <NISH Hall of Fame ID> 164-
Israel Football Association player IDP3748External identifieridentifier for a player on the Israel Football Association websiteAvraham Reznik <Israel Football Association player ID> 80935-
Telegram usernameP3789External identifierthis item's username, channel or group on TelegramCristina Fernández de Kirchner <Telegram username> CFKenTelegram-
rate of fireP3792Quantitythe frequency at which a specific weapon can fire or launch its projectilesM198 howitzer <rate of fire> 4 rounds per minute-
autonomous system numberP3797External identifierunique identifier for a collection of connected Internet Protocol (IP) routing prefixes under the control of one or more network operatorsCogent Communications <autonomous system number> 174-
FI WarSampo army unit IDP3819External identifieridentifier in the WarSampo Finnish WW2 portal-
Pinterest usernameP3836External identifierusername of the Pinterest account of a person or an organizationGoodreads <Pinterest username> goodreads-
LombardiaBeniCulturali institution IDP3849External identifieridentifier of a historical institution in the cultural heritage database of the Lombardy Region of ItalySan Vittore al Corpo <LombardiaBeniCulturali institution ID> 8110296-
Justia Patents company IDP3875External identifierID of a company in Justia PatentsApple Inc. <Justia Patents company ID> apple-
category for alumni of educational institutionP3876Itemcategory containing people who studied at this institutionBelarusian National Technical University <category for alumni of educational institution> Category:Belarusian National Technical University alumni-
HappyCow restaurant IDP3877External identifieridentifier for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, on the HappyCow reviews websiteSOJO <HappyCow restaurant ID> 89820-
National Track & Field Hall of Fame athlete IDP3881External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the National Track & Field Hall of Fame webpagesMike Larrabee <National Track & Field Hall of Fame athlete ID> 198- hotel IDP3898External identifieridentifier for a hotel on the websiteCrater Lake Lodge < hotel ID> ho492920-
Medium usernameP3899External identifierusername of the Medium account of a person or an organizationEmmanuel Macron <Medium username> EmmanuelMacron-
ADAGP artist IDP3901External identifieridentifier for an artist as a member of the French collective rights management organisation ADAGP and sister organisations worldwidePiet Zwart <ADAGP artist ID> 55421-
MobyGames developer IDP3913External identifierID of a developer at MobyGamesIan Livingstone <MobyGames developer ID> 14597-
GuideStar Israel organization IDP3914External identifierID in the Israeli non-profit organizations database GuideStarAOPA Israel <GuideStar Israel organization ID> 580033876-
UNESCO Thesaurus IDP3916External identifieridentifier for a concept in the UNESCO Thesauruscensorship <UNESCO Thesaurus ID> concept4831-
Répertoire national des associations identifierP3918External identifieridentifier of a French non-profit in the Répertoire national des associationsCommission for Independent Research and Information on Radioactivity <Répertoire national des associations identifier> W263000264-
NFF person IDP3936External identifieridentifier for person's profile at, the official website of the Norwegian Football FederationNicklas Bendtner <NFF person ID> 3291775-
Tumblr usernameP3943External identifieraccount name on TumblrABC Artists' Books Cooperative <Tumblr username> abcoop-
secretary generalP3975Itemleader of a political or international organization, sometimes below the chairperson (P488)United Nations <secretary general> António Guterres-
Unifrance company IDP3979External identifieridentifier of a company on unifrance.orgArte France Cinéma <Unifrance company ID> 80026-
subredditP3984External identifiername of the Reddit forum associated to this subjectscience <subreddit> science-
National Library Board Singapore IDP3988External identifierIdentifier of a person, organisation or place from the name authorities of National Library BoardCatherine Lim <National Library Board Singapore ID> gzmyZ3wowyA-
members have occupationP3989Itemall members of this group share the occupationbar association <members have occupation> lawyer-
Facebook ID name/numberP4003External identifierofficial Facebook page of this entity (only for use with URLs containing "/pages/")Statistical Society of Australia <Facebook ID name/number> Statistical-Society-of-Australia-Inc/186936994713723-
DBS IDP4007External identifieridentifier in the German/Austrian Library Statistics (DBS/ÖBS)Zweibrücken City Library <DBS ID> LE289-
Giphy usernameP4013External identifierthis item's username on GiphyNASA <Giphy username> nasa-
Vimeo usernameP4015External identifierthis item's username on VimeoPierre Lefeuvre <Vimeo username> saycetorg-
SlideShare usernameP4016External identifierthis item's username on SlideShareNASA <SlideShare username> NASA-
Ustream usernameP4017External identifierthis item's username on UstreamNASA <Ustream username> nasahdtv-
German Football Association person IDP4023External identifieridentifier for players, manager and referees in the datacenter of the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund, DFB)Bastian Schweinsteiger <German Football Association person ID> 3201-
Hungarian NGO IDP4031External identifierregistration number for Hungarian NGOHungarian Civil Liberties Union <Hungarian NGO ID> 01-02-0006069-
Mastodon addressP4033External identifieraddress on the Mastodon decentralized social network. The form is: 'user@server.domain' there is no leading '@' as sometimes written to distinguish Mastodon addresses from email addresses.Jérémie Zimmermann <Mastodon address>
French Olympic Committee athlete IDP4050External identifieridentifier for a French athlete on the French Olympic Committee's EspritBleu websiteKristina Mladenovic <French Olympic Committee athlete ID> 8/mladenovic-132258- institutional IDP4052External identifieracademic institution page on academia.eduHarvard University < institutional ID> harvard-
German Olympic Sports Confederation athlete IDP4053External identifieridentifier for a German athlete on the website of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB: Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund)Szaundra Diedrich <German Olympic Sports Confederation athlete ID> szaundra-diedrich-
Canadian Olympic Committee athlete IDP4054External identifieridentifier for a Canadian athlete at, the official website of the Canadian Olympic CommitteeTory Nyhaug <Canadian Olympic Committee athlete ID> tory-nyhaug-heinonen-
New Zealand Olympic Committee athlete IDP4056External identifieridentifier for a Kiwi athlete on the New Zealand Olympic Committee websiteJo Aleh <New Zealand Olympic Committee athlete ID> jo-aleh-
FINESS medical facility IDP4058External identifieridentifier of a medical facility in France in the FINESS directoryAssistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris <FINESS medical facility ID> 750712184-
Brazilian Olympic Committee athlete IDP4060External identifieridentifier for a Brazilian athlete at the Brazilian Olympic Committee (Portuguese: Comitê Olímpico do Brasil) websiteÁgatha Bednarczuk <Brazilian Olympic Committee athlete ID> agatha-bednarczuk-
Lithuanian National Olympic Committee athlete IDP4061External identifieridentifier for athlete on website of the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (in Lithuanian: Lietuvos tautinis olimpinis komitetas, LTOK)Jolanta Polikevičiūtė <Lithuanian National Olympic Committee athlete ID> jolanta-polikeviciute-
