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Wikidata property for Wikivoyage (Q24262056)

Wikidata property for Wikivoyage listingsEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
dissolved, abolished or demolishedP576Point in timepoint in time at which the subject (organisation, building) ceased to exist; see "date of official closure" (P3999) for closing a facility, "service retirement" (P730) for retiring equipment, "discontinued date" (P2669) for stopping a productTeam Bath F.C. <dissolved, abolished or demolished> 2009inception
coordinate locationP625no datatype providedgeocoordinates of the subject. For Earth, please note that only WGS84 coordinating system is supported at the momentMount Everest <coordinate location> 27.9881/86.9253-
official websiteP856URLURL of the official homepage of an item (current or former) [if the homepage changes, add an additional statement with preferred rank. Do not remove the former URL]Facebook <official website>
e-mail addressP968URLe-mail address of the organisation. Format: prefixed with mailto:Archaeological Museum of Palencia <e-mail address>
phone numberP1329Stringtelephone number in standard format (RFC3966), without 'tel:' prefixWhite House <phone number> [tel:+1-202-456-1414 +1-202-456-1414]-
native labelP1705Monolingual textlabel for item in its official or original languageMoscow <native label> Москва(ru)-
Twitter usernameP2002External identifierthis item's username on Twitter; do not include the “@” symbolNational Aeronautics and Space Administration <Twitter username> NASA-
Facebook IDP2013External identifierofficial identifier for a person, product or organization in Facebook - everything after Thompson <Facebook ID> billt-
feeP2555Quantityfee or toll payable to use, transit or enter the subject (only for one-time fees, do NOT use it for an ongoing fee, tuition fee or trading fee)Second Severn Crossing <fee> 6.5 pound sterling-
directionsP2795Monolingual textdescribe how to find the subject - directions, objects along way, commentsQ17464832 <directions> ga vanuit de Dorpsstraat circa 100 meter de Eendvogelstraat in. Vlak voor de afslag rechts naar Ganzestraat, links klein pad ingaan.(nl)-
wheelchair accessibilityP2846Itemdescribes wheelchair accessibility of location or eventBerliner Straße <wheelchair accessibility> wheelchair accessible-
Google+ IDP2847External identifierGoogle Plus, account identifier of this person or organization: either starting with a "+" or consisting of 21 digitsUbuntu <Google+ ID> +Ubuntu-
Wi-Fi accessP2848Iteminternet access availability through Wi-FiRijksmuseum <Wi-Fi access> gratis-
payment types acceptedP2851Itemtypes of payment accepted by a venueRijksmuseum <payment types accepted> VISA credit card-
Skype usernameP2893Stringusername on the Skype instant messaging serviceAndrea James <Skype username> [skype:%5Bskype%3Aandreajeanjames%20andreajeanjames%5D [skype:andreajeanjames andreajeanjames]]-
fax numberP2900Stringtelephone number of fax lineMaison de Victor Hugo <fax number> [tel:+33-1-42-72-06-64 +33-1-42-72-06-64]-
open daysP3025Itemdays in the week subject item is open within the opening seasonBritish Museum <open days> all weekdays-
closed onP3026Itemexceptions to open days (P3025), usually special datesBritish Museum <closed on> December 24-
open period fromP3027Itemqualifier to P3025 (open days) for season when open days applyBritish Museum <open period from> January 1-
open period toP3028Itemqualifier to P3025 (open days) for season when open days applyBritish Museum <open period to> December 31-
Telegram usernameP3789External identifierthis item's username, channel or group on TelegramCristina Fernández de Kirchner <Telegram username> CFKenTelegram-
street addressP6375Monolingual textfull street address where subject is located. include building number through to post code. use also P669 if the street is known as a separate elementWhite House <street address> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20500(en)-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
page bannerP948Commons media filelead image about the topic, mainly used by Wikivoyages and Women in Red-
electrical plug typeP2853Itemstandard plug type for mains electricity in a countryGermany <electrical plug type> Schuko-
tourist officeP2872Itemofficial tourist office of this destinationAustria <tourist office> Austrian National Tourist Office-
mains voltageP2884Quantityvoltage of residential mains electricity in a country or regionEastern Japan <mains voltage> 100 volt-
UTC timezone offsetP2907Quantitydifference between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and this timezoneUTC+08:00 <UTC timezone offset> 8 hour-
America's National Parks IDP4170External identifieridentifier for a United States National Park System unit on eParks.comCape Lookout National Seashore <America's National Parks ID> 5931-