Wikidata:List of properties/Wikimedia Commons

Wikidata property to describe media items (Q28464773)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
depictsP180Itemdepicted entity (see also P921: main subject)The Balcony <depicts> Berthe Morisotdepicted by
copyright licenseP275Itemlicense under which this copyrighted work is releasedInkscape <copyright license> GNU General Public License, version 2.0-
Sandbox-CommonsMediaFileP368Commons media fileSandbox property for value of type "Commons Media File"Soyuz rocket family <Sandbox-CommonsMediaFile> Iss-expedition 13-launch.jpg-
media typeP1163StringIANA-registered identifier for a file type (MIME)HyperText Markup Language <media type> text/html-
depicts Iconclass notationP1257StringIconclass code depicted in an artwork. For linking Iconclass codes with their corresponding artistic themes or concepts, use P1256 (Iconclass notation).The Milkmaid <depicts Iconclass notation> 47I22311-
coordinates of the point of viewP1259no datatype providedpoint from which the scene depicted by the element is seen (element can be a photo, a painting, etc.)A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte <coordinates of the point of view> 48.8867/ 2.2681-
shown with featuresP1354Itemsecondary features depicted in a work. Use as qualifier for "depicts" (P180)Mona Lisa <shown with features> long hair-
date depictedP2913Point in timedate represented in a workAddresses and travel map of Helsinki from 1876 <date depicted> 1876-
expression, gesture or body poseP6022Itemqualifier on "depicts" (P180) for human position of an individual in an artworkWashington Crossing the Delaware <expression, gesture or body pose> standing-
digital representation ofP6243Itemfaithful digitized representation of the indicated object or work. For use on Commons MediaInfo entities.-
Wikimedia OTRS ticket numberP6305External identifieridentifier for a set of email correspondence, in the Wikimedia volunteer response systemRuins in Reninghe <Wikimedia OTRS ticket number> 2009082810037404-
inscription mentionsP6568Itemitem about a person or an object mentioned in the inscription's text. Use on Wikimedia Commons on media files (once feature enabled)-
Commons quality assessmentP6731Itemassessment on Wikimedia Commons of the file: featured picture, valued image, quality images, picture of the day, picture of the year etc. Use on media entities only-
extracted fromP7009Commons media filesource this image was cropped from. Use on Wikimedia Commons only.-
location of the point of viewP7108Itemgeographic location of point of view, may or may not be depictedHereford Cathedral Seen from under an Arch of the Wye Bridge <location of the point of view> Wye Bridge, Monmouth-
copyright exemptionP7152Itemcopyright exemption this file is covered by-
identified in image byP7380Stringqualifier for the identification of a value/object with a number, letter or sign inscribed in the imageDahlia 'Florence Bray' <identified in image by> 14- image IDP7384External identifieridentifier for an image from Geograph Britain and Ireland-
image of backsideP7417Commons media fileimage of reverse side of this "2D" objectThe Oxbow <image of backside> View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm—The Oxbow MET DP-12550-002.jpg-
image of frontsideP7418Commons media fileimage of obverse (front side) of this 2D object-
headingP7787Quantitydirection (yaw) of the camera (or the viewer), measured as clockwise angle from the North, given in degrees, radians or other unitsTo the transhipping place <heading> 67 degree-
symbol ofP8058Itemitem of which the image is a symbolflag image
symbol ofP8058Itemitem of which the image is a symbolcoat of arms image
symbol ofP8058Itemitem of which the image is a symbollogo image
symbol ofP8058Itemitem of which the image is a symbolseal image
tiltP8208Quantitydirection of the camera, measured as an angle from the Nadir to the Zenit-
attribution textP8264Stringthe attribution string as specified by the licensor, that re-users are obliged to name-