Czech Olympic Committee athlete IDP4062External identifieridentifier for a Czech athlete on the website of the Czech Olympic Committee (Český olympijský výbor – ČOV)Jaroslava Bajerová <Czech Olympic Committee athlete ID> 1806-
United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee athlete IDP4063External identifieridentifier for an American athlete at the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) websiteTaylor Sander <United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee athlete ID> SA/Taylor-Sander-
Argentine Olympic Committee athlete IDP4065External identifieridentifier for an Argentine athlete on the website of the Argentine Olympic Committee (Comité Olímpico Argentino)Virginia Bardach <Argentine Olympic Committee athlete ID> 2173-
Hungarian Olympic Committee athlete IDP4066External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the website of the Hungarian Olympic CommitteeSarolta Kovács <Hungarian Olympic Committee athlete ID> 77-
Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee athlete IDP4067External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the website of the Romanian Olympic and Sports CommitteeAncuța Bobocel <Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee athlete ID> ancuta-bobocel-
Chinese Olympic Committee athlete IDP4068External identifieridentifier for a Chinese athlete at the Chinese Olympic Committee's CIS Chinese Athletes Database websiteCao Yuan <Chinese Olympic Committee athlete ID> 16020-
Italian National Olympic Committee athlete IDP4069External identifieridentifier for an Italian athlete on the website of the Italian National Olympic CommitteeSimone Buti <Italian National Olympic Committee athlete ID> 1067-
Fandom wiki IDP4073External identifieridentifier of a topic's wiki, in Fandom.comThe West Wing <Fandom wiki ID> westwing-
Biodiversity Repository IDP4090External identifieridentifier of a repository, in the Biodiversity Repository databaseAmerican Museum of Natural History <Biodiversity Repository ID> AMNH-
RePEc institute IDP4096External identifieridentifier for economics research institutions in the Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) databaseKyiv National University of Trade and Economics <RePEc institute ID> knteuua-
EGF ratingP4105Quantityrating given by EGF (European Go Federation) to European go playersDragoș Băjenaru <EGF rating> 2585-
NPSN Indonesian school IDP4128External identifieridentifier for a school in IndonesiaSMKN 6 Garut <NPSN Indonesian school ID> 20227488-
muzzle velocityP4137Quantityspeed of a projectile at the moment it leaves the muzzle of a gunAK-47 <muzzle velocity> 715 metre per second-
Athenaeum museum IDP4146External identifiermuseum or other repository/source id in the Athenaeum artworks websiteDetroit Institute of Arts <Athenaeum museum ID> 78-
Czech Registration IDP4156External identifier8-digit identifier for an organization (or self-employed enterpreneur) in the Czech Republic, conferred by the Czech Statistical OfficeČEZ Group <Czech Registration ID> 45274649-
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum IDP4164External identifieridentifier for a player on the United States' National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum websiteCool Papa Bell <National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ID> bell-cool-papa-
Instagram location IDP4173External identifieridentifier for a location on InstagramKananaskis Village, Alberta <Instagram location ID> 256381493-
Wikimedia usernameP4174External identifieruser name of a person, across all Wikimedia projects; disclosing others' usernames violates the WMF privacy policy and may result in a block; see Wikidata:Oversight if you want to remove your informationJimmy Wales <Wikimedia username> Jimbo_Wales-
Patreon IDP4175External identifieridentifier for a person on PatreonAmanda Palmer <Patreon ID> amandapalmer-
effective firing rangeP4176Quantitydistance within which a weapon can be used effectivelyQJY-88 <effective firing range> 1000 metre-
Australian Women's Register IDP4186External identifieridentifier for a person or organisation in the Australian Women's RegisterDiane Airey <Australian Women's Register ID> PR00768b-
category for employees of the organizationP4195ItemWikimedia category for people who work or worked at this organizationBelarusian State University <category for employees of the organization> Category:Belarusian State University employees-
Billboard artist IDP4208External identifieridentifier for an artist at the Billboard websiteThe Beatles <Billboard artist ID> the-beatles-
order of battleP4220Itemarrangement of units and hierarchical organization of the armed forces involved in the specified military actionBattle of Madagascar <order of battle> order of battle of the Battle of Madagascar-
Cyworld IDP4226External identifieridentifier of the subject at CyworldKim Sa-rang <Cyworld ID> 27684413-
LinkedIn company IDP4264External identifieridentifier for an official company, school, or organisation page, on LinkedInBritish Airways <LinkedIn company ID> british-airways-
Reddit usernameP4265External identifierusername on the social news website Reddit-
official appP4290Itemofficial app for this organization or other entity (a downloadable application for Android, iPhone etc.)Oslo <official app> Oslo - Official City App-
MIL-STD-2525 Symbol Identification CodeP4297External identifier20 or 30 digit code which denotes a military symbol as specified in MIL-STD-2525tank <MIL-STD-2525 Symbol Identification Code> 10241500331202000000-
Scottish Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4318External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame websiteLiz McColgan <Scottish Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> l-p/liz-mccolgan-mbe-
Department of Education and Skills roll numberP4331External identifieridentifier in official government database of Irish schoolsBlackrock College <Department of Education and Skills roll number> 60030V-
Radio Radicale organizer IDP4339External identifieridentifier for an organizer in the database of Radio RadicaleBruno Leoni Institute <Radio Radicale organizer ID> 100-
Florida Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4347External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Florida Sports Hall of Fame websiteCatie Ball <Florida Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> catie-ball-
nominated byP4353Itemwho nominated a person for an office or award; can be used as a qualifierJohn Roberts <nominated by> George W. Bush-
Alabama Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4362External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame websiteRuthie Bolton <Alabama Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 676-
DSMHOF athlete IDP4363External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame websiteDionna Harris <DSMHOF athlete ID> 2001/#dh-
Georgia Sports Hall of Fame IDP4364External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame websiteRussell Ellington <Georgia Sports Hall of Fame ID> 139-
Hawai‘i Sports Hall of Fame IDP4365External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Hawai‘i Sports Hall of Fame websiteLynne Boyer <Hawai‘i Sports Hall of Fame ID> lynne-boyer-
Kansas Sports Hall of Fame IDP4366External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame websiteShalee Lehning <Kansas Sports Hall of Fame ID> 370-
Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame IDP4367External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame websiteBernie Bierman <Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame ID> coach/bernie-bierman-
Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame IDP4368External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame websiteMildrette Netter <Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame ID> mildrette-netter-graves-
New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame IDP4374External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame websiteCarla Garrett <New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame ID> carla-garrett-
North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame IDP4375External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame websitePeggy Kirk Bell <North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame ID> peggykirkbell-
Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame IDP4376External identifieridentifier for an athlete or a team on the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame websiteNadia Comăneci <Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame ID> nadia-comaneci-
youth wingP4379Itemgroup of younger people associated with this organizationThe Republicans <youth wing> Les Jeunes Républicains-
Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4383External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame websiteBarbara Jones <Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> jones-slater-barbara-
Missouri Sports Hall of Fame IDP4385External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame websiteCheryl Burnett <Missouri Sports Hall of Fame ID> cheryl-burnett-
Virginia Sports Hall of Fame IDP4386External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame websiteDonna Andrews <Virginia Sports Hall of Fame ID> donna-andrews-
BC Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4392External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the BC Sports Hall of FameMichelle Stilwell <BC Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 419-
Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum athlete IDP4396External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum websiteCheryl Bernard <Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum athlete ID> bernard-cheryl-
Canada's Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4398External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Canada's Sports Hall of Fame webisteSusan Auch <Canada's Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 601-
ID Museus BrazilP4401External identifieridentifier for information on Brazilian museums from (Museusbr)Museu Paulista <ID Museus Brazil> 6274-
Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame IDP4402External identifieridentifier for a player on the Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame websiteAlthea Gibson <Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame ID> althea-gibson-
caliberP4403Quantityinner diameter of the gun barrel for a weaponCanon de 75 modèle 1897 <caliber> 75 millimetre-
Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame IDP4406External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of FameTracy Cameron <Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame ID> 834-
Women's Basketball Hall of Fame IDP4410External identifieridentifier for a female basketball player on the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame websiteSonja Hogg <Women's Basketball Hall of Fame ID> sonja-hogg-
Quora usernameP4411External identifierusername of an individual or organisation, on the Quora websiteKatherine Maher <Quora username> Katherine-Maher-
Ontario Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4412External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Ontario Sports Hall of FameBeverly Boys <Ontario Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 30-
Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4413External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Manitoba Sports Hall of FameVivian King <Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 53-
New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4414External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the New Brunswick Sports Hall of FameKathy McCormack <New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> katherine-kathy-mccormack-
Sport Australia Hall of Fame inductee IDP4415External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the Sport Australia Hall of Fame websiteHeather McKay <Sport Australia Hall of Fame inductee ID> 143-
Panthéon des sports du Québec IDP4416External identifieridentifier for an athlete or a builder on the Panthéon des sports du QuébecAnthony Calvillo <Panthéon des sports du Québec ID> 1409-
New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame IDP4418External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame websiteRoss Norman <New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame ID> N/Ross-Norman-
U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame athlete IDP4422External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum websiteSusan Corrock <U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame athlete ID> 76-
card networkP4443Itemcredit or debit card networkChase Sapphire Reserve <card network> Visa Inc.-
rewardP4444Itemreward, bonus, or prize received as part of a membership or loyalty program-
grace periodP4445Quantityperiod immediately after the deadline for an obligation during which a fee is waived-
reward programP4446Itemreward program associated with the itemChase Sapphire Reserve <reward program> Chase Ultimate Rewards-
minimum spend bonusP4447Quantityreward for spending a sum of moneyChase Sapphire Reserve <minimum spend bonus> 50000 Chase Ultimate Reward Point-
cash backP4448QuantityCash or Points received for spending money as part of a loyalty program-
World Golf Hall of Fame player IDP4461External identifieridentifier for a player on the World Golf Hall of Fame websiteCarol Semple <World Golf Hall of Fame player ID> carol-semple-thompson-
Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame inductee IDP4462External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame websiteRoberto Alomar <Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame inductee ID> roberto-alomar-
Canadian Ski Hall of Fame inductee IDP4463External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame websiteJean-Guy Brunet <Canadian Ski Hall of Fame inductee ID> 75-
Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee IDP4468External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame websiteGiovanna Bonazzi <Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee ID> giovanna_bonazzi-
IGHOF athlete IDP4469External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame websiteTatiana Lysenko <IGHOF athlete ID> 2016_Tatiana_Lysenko-
Melon artist IDP4473External identifieridentifier for an artist on MelonGFriend <Melon artist ID> 828478-
International Boxing Hall of Fame boxer IDP4474External identifieridentifier for a boxer on the International Boxing Hall of Fame websiteRalph Citro <International Boxing Hall of Fame boxer ID> observer/citro-
Google Play developer IDP4486External identifieridentifier for an Android app developer on the Google Play StoreUbisoft <Google Play developer ID> 4647998716943242763-
Hellenic Olympic Committee athlete IDP4489External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Hellenic Olympic Committee websitePyrros Dimas <Hellenic Olympic Committee athlete ID> 579-
British Olympic Association athlete IDP4490External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the British Olympic Association's Team GB websiteSarah Ayton <British Olympic Association athlete ID> sarah-ayton-
NACE codeP4496Stringcode in the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE)Marine aquaculture <NACE code> 03.21-
California Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4507External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the California Sports Hall of Fame websiteMichelle Kwan <California Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 1458-
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4522External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame websiteNina Kemppel <Alaska Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> nina-kemppel-
Vermont Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4523External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame websiteKeith Cieplicki <Vermont Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 2013cieplicki-
Croatian Olympic Committee athlete IDP4541External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Croatian Olympic Committee (Hrvatski olimpijski odbor / HOO)Bruno Gudelj <Croatian Olympic Committee athlete ID> 16104-
Serbian Olympic Committee athlete IDP4547External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Olympic Committee of Serbia websiteTijana Ajduković <Serbian Olympic Committee athlete ID> 1289-
CNRS research group IDP4550External identifieridentifier for an academic research group issued by the CNRSLaboratoire de Physique Théorique d’Orsay <CNRS research group ID> UMR8627-
Everyone Remembered IDP4551External identifieridentifier for a Commonwealth military person, who died in World War One, on the Everyone Remembered databaseWilfred Owen <Everyone Remembered ID> 336417-
Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame IDP4557External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame websitePatricia Babcock-McGraw <Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame ID> patricia-babcock-
National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame IDP4560External identifieridentifier for a person on the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame websiteDarrell Griffith <National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame ID> darrell-griffith-
Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame IDP4562External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame websiteTsunetaro Moriyama <Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame ID> 024-
Art Museum of Estonia artist IDP4563External identifierartist identifier for the Art Museum of EstoniaArnold Akberg <Art Museum of Estonia artist ID> 436-
Merchant Category CodeP4573Stringfour-digit number used to classify businesses by the type of goods or services it provides.American Airlines <Merchant Category Code> 3001-
Städel Museum artist IDP4581External identifierartist and organization identifier for the Städel MuseumFrans Hals <Städel Museum artist ID> hals-frans-
U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete IDP4583External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame websiteBetty Okino <U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete ID> b_okino-
type foundryP4586Itemcompany releasing or distributing a font or typefaceMistral <type foundry> Fonderie Olive-
Dreadnought Project pageP4589External identifierpage on the Dreadnought Project websiteHMS Majestic <Dreadnought Project page> H.M.S._Majestic_(1895)-
National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials IDP4591External identifieridentifier of a military monument or memorial in the Canadian National InventorySherbrooke War Memorial <National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials ID> 3919-
Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete IDP4593External identifieridentifier of an athlete on the website of the Spanish Paralympic Committeee (Comité Paralímpico Español)Francisco Javier Muñoz Perez <Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete ID> munoz-perez-francisco-javier-
Lives of WWI IDP4601External identifieridentifier for a British or Commonwealth person who served during the first World War, in the Imperial War Museums' 'Lives of the First World War' databaseWilfred Owen <Lives of WWI ID> 3355667-
World Rugby Hall of Fame IDP4604External identifieridentifier for a player on the World Rugby Hall of Fame websiteBrian Lima <World Rugby Hall of Fame ID> 7415-
South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame IDP4605External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame websiteAlice Bauer <South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame ID> alice-bauer-
Queensland Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee IDP4609External identifieridentifier for a Queensland Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee on the Queensland Australian Football League websiteWayne Brittain <Queensland Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee ID> a-e/wayne-brittain-
South Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee IDP4623External identifieridentifier for a South Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee on the South Australian Football League websiteDarel Hart <South Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee ID> darel-hart-
squadron embarkedP4624Itemthe aircraft squadrons that served/serving on an aircraft carrierINS Vikrant <squadron embarked> INAS 330-
Iowa Sports Hall of Fame IDP4631External identifieridentifier for an Iowa Sports Hall of Fame inducteeMichelle Edwards <Iowa Sports Hall of Fame ID> 396-
Indian Financial System CodeP4635External identifieridentifier for a bank branch participating in either of the two main Payment and settlement systems in IndiaBank Of Baroda, Puri <Indian Financial System Code> BARB0SWARGD-
Estonian Football Association team IDP4639External identifieridentifier for a team on the Estonian Football Association websiteFC Flora Tallinn <Estonian Football Association team ID> 4-
Colorado Sports Hall of Fame IDP4642External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame websiteDorothy Mauk <Colorado Sports Hall of Fame ID> 272-
RCR numberP4645External identifiernational identifier of a library in France assigned by AbesBibliothèque municipale de Nancy <RCR number> 543956101-
USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete IDP4668External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame websiteBetty Okino <USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete ID> okino-betty-
MAVISE competent authority IDP4678External identifieridentifier for a licensing authority/register in the MAVISE database of the European Audiovisual ObservatoryNational Media and Infocommunications Authority <MAVISE competent authority ID> 239-
MAVISE company IDP4679External identifieridentifier for a company in the MAVISE database of the European Audiovisual ObservatoryMagyar Telekom <MAVISE company ID> 3432-
OpenSecrets organization IDP4691External identifieridentifier used by Opensecrets for organizations involved in US electionsPerkins Coie LLP <OpenSecrets organization ID> D000036616-
Google Arts & Culture partner IDP4702External identifieridentifier for a museum or other partner on the Google Arts & Culture websiteProje4L / Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art <Google Arts & Culture partner ID> elgiz-museum-of-contemporary-art-
C-SPAN organization IDP4725External identifieridentifier for an organization, on C-SPANUnited States Senate <C-SPAN organization ID> 187- name or company IDP4768External identifieridentifier for a person or company in cinematografo.itVittorio Gassman < name or company ID> 46267-
compArt institution IDP4771External identifieridentifier for an institution in the compArt database Digital ArtBell Labs <compArt institution ID> 128-
