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Wikidata property for a discontinued website (Q60457486)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
ISO 639-6 codeP221External identifieridentifier for a language per ISO 639-6Cantonese <ISO 639-6 code> yyef-
biography at the Bundestag of GermanyP1713URLlink to the biography pages of the German parliamentAngela Merkel <biography at the Bundestag of Germany>
Journalisted IDP1714External identifieridentifier on Journalisted, an independent, not-for-profit website (by Media Standards Trust) listing the published writing of journalistsEric Pickles <Journalisted ID> eric-pickles-
NASA biographical IDP2030External identifieridentifier used by NASA for an astronaut or cosmonautNeil Armstrong <NASA biographical ID> armstrong-na-
Parliamentary record identifierP2172External identifierParliamentary record identifier for British MPsTom Watson <Parliamentary record identifier> Tom-Watson/West-Bromwich-East/517-
BBC News Democracy Live IDP2173External identifieridentifer in the BBC News Democracy Live database of British MPsTom Watson <BBC News Democracy Live ID> 25228- film IDP2678External identifierid number for films in Russiancinema.ruA Night Before Christmas < film ID> 912-
Google+ IDP2847External identifierGoogle Plus, account identifier of this person or organization: either starting with a "+" or consisting of 21 digitsUbuntu <Google+ ID> +Ubuntu-
Scoresway soccer person IDP3043External identifieridentifier for a association football (soccer) player, manager or referee at the Scoresway websiteGary Caldwell <Scoresway soccer person ID> 783-
NSZL name authority IDP3133External identifierID of a person or organisation in the "Integral Information System of the National Library" (NEKTÁR) in HungaryAntal Szerb <NSZL name authority ID> 114-
elFilm film IDP3143External identifieridentifier for a movie at the Arabic movie database elFilm678 <elFilm film ID> 1485427-
elFilm person IDP3144External identifieridentifier for a person at the Egypt movie database elFilmMohamed Diab <elFilm person ID> 1795936-
WSJ topic IDP3183External identifieridentifier for a topic, at the Wall Street Journal websiteBill Gates <WSJ topic ID> person/G/bill-gates/685-
Yahoo! Japan Talent Database IDP3284External identifierIdentifier of person in Yahoo! Japan Talent databaseKyoko Fukada <Yahoo! Japan Talent Database ID> 136-
Australian Government Organisations Register IDP3534External identifieridentifier of an Australian government organisation within the now discontinued Australian Government Organisations RegisterDepartment of the Prime Minister and Cabinet <Australian Government Organisations Register ID> 106396-
Swimming Australia swimmer IDP3669External identifierID of a swimmer at Swimming AustraliaStephanie Rice <Swimming Australia swimmer ID> 5478-
MOOMA artist IDP3733External identifierID of an artist at the Israeli music website MOOMAShlomo Artzi <MOOMA artist ID> 1524-
YerelNET district IDP3809External identifieridentifier for a district of Turkey, in the YerelNET databasePalandöken <YerelNET district ID> 298887-
Scoresway handball person IDP4451External identifieridentifier for a handball player or manager on the Scoresway websiteGitte Andersen <Scoresway handball person ID> 1269-
Argentinian Historic Heritage IDP4587External identifieridentifier for historic heritage object included in the national index of ArgentinaTeatro Colón <Argentinian Historic Heritage ID> teatro-colon-
INRAN Italian Food IDP4729External identifieridentifier in the Italian national nutriment databasepeanut butter <INRAN Italian Food ID> 009010-
LGDB game IDP5116External identifieridentifier for a game in the Linux Game DatabaseThe Battle For Wesnoth <LGDB game ID> battle_wesnoth-
LGDB emulator IDP5117External identifieridentifier for an emulator in the Linux Game DatabaseMAME <LGDB emulator ID> mame-
LGDB tool IDP5118External identifieridentifier for a software tool in the Linux Game DatabasePhoronix Test Suite <LGDB tool ID> phoronix_test_suite-
LGDB engine IDP5119External identifieridentifier for a game engine in the Linux Game DatabaseRen'Py <LGDB engine ID> renpy-
Kopaliński Online IDP5533External identifieridentifier for an entry in the online version of 'Dictionary of Foreign Words and Foreign-language Phrases' by Władysław Kopaliński-
V.Premier League ID (obsolete)P5959External identifieridentifier for profile of player on V.League old site. For identifier on new site, use P6527 (for male player) or P6528 (for female player)Saori Kimura <V.Premier League ID (obsolete)> 35906-
Deezer show IDP5988External identifieridentifier for a show or podcast on DeezerLes Chemins de la philosophie <Deezer show ID> 50793-
Scoresway rugby person IDP6065External identifieridentifier for a rugby person at the ScoreswayJonny May <Scoresway rugby person ID> 1213-
Scoresway volleyball person IDP6066External identifieridentifier for a volleyball person at the ScoreswayYekaterina Gamova <Scoresway volleyball person ID> 454-
Thaifilm IDP6134External identifierPad Thai Story <Thaifilm ID> tt02439-
Scoresway tennis person IDP6308External identifieridentifier for a tennis player at the ScoreswayKiki Bertens <Scoresway tennis person ID> 28175-
Global Species IDP6433External identifieridentifier for a taxon in Global Species databaseCanis lupus familiaris <Global Species ID> 1001335-