Wikidata:List of properties/author's rights

Wikidata property related to copyright (Q79967257)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
copyright licenseP275Itemlicense under which this copyrighted work is releasedInkscape <copyright license> GNU General Public License, version 2.0-
IPI name numberP1828External identifieridentifier for the name of a composer, author and other relevant partiesBrian May <IPI name number> 00087038166-
PictoRight ID codeP3361External identifiercode to identify members of the Dutch collective rights management organisation PictoRight and sister organisations worldwidePablo Picasso <PictoRight ID code> M-006359-
IPI base codeP3453External identifierthe international code for a legal entity or artist for copyright administration around Interested Parties InformationPablo Picasso <IPI base code> I-001068130-6-
public domain dateP3893Point in timedate the item enters into the public domain in a jurisdictionHet achterhuis <public domain date> 2016-01-01-
ADAGP artist IDP3901External identifieridentifier for an artist as a member of the French collective rights management organisation ADAGP and sister organisations worldwidePiet Zwart <ADAGP artist ID> 55421-
copyright holderP3931Itemperson or organisation who holds the copyright of a work according to the Berne ConventionHet achterhuis <copyright holder> Anne Frank Fund-
DACS IDP4663External identifiercode to identify 50,000 artists as members of the British collective rights management organisation DACS and sister organisations worldwideAlbert Dandoy <DACS ID> 3bf1d251-51e5-e711-8b59-000c29e811b2-
copyright statusP6216Itemcopyright status for intellectual creations like works of art, publications, software, etc.Atomic Cloud Rises Over Nagasaki <copyright status> public domain-
copyright representativeP6275Itemperson or organisation who represents the copyright for this person or work of artAnne Frank <copyright representative> Anne Frank Fund-
copyright exemptionP7152Itemcopyright exemption this file is covered by-
copyright status as a creatorP7763Itemstates if the body of work published during the lifetime of a creator is still copyrighted or in the public domainDamien Hirst <copyright status as a creator> works protected by copyrights-
attribution textP8264Stringthe attribution string as specified by the licensor, that re-users are obliged to name-