MobyGames company IDP4773External identifieridentifier for a company at MobyGamesBethesda Softworks <MobyGames company ID> bethesda-softworks-llc-
commanded byP4791Itemcommander of a military unit/army/security service, operation, etc.Air Force Space Command <commanded by> John W. Raymondcommander of (DEPRECATED)
Swiss Enterprise Identification NumberP4829External identifiergovernment identifier ("UID") for a business entity in SwitzerlandOmega SA <Swiss Enterprise Identification Number> CHE-101.391.643-
Swedish Football Association national team player IDP4830External identifieridentifier for a Swedish international association football (soccer) player's page from Landslagsdatabasen at, the official website of the Swedish Football Association (in Swedish: Svenska Fotbollförbundet; SvFF)Andreas Granqvist <Swedish Football Association national team player ID> b7a04239-4790-44ba-b2e5-b57e03549e4d-
Charity Navigator IDP4861External identifieridentifier for a charitable organisation in the United States, in the Charity Navigator databaseWikimedia Foundation <Charity Navigator ID> 11212-
GEPRIS organization IDP4871External identifierIdentifier of an organization in GEPRIS database of funded research projectsHumboldt University of Berlin <GEPRIS organization ID> 10365-
Maison d'écrivain IDP4881External identifierID for a place adhering to the Federation of Writer's Houses and Literary HeritageJean Aicard-Paulin Bertrand Museum <Maison d'écrivain ID> 303-
AICTE institute application IDP4897External identifieridentifier number issued annually for institutions who need to re-apply for accreditation by the All India Council for Technical EducationVidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur <AICTE institute application ID> 1-3327343479-
Guide Nicaise IDP4907External identifierSociété internationale des amis de Nikos Kazantzaki <Guide Nicaise ID> kazan-
AlloCiné company IDP4910External identifieridentifier for a company on the AlloCiné film database20th Century Fox France <AlloCiné company ID> 7622-
Annuaire des fondations IDP4911External identifierID of a foundation on the directory of foundations of the French Foundation CentreFondation Mansart <Annuaire des fondations ID> 1627-
UK Provider Reference NumberP4971External identifieridentifier for an educational organization issued by the UK Register of Learning ProvidersOld Palace of John Whitgift School <UK Provider Reference Number> 10008408-
Hungarian public body IDP4993External identifierunique identified for public bodies part in HungaryEqual Treatment Authority <Hungarian public body ID> 598196-
National Library of Korea IdentifierP5034External identifieridentifier for a person in the database of the National Library of KoreaJonathan Crary <National Library of Korea Identifier> KAC201501465-
UMAC IDP5050External identifieridentifier for a museum or collection in the Worldwide Database of University Museums and CollectionsAllard Pierson Museum <UMAC ID> amsterdam/allard-pierson-museum-
supervisory board memberP5052Itemmember(s) of the supervisory board for the organizationCommerzbank <supervisory board member> Klaus-Peter Müller-
cabinetP5054Itemqualifier for "position held" (P39) to indicate the cabinet to which belongs a minister-
Trustpilot company IDP5161External identifieridentifier of a company or website on the Trustpilot customer reviews websiteManchester Airport <Trustpilot company ID>
Odnoklassniki IDP5163External identifieridentifier for a person or organization in OdnoklassnikiOpera Software <Odnoklassniki ID> opera-
Rockipedia label IDP5174External identifieridentifier of a music label in the online service RockipediaKirkelig Kulturverksted <Rockipedia label ID> kirkelig_kulturverksted-1298-
Relationship Science organization IDP5181External identifieridentifier for an organization in the Relationship Science databaseOtello Corporation <Relationship Science organization ID> otello-corp-asa-521154-
Spyur IDP5217External identifieridentifier for a company or organisation in Armenia, in the Spyur directoryUcom <Spyur ID> 5887-
D&B Hoovers company profileP5232External identifieridentifier for a company in the D&B Hoovers database IDVivaldi Technologies <D&B Hoovers company profile> 776cc66357fe4df3-
Giant Bomb IDP5247External identifieridentifier at the Giant Bomb database of video games, fictional characters and voice actorsHalo 2 <Giant Bomb ID> 3030-7110-
FirmenbuchnummerP5285External identifierAustrian company register IDVerbund <Firmenbuchnummer> 76023z-
Companies House officer IDP5297External identifieridentifier for an officer (natural person or legal person) of companies registered with Companies House in the United KingdomS. P. Hinduja <Companies House officer ID> eYLVoW310Isw7FXU5jtQw9MF9IM-
pixiv user IDP5435External identifierthe artist id on pixivKenshi Yonezu <pixiv user ID> 259546-
archINFORM person or group IDP5508External identifieridentifier for a person or group on the archINFORM websiteThe Architects' Collaborative <archINFORM person or group ID> 1196-
accredited byP5514ItemOptionally use together with "subject has role" (P2868)Mozilla Corporation <accredited by> European Parliament-
Central Index KeyP5531External identifiernumber given to an individual or company by the United States Securities and Exchange CommissionCitigroup <Central Index Key> 0000831001- Airline identifierP5579External identifierMiddle East Airlines < Airline identifier> 3489-
Expedia hotel IDP5651External identifieridentifier for an hotel on the Expedia websiteHotel Bellepierre <Expedia hotel ID> h1097488-
New Zealand Business NumberP5687External identifierunique identifier for a business entity registered in New ZealandCofactor <New Zealand Business Number> 9429046844125-
Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame IDP5690External identifieridentifier for a sportssubject (athlete, sportsbuilder or a team) on the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of FameCatriona Le May Doan <Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame ID> catriona-le-may-doan-
Partis d'Arcadie IDP5727External identifieridentifier for a political party on 'Les Partis d'Arcadie'National Republican Movement <Partis d'Arcadie ID> mouvement-national-republicain-
Historic Hotels of America IDP5734External identifieridentifier for an hotel on the Historic Hotels of America websiteDon CeSar <Historic Hotels of America ID> don-cesar-
Historic Hotels Worldwide IDP5735External identifieridentifier for an hotel on the Historic Hotels Worldwide websiteThe Algonquin <Historic Hotels Worldwide ID> the-algonquin-resort-
ABMC person IDP5756External identifieridentifier for a person on the American Battle Monuments Commission websiteInez Crittenden <ABMC person ID> 514950-
Directorio de Museos y Colecciones de España IDP5763External identifieridentifier for a museum on the Directorio de Museos y Colecciones de España websiteQ31281030 <Directorio de Museos y Colecciones de España ID> 1879-
IMA museum IDP5764External identifieridentifier for a museum on the Irish Museums Association websiteAn Post Museum <IMA museum ID> 1209-
Historic Hotels of Europe IDP5774External identifieridentifier for an hotel on the Historic Hotels of Europe websiteHotel Britania <Historic Hotels of Europe ID> hotel-britania-
Internet Game Database person IDP5796External identifieridentifier for a person on the Internet Game DatabaseJon Bailey <Internet Game Database person ID> jon-bailey-
Thomson Reuters Business ClassificationP5798Stringuse for companies, industries, productssearch engine <Thomson Reuters Business Classification> 5720103011-
admission rateP5822Quantityratio of the number of applicants admitted to the total number of applicantsStanford University <admission rate> 0.05-
