Wikidata:List of properties/Wikidata property related to research

Wikidata property related to research (Q80840868)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
sponsorP859Itemorganization or individual that sponsors this itemKílian Jornet Burgada <sponsor> Salomon Group-
Crossref funder IDP3153External identifieridentifier for an organisation that funds research, in the Crossref registryNatural History Museum <Crossref funder ID> 501100000831-
CORDIS Project IDP3400External identifierunique identifier for research projects funded by the European Commission, in the CORDIS database.IRRESISTIBLE <CORDIS Project ID> 612367-
CNRS research group IDP4550External identifieridentifier for an academic research group issued by the CNRSLaboratoire de Physique Théorique d’Orsay <CNRS research group ID> UMR8627-
FAPESP institution IDP4597External identifieridentifier for institutions funded by the Brazilian research education and innovation foundation, FAPESPFaculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences <FAPESP institution ID> 1533-
FAPESP researcher IDP4598External identifieridentifier for researchers funded by the Brazilian research education and innovation foundation, FAPESPMarilena de Souza Chauí <FAPESP researcher ID> 922-
GEPRIS project IDP4870External identifierIdentifier of a project in GEPRIS database of funded research projectsCollaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1002: "Modulatory Units in Heart Failure" <GEPRIS project ID> 193793266-
EU project RCNP5755External identifierRecord Control Number for project under EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development)European Holocaust Research Infrastructure <EU project RCN> 194942-
EU Research participant IDP5785External identifierID of organization in EU's Framework Programs for ResearchOntotext <EU Research participant ID> 997893806-
research siteP6153Itemplace where this item was researchedPARAMOUNT trial <research site> Adelaide-
ROR IDP6782External identifieridentifier for the Research Organization RegistryNational Library of Wales <ROR ID> 03rjyp183-
Dimensions grant IDP6854External identifieridentifier of a scientific/research grant in Digital Science Dimensions, as reflected in SpringerNature SciGraphGMES Space Component Data Access <Dimensions grant ID> 3770927-
research subject recruitment statusP8005Itemcategoric way to express whether a research project is or was open for enrolling research subjects meeting certain characteristicsPARAMOUNT trial <research subject recruitment status> completed-
SciProfiles IDP8159External identifiernumerical identifier for an author in SciProfiles by MDPIBjörn Brembs <SciProfiles ID> 92927-
DART-Europe thesis IDP8184External identifieridentifier for a doctoral thesis on DART-EuropeNon-rigid image alignment for object recognition <DART-Europe thesis ID> 1007118-