Wikidata:List of properties/Wikidata property with datatype string that is not an external identifier

Wikidata property with datatype string that is not an external identifier (Q21099935)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
spectral classP215Stringspectral class of an astronomical objectSun <spectral class> G2V-
taxon nameP225Stringcorrect scientific name of a taxon (according to the reference given)lion <taxon name> Panthera leo-
canonical SMILESP233StringSimplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification (canonical format)(±)-3-carene <canonical SMILES> CC2(C)C\1CCC(C)/C=C/12-
element symbolP246Stringidentifier for a chemical elementgold <element symbol> Au-
chemical formulaP274Stringdescription of chemical compound giving element symbols and countswater <chemical formula> H₂O-
page(s)P304Stringpage number of source referenced for statement-
software version identifierP348Stringnumeric or nominal identifier of a version of a software program or file format, current or pastBugzilla <software version identifier> 4.5.1-
Sandbox-StringP370StringSandbox property for value of type "String"-
edition numberP393Stringnumber of an edition (first, second, ... as 1, 2, ...) or event2006 Winter Olympics <edition number> 20-
quantity symbol (string)P416Stringsymbol for a mathematical or physical quantityelectric charge <quantity symbol (string)> Q-
issueP433Stringissue of a newspaper, a scientific journal or magazine for reference purposeReview of Particle Physics <issue> 1-
review scoreP444Stringreview score received by a creative work or other entitySinistar <review score> 80/100-
sRGB color hex tripletP465StringsRGB hex triplet format for subject color (e.g. 7FFFD4) specifying the 8-bit red, green and blue componentsaquamarine <sRGB color hex triplet> 7FFFD4-
volumeP478Stringvolume of a book or music release in a collection/series or a published collection of journal issues in a serial publicationPrincipia Mathematica II <volume> 2-
Unicode characterP487StringUnicode character representing the itemſ <Unicode character> ſ-
doubles recordP555Stringwin/lose balance for a player in doubles tournamentsSerena Williams <doubles record> 177–28-
singles recordP564Stringwin/lose balance for a player in singles tournamentsSteffi Graf <singles record> 900–115-
genomic startP644Stringgenomic starting coordinate of the biological sequence (e.g. a gene)RELN <genomic start> 103112231-
genomic endP645Stringgenomic ending coordinate of the biological sequence (e.g. a gene)RELN <genomic end> 103629963-
pseudonymP742Stringalias used by someone (for nickname use P1449)Bud Spencer <pseudonym> Bud Spencer-
chapterP792Stringtitle or number of the chapter where a claim is madeJules Verne <chapter> VII-
NFPA SpecialP877StringNFPA code for a chemical's other hazards in white (bottom) quadrantdichlorine <NFPA Special> OX-
IPA transcriptionP898Stringtranscription in the International Phonetic AlphabetApache <IPA transcription> əˈpætʃiː-
section, verse, paragraph, or clauseP958Stringparagraph, or other kind of special indication to find information on a page or on a document (legal texts etc.)-
NFPA HealthP993StringNFPA rating for a chemical's hazard to health (blue quadrant in fire diamond)dichlorine <NFPA Health> 4-
NFPA FireP994StringNFPA rating for a chemical's flammability (red quadrant in fire diamond)dichlorine <NFPA Fire> 0-
NFPA InstabilityP995StringNFPA rating for chemical or physical reactivity (yellow quadrant in fire diamond)dichlorine <NFPA Instability> 0-
Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator levelP1240StringDanish scientific level of research publications, coordinated with the nordic list of publication channels. See also item {{q|Q57408668}}Journal of High Energy Physics <Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator level> 2-
original spellingP1353Stringoriginal spelling of a scientific name-
sport numberP1618Stringnumber worn on a player's (competitor's) uniform, equipment, etcMario Götze <sport number> 19-
formatter URLP1630Stringweb page URL; URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items. If the site goes offline, set it to deprecated rank. If the formatter url changes, add a new statement with preferred rank.-
general formulaP1673Stringmolecular formula of a class of compoundsalkane <general formula> CnH₂n+₂-
pinyin transliterationP1721Stringhanyu pinyin transliteration of a Mandarin Chinese text (usually to be used as a qualifier)Fortune Cookie of Love <pinyin transliteration> Ài de xìngyùn qūqí-
courtesy nameP1782Stringname bestowed upon a person at adulthood in addition to one's given name, mostly in East Asia-
temple nameP1785Stringname bestowed to a monarch after death (East Asia)Emperor Gaozu of Han <temple name> 太祖-
posthumous nameP1786Stringname given to a person after death (East Asia)Jiajing Emperor <posthumous name> 欽天履道英毅聖神宣文廣武洪仁大孝肅皇帝-
art-nameP1787Stringtype of pseudonym of modern and historical artists as well as specifically traditionally adopted by writers and artists in East Asia-
format as a regular expressionP1793Stringregex describing an identifier or a Wikidata property. When using on property constraints, ensure syntax is a PCREISO 639-3 <format as a regular expression> [a-z{3} [a-z]{3}]-
named asP1810Stringname by which a subject is recorded in a database or mentioned as a contributor of a workBroncho Billy Anderson <named as> Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson-
name in kanaP1814Stringthe reading of a Japanese name in kanaJapan <name in kana> にっぽん-
draft pick numberP1836Stringoverall pick number with which a player is selected in a sports draft-