Leading Hotels of the World hotel IDP5834External identifieridentifier for an hotel on the Leading Hotels of the World websiteHôtel Le Bristol Paris <Leading Hotels of the World hotel ID> Le-Bristol-Paris-Paris-France-
Preferred Hotels & Resorts hotel IDP5890External identifieridentifier for an hotel on the Preferred Hotels & Resorts websiteAKA Rittenhouse Square <Preferred Hotels & Resorts hotel ID> philadelphia-pa/aka-rittenhouse-square-
Index of Historic Collectors and Dealers of Cubism IDP5921External identifieridentifier for a person or an organization in the Index of Historic Collectors and Dealers of Cubism databaseHelena Rubinstein <Index of Historic Collectors and Dealers of Cubism ID> rubinstein-
tweet IDP5933External identifieridentifier of a status on TwitterOscar tweet <tweet ID> 440322224407314432-
Museum Universe Data File IDP6006External identifierIMLS identifier for a museum, in the United States' 'Museum Universe Data File' (MUDF)Sam Davis House <Museum Universe Data File ID> 8404700040-
Agoda hotel IDP6008External identifieridentifier for an hotel on the Agoda websiteLodge Roche Tamarin <Agoda hotel ID> lodge-roche-tamarin-spa/hotel/reunion-re-
Polish Olympic Committee athlete IDP6071External identifieridentifier portion of URL for athlete profile at the official website of the Polish Olympic CommitteeAndrzej Krzeptowski <Polish Olympic Committee athlete ID> 1159,krzeptowski-andrzej-i-
Danish Football Union player IDP6109External identifieridentifier for Danish national team player's page at the official website of the Danish Football Association (in Danish: Dansk Boldspil-Union or DBU)Michael Laudrup <Danish Football Union player ID> 1238-
category for members of a teamP6112ItemWikimedia category for players playing for a sports teamDenmark national football team <category for members of a team> Category:Denmark international footballers-
number of volunteersP6125Quantitynumber of people who volunteer for an organization at a particular timeInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement <number of volunteers> 97000000-
Soccerway team IDP6131External identifierteam ID on the Soccerway websiteFC Cincinnati <Soccerway team ID> 35679-
Sotheby's Museum Network IDP6155External identifieridentifier for a museum on the Sotheby's Museum Network websiteMusée de l'Orangerie <Sotheby's Museum Network ID> musee-de-lorangerie-
GameFAQs company IDP6182External identifieridentifier of a company in the GameFAQs databaseKonami <GameFAQs company ID> 10626-
CNPJP6204External identifieridentification number issued to Brazilian companies by the Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of BrazilFast Shop <CNPJ> 43.708.379/0001-00-
advertisesP6291Itemcause, organization or product targeted by the advertising campaign, character, jingle or sloganBibendum <advertises> Michelin-
historical Répertoire national des associations identifierP6309External identifieridentifier of an association in the historical database of the Répertoire national des associationsCitizens' Movement <historical Répertoire national des associations identifier> 751P00105292-
statutory purposeP6346Monolingual textmain statutory purpose of an organization as defined in its articles of associationNational Council of European Resistance <statutory purpose> soutenir l'action du C.N.R.E. en relayant ses idées, par des actions militantes ou des contributions financières dans le but de défendre la civilisation majeure(fr)-
Microsoft Academic IDP6366External identifierDoping silica beyond limits with laser plasma for active photonic materials <Microsoft Academic ID> 2206799855-
charter URLP6378URLlink to an organization's charter documents, including articles or certificate of association, incorporation or organization, or its by-lawsAssociation Professionnelle des Magistrats <charter URL>
Swedish Organization NumberP6460External identifiersequence of two numberpairs that is unique to a swedish company or organization given out by the responsible government departmentKlarna <Swedish Organization Number> 556737-0431-
KSI player IDP6495External identifieridentifier for player on KSI siteAlex Þór Hauksson <KSI player ID> 186688-
Business Registry code (Estonia)P6518External identifieridentifier for a juridical person registered in EstoniaHarju Elekter <Business Registry code (Estonia)> 10029524-
Yandex Music label IDP6538External identifieridentifier of a music label on the Yandex Music websiteKaiku Entertainment <Yandex Music label ID> 125042-
Twitter user numeric IDP6552External identifiernumeric identifier for a user on Twitter; use as qualifier for P2002 "Twitter username"Mika Pikazo <Twitter user numeric ID> 1182616704-
Official Charts artist IDP6559External identifieridentifier for musical acts at Official Charts Company's websiteElvis Presley <Official Charts artist ID> 13107-
endowmentP6589Quantitysum of donations for the ongoing support of a not-for-profit institutionHarvard University <endowment> 39200000000 United States dollar-
Resident Advisor label IDP6601External identifieridentifier for record labels at the Resident Advisor websiteWarp <Resident Advisor label ID> 353-
Federal-State Cooperative System IDP6618External identifieridentifier for libraries in the United States, assigned by the Institute of Museum and Library ServicesMadison Public Library <Federal-State Cooperative System ID> WI0176-
XING company IDP6619External identifieridentifier for a company on XINGStercom Power Solutions GmbH <XING company ID> stercompowersolutionsgmbh-
Zagat IDP6647External identifierID for restaurants on the Zagat websiteL'Atelier De Joël Robuchon <Zagat ID> latelier-de-joel-robuchon-paradise1-
ETS Designated Institution codeP6653External identifieran administrative 4-digit code that Educational Testing Service uses to uniquely identify institutions programsClinton Community College <ETS Designated Institution code> 2135-
Periscope IDP6654External identifieridentifier for Periscope live video streaming serviceVenezuelan Ministry of Communications and Information <Periscope ID> mippcivzla-
Alexander Turnbull Library IDP6683External identifieridentifier for names in the Alexander Turnbull Library thesaurus module for unpublished collectionsColin McCahon <Alexander Turnbull Library ID> 80501-
GruCultura IDP6691External identifieridentifier of cultural relevant places in the Brazilian city GuarulhosVila Galvão Lake <GruCultura ID> 14766-
PRELIB organization IDP6696External identifieridentifier for an organization on the Projet de recherche en littérature de langue bretonne websiteBreton Regionalist Union <PRELIB organization ID> 9-
Football Money League rankP6697Quantityrank in the Deloitte Football Money LeagueFC Bayern München AG <Football Money League rank> 4-
National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities codeP6733Stringclassification code for American nonprofit organizationsWikimedia Foundation <National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities code> B60-
Justia Patents assignee IDP6740External identifieridentifier for the assignee of a patent in Justia PatentsOceaneering International <Justia Patents assignee ID> oceaneering-international-inc-
FragDenStaat public body IDP6744External identifieridentifier for public bodies from FragDenStaat.deFederal Ministry of the Interior <FragDenStaat public body ID> bundesministerium-des-innern-
Swiss National Sound Archives IDP6770External identifierID in the Swiss National Sound Archives, that is responsible for safeguarding the sound heritage of Switzerland. The SNSA collects and catalogs audio documents (music or spoken word), that have a relationship with the Swiss history and culture.Albert Einstein <Swiss National Sound Archives ID> 68115.011-
HAL structure IDP6773External identifiernumerical code for a research institution as stored in HAL author affiliationsInstitute of Physics of 2 Infinites Lyon <HAL structure ID> 2-
Finnish Trade Register IDP6775External identifieridentifier for Finnish companies up to 31 March 2001, predecessor to the Business Identity CodeAatra <Finnish Trade Register ID> 21.307-
ROR IDP6782External identifieridentifier for the Research Organization RegistryNational Library of Wales <ROR ID> 03rjyp183-
WMI codeP6793String-
Unified Social Credit IdentifierP6795External identifier18-digit permanent unique legal identifier for all juridical persons and other organizations in ChinaShandong Buchang Pharma <Unified Social Credit Identifier> 91370000728611939A-
Australian bank branch IDP6820External identifierunique identifier of a bank branch in AustraliaUBank <Australian bank branch ID> 082991-
student organization ofP6840Itemthe members of this organization (club or society) are students of the target college or universityTech Model Railroad Club <student organization of> Massachusetts Institute of Technology-
Malaysia company numberP6843External identifieridentifier for companies in MalaysiaMaybank <Malaysia company number> 3813-K-
abART group IDP6847External identifieridentifier of group in czech database abARTMánes Union of Fine Arts <abART group ID> 557-
abART institution IDP6848External identifieridentifier of institution in czech database abARTMoravian Gallery in Brno <abART institution ID> 1197-
Corporate Number (South Korea)P6859External identifieridentifier assigned to companies registered in South Korea by the Registration Office, the Court of South KoreaKorean Air <Corporate Number (South Korea)> 110111-0108484-
Hoopla publisher IDP6869External identifieridentifier for a publisher on HooplaAbrams Books <Hoopla publisher ID> 1733022508-
RIAA artist IDP6882External identifieridentifier for an artist on RIAA music siteStromae <RIAA artist ID> Stromae-
Offizielle Deutsche Charts artist IDP6893External identifieridentifier for an artist on Offizielle Deutsche Charts music siteBasshunter <Offizielle Deutsche Charts artist ID> Basshunter-
Nederlandse Top 40 artist IDP6926External identifieridentifier for an artist on Nederlandse Top 40 music siteBasshunter <Nederlandse Top 40 artist ID> basshunter-
SNBP IDP6937External identifieridentifier of the Brazilian Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas PúblicasQ56692583 <SNBP ID> 136-
VG-lista artist IDP6943External identifieridentifier for an artist on VG-lista music siteBasshunter <VG-lista artist ID> basshunter-
Steam profile IDP6945External identifieridentifier for this entity on the Steam digital distribution platformGabe Newell <Steam profile ID> 76561197960287930-
IFPI Austria artist IDP6965External identifieridentifier for an artist on IFPI Austria music siteBasshunter <IFPI Austria artist ID> Basshunter-
IFPI Danmark artist IDP6966External identifieridentifier for an artist on IFPI Danmark music siteBasshunter <IFPI Danmark artist ID> Basshunter-
BVMI artist IDP6969External identifieridentifier for an artist on BVMI music siteStromae <BVMI artist ID> Stromae-
IFPI Norge artist IDP6971External identifieridentifier for an artist on IFPI Norge music siteAlan Walker <IFPI Norge artist ID> Alan Walker Walker Alan Walker-
Sverigetopplistan artist IDP6983External identifieridentifier for an artist on Sverigetopplistan music siteBasshunter <Sverigetopplistan artist ID> Basshunter-
OYO Hotel IDP6985External identifierexternal identifiers for OYO hotelsCapital O 29027 Monteria Resort <OYO Hotel ID> 49985-
Hungarian National Namespace organisation IDP6989External identifieridentifier for an organisation in the Hungarian National NamespaceNational Assembly of Hungary <Hungarian National Namespace organisation ID> 204006-
Russian organisation numberP7011External identifieridentifier in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) of the Russian FederationSberbank of Russia <Russian organisation number> 1027700132195-
MPG IDP7027External identifieridentifier for an expert researcher or an institution in the database of the Max-Planck-GesellschaftKlaus-Armin Nave <MPG ID> 390537-
TikTok usernameP7085External identifierthis item's username on TikTok; do not include the “@” symbolJannat Zubair Rahmani <TikTok username> jannat_zubair29-
Cleartrip hotel IDP7133External identifierexternal identifiers for Cleartrip hotelsGreat Eastern Hotel <Cleartrip hotel ID> 716981-
Goibibo Hotel IDP7136External identifierexternal identifiers for Goibibo hotelsGreat Eastern Hotel <Goibibo Hotel ID> 5994558956137469917- chart IDP7138External identifieridentifier for a record chart on Acharts.coBillboard Hot 100 < chart ID> us_singles_top_100-
substitute director/managerP7169Itemsubstitute of the director/manager of an organizationFederal Department of Foreign Affairs <substitute director/manager> Ueli Maurer-
Identification code for Japanese universities and collegesP7251External identifierIdentification code for universities and colleges in Japan. This code is defined in Japanese Industrial Standards.University of Tokyo <Identification code for Japanese universities and colleges> 0021- team IDP7287External identifieridentifier for a association football (soccer) team in the databaseFC Shakhtar Donetsk < team ID> shakhtar-donetsk-
Rate Your Music label IDP7313External identifieridentifier for a record label at Rate Your MusicWalt Disney Records <Rate Your Music label ID> walt_disney_records- team IDP7351External identifieridentifier for a association football (soccer) team in the databasePFC Ludogorets Razgrad < team ID> 11607-
FIDAL team IDP7364External identifieridentifier for an athletic team in Italy by the Italian athletics federation (FIDAL)Atletica Riccardi <FIDAL team ID> MI080-
Turkish Football Federation match IDP7382External identifieridentifier association football match at TFF database-
Turkish Football Federation stadium IDP7402External identifieridentifier association football venue at TFF databaseDenizli Atatürk Stadium <Turkish Football Federation stadium ID> 55-
Turkish Football Federation referee IDP7405External identifieridentifier association football referee at TFF databaseCüneyt Çakır <Turkish Football Federation referee ID> 18626-
Turkish Football Federation team IDP7450External identifieridentifier association football team at TFF databaseAntalyaspor <Turkish Football Federation team ID> 52-
Gaming-History company IDP7521External identifieridentifier of a company in the Gaming-History databaseLoriciels <Gaming-History company ID> 4869-
UVL company IDP7560External identifieridentifier of a company in the Universal Videogame ListSega <UVL company ID> 10-
OGDB company IDP7570External identifieridentifier of a company in the Online Games-Datenbankid Software <OGDB company ID> 1-
eBay usernameP7590External identifieritem's username on eBayGrey Griffin <eBay username> grey-delisle-
MPPDA Digital Archive organisation IDP7632External identifierlink to an organisation's records at the MPPDA Digital ArchiveAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences <MPPDA Digital Archive organisation ID> 16-
TheGamesDB developer IDP7634External identifieridentifier of a video game developer in TheGamesDB databaseAtari Games <TheGamesDB developer ID> 1-
TheGamesDB publisher IDP7642External identifieridentifier of a video game publisher in TheGamesDB databaseElectronic Arts <TheGamesDB publisher ID> 2-