formatter URI for RDF resourceP1921Stringformatter URL for RDF resource: URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items (it is the URI of the resources, not the URI of the RDF file describing it)-
stated asP1932Stringuse as qualifier to indicate how the value was given in the sourceBefore the embers <stated as> Léon Grandet-
McCune-Reischauer romanizationP1942Stringromanization system for KoreanPark Geun-hye <McCune-Reischauer romanization> Pak Kŭnhye-
TeX stringP1993Stringstring to show a concept in TeX or LaTeXΑ <TeX string> \alpha-
Revised RomanizationP2001Stringromanisation following the Revised Romanisation of the Korean languageRevised Romanization of Korean <Revised Romanization> Gugeoui Romaja Pyogibeop-
author name stringP2093Stringstring to store unspecified author name for publications; use if Wikidata item for author (P50) does not exist or is not knownGlobal, regional, and national disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) for 306 diseases and injuries and healthy life expectancy (HALE) for 188 countries, 1990-2013: quantifying the epidemiological transition <author name string> Zulfiqar A Bhutta-
Revised Hepburn romanizationP2125Stringromanized Japanese following the Revised Hepburn romanization systemTokyo <Revised Hepburn romanization> Tōkyō-to-
Georgian national system of romanizationP2126StringGeorgian <Georgian national system of romanization> kartuli ena-
ISO 9:1995P2183Stringthe Latin transliteration of Cyrillic text (used as qualifier)Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky <ISO 9:1995> Pëtr Ilʹič Čajkovskij-
namespaceP2307Stringqualifier to define a property constraint in combination with P2302 (Wikidata property constraint)-
transliterationP2440Stringconversion of text to alternate script (use as a qualifier for monolingual text statements; please use specific property if possible)-
quantitative metrical patternP2552Stringdescription of a quantitative verse's metricpyrrhic <quantitative metrical pattern> ⏑ ⏑-
hashtagP2572Stringhashtag associated with this entity. Format: do not include the "#" symbolBlack Lives Matter <hashtag> BlackLivesMatter-
Hungarian-style transcriptionP2719Stringtranscription of a monolingual text value in a non-latin script according to the guidelines of the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Q7315098), Helyesírás (Q1035212), and Hungarian Wikipedia (Q53464)-
embed URL templateP2720Stringformatter URL for embeddable content: URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items-
X-SAMPA CodeP2859StringExtended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (X-SAMPA) code for phonemenear-open front unrounded vowel <X-SAMPA Code> {-
Schläfli symbolP3228Stringnotation that defines regular polytopes and tessellationsregular polygon <Schläfli symbol> {n}-
third-party formatter URLP3303StringURI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items; for sites other than the primary issuing body of the identifier concerned-
Kirshenbaum codeP3625StringKirshenbaum symbol for a IPA phonemevoiceless palato-alveolar affricate <Kirshenbaum code> tS-
public key fingerprintP3721Stringshort sequence of bytes to identify a longer cryptographic public keyLinus Torvalds <public key fingerprint> ABAF 11C6 5A29 70B1 30AB E3C4 79BE 3E43 0041 1886-
columnP3903Stringtypographical column in the page of a document-
Tibetan pinyinP4188Stringofficial Chinese transliteration method for TibetanLhasa <Tibetan pinyin> Lhasa Chongkyir-
THL Simplified Phonetic TranscriptionP4189Stringtransliteration method for Tibetan developed by the Tibetan and Himalayan LibraryLhasa <THL Simplified Phonetic Transcription> Lhasa Grongkhyer-
Unicode hex codepointP4213Stringhexadecimal codepoint in Unicode <Unicode hex codepoint> 96E8-
APA phoneme codeP4325Stringsymbol of a phoneme in the Americanist Phonetic NotationVoiced palato-alveolar affricate <APA phoneme code> č-
alternate namesP4970Stringqualifier for alternate names given for a subject in a database entry-
Slavic phonetic alphabetP5276Stringsystem of pronunciation recording-
hyphenationP5279Stringpositions where this form can be hyphenated-
taxon author citationP6507Stringvalid author citation for a taxon using the appropriate nomenclature (ICBN, ICZN, ect.)Pseudalethe poliophrys <taxon author citation> Sharpe, 1902-
UPA transcriptionP6798Stringtranscript in Uralic Phonetic Alphabet. Use as a qualifier for statements with name properties on items, use as main value on forms for lexemes-
mobile formatter URLP7250Stringweb page URL of mobile version; URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items-
regnal ordinalP7338String(qualifier) the ordinal number used with this name. Generally to distinguish it among persons with the same name who held the same officeElizabeth II <regnal ordinal> II-
folio(s)P7416Stringfolio number of reference for statement-
line(s)P7421Stringline number(s) of reference for claim-
electron configurationP8000Stringdistribution of electrons of an atom or ion, using a standard notationhydrogen <electron configuration> 1s¹-
general property-based URL formatterP8183Stringformatter URL to look up information about a class of items in an online resource. Use with properties generally found on an item. Sample: {P478} for volume or {P304} for page(s), {P433} for issue. Special value {page} for the first value of {P304}-
Gazette of India notificationP8206Stringnotification number and date, published in the Gazette of IndiaConstitution Order 20 <Gazette of India notification> S.R.O. 384 dated 11 August 1950-