GameFAQs credit IDP7661External identifieridentifier of a game credit in the GameFAQs databaseHideo Kojima <GameFAQs credit ID> 2189- company IDP7708External identifieridentifier of a company in the databaseSquare < company ID> 1-
ZX81 Collection publisher IDP7730External identifieridentifier of a video game publisher in the ZX81 Collection databaseBug-Byte <ZX81 Collection publisher ID> BugByte-
ScreenScraper company IDP7755External identifieridentifier of a video game in the ScreenScraper databaseTradewest <ScreenScraper company ID> 1-
member of military unitP7779Itemsmallest military unit that a person is/was inAnders Örbom <member of military unit> Jämtland Ranger Regiment-
LaunchBox Games Database developer IDP7784External identifieridentifier of a video game developer in the LaunchBox Games DatabaseSquare <LaunchBox Games Database developer ID> 14-
Games Database developer IDP7794External identifieridentifier of a video game developer in the Games DatabaseKonami <Games Database developer ID> 99202-
BeWeb entity IDP7797External identifieridentifier for a entity, in the Italian Episcopal Conference databaseAssociazione Guide e Scouts Cattolici Italiani <BeWeb entity ID> 3040-
Games Database publisher IDP7805External identifieridentifier of a video game publisher in the Games DatabaseSega <Games Database publisher ID> 64327-
LaunchBox Games Database publisher IDP7810External identifieridentifier of a video game publisher in the LaunchBox Games DatabaseSquare <LaunchBox Games Database publisher ID> 31- club IDP7854External identifieridentifier for an association football club on the websiteManchester United F.C. < club ID> 290-
museum in Salzburg (AT) IDP7856External identifieridentifier to link museums and other GLAM-institutions in the Austrian federal state SalzbourgBurg Mauterndorf <museum in Salzburg (AT) ID> 2665-
WorldCat Identities IDP7859External identifierentity on WorldCat. Use P243 OCLC control number for booksWilliam Shakespeare <WorldCat Identities ID> lccn-n78-95332-
Gamekult company IDP7911External identifieridentifier of a company in the Gamekult databaseElectronic Arts <Gamekult company ID> 1-
Museums in Austria CodeP7917External identifierRegistration Code from the association of museums in AutriaKunsthistorisches Museum <Museums in Austria Code> M10003-
business modelP7936Itembusiness model a business enterprise or creative work operates underSuper Mario Run <business model> free-to-play-
ArchiWebture IDP7945External identifieridentifier for an architect on the ArchiWebture websiteAchères <ArchiWebture ID> 61485-
GreatSchools IDP7948External identifieridentifier for an American school on the websiteCharles W Sechrist Elementary School <GreatSchools ID> arizona/flagstaff/166-
Gry Online company IDP7997External identifieridentifier of a company in the Gry-Online databaseBlizzard Entertainment <Gry Online company ID> 253-
Google Scholar case IDP8008External identifierID for legal cases cataloged by Google ScholarDistrict of Columbia v. Heller <Google Scholar case ID> 6484080926445491577-
VGMRips company IDP8027External identifieridentifier of a company in the VGMRips databaseSquare <VGMRips company ID> square-
Latvian unified registration numberP8053External identifieridentifier for a legal entity in LatviaLatvenergo <Latvian unified registration number> 40003032949-
Glassdoor company IDP8060External identifieridentifier for a company on the Glassdoor employee review websiteMcDonald's <Glassdoor company ID> 432-
BookBrainz publisher IDP8063External identifieridentifier for a publisher or imprint on the BookBrainz open book encyclopediaPenguin Books <BookBrainz publisher ID> 6818c882-97d0-44c5-a314-5bac3c455bc0-
SAN archive producer IDP8105External identifieridentifier for archive producers in the Italian national archive systemMario Filzi <SAN archive producer ID> 93832-
Forest Stewardship Council Certificate CodeP8118External identifierunique identifier of a certificate issued by the Forest Stewardship CouncilKimberly-Clark <Forest Stewardship Council Certificate Code> SAI-COC-004042-
Club Netherlands Handball Association IDP8126External identifierofficial number given by the NHA to official clubsPSV Handbal <Club Netherlands Handball Association ID> ZQ065ZB-
Forest Stewardship Council License CodeP8128External identifierunique identifier of a license issued by the Forest Stewardship CouncilKimberly-Clark <Forest Stewardship Council License Code> FSC-C101606-
IDU theatre name unique IDP8129External identifieridentifier for theatres (not theatre buildings) in Czechia in the Theatre Institute databaseNational Theatre <IDU theatre name unique ID> 1- club IDP8147External identifieridentifier for a association football (soccer) club in the databaseArsenal F.C. < club ID> 658-
MémorialGenWeb monument IDP8157External identifierID of a monument (war memorial) on MémorialGenWeb databasewar memorial of Saint-Cyr-sur-Menthon <MémorialGenWeb monument ID> 53954-
CONI honoured IDP8161External identifierID of an Italian sportperson that was awarded a sports award by the Italian Olympic CommitteGiacomo Agostini <CONI honoured ID> 105008-
Encyclopaedia Metallum label IDP8166External identifieridentifier for a label in the Encyclopaedia Metallum databaseByelobog Productions <Encyclopaedia Metallum label ID> 5028-
WhatDoTheyKnow organisation IDP8167External identifieridentifier for a British public organisation in the WhatDoTheyKnow databaseBirmingham City Council <WhatDoTheyKnow organisation ID> birmingham_city_council-
Slovak Registration IDP8174External identifieridentifier for an organization in Slovakia assigned by the Statistical Office of the Slovak RepublicO2 Slovakia <Slovak Registration ID> 35848863-
South African Company Registration NumberP8182External identifierregistration number of South African companies issued by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South AfricaShoprite <South African Company Registration Number> 1936/007721/06-
National Library of Israel J9U IDP8189External identifiernew identifier used by the National Library of IsraelDouglas Adams <National Library of Israel J9U ID> 987007305652505171-
UK Modern House Index architect IDP8190External identifieridentifier for an architect or architectural practice, in the UK Modern House IndexJohn Madin <UK Modern House Index architect ID> John_Madin-
ASUT IDP8219External identifieridentifier for an entity (person, organization, family) in the Archivi storici dell'Università di Torino-
K-Scholar IDP8223External identifieridentifier issued by the National Assembly Library of KoreaTony Blair <K-Scholar ID> P2012085476-
Name Suggestion Index identifierP8253External identifieridentifier for a brand in OpenStreetMap’s Name Suggestion IndexMcDonald's <Name Suggestion Index identifier> [
PC Games company IDP8254External identifieridentifier of a company in the PC Games Database.deLucasArts <PC Games company ID> 1-
AusStage organization IDP8291External identifieridentifier for an organisation at AusStageAustralia Council for the Arts <AusStage organization ID> 555-
Cinema Context IDP8296External identifieridentifier of an item in Cinema ContextCasablanca <Cinema Context ID> F020802-
Nomor Pokok Wajib PajakP8346External identifierIndonesian Tax identifier known as NPWPAstra International <Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak> 01.302.584.6-092.000-
SIUSA archive producer organization IDP8357External identifieridentifier for an archive producer organization in the Unified Information System for the Archival SuperintendenciesAbarth <SIUSA archive producer organization ID> 51697-
number of branchesP8368Quantitynumber of branches or stores affiliated with a chain, brand or companyMcDonald's <number of branches> 37855-