Wikidata:List of properties/causality

Wikidata property for causes and effects (Q28746712)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
cause of destructionP770Itemitem which caused the destruction of the subject itemColossus of Rhodes <cause of destruction> earthquakedestroyed
has causeP828Itemunderlying cause, thing that ultimately resulted in this effectmercury poisoning <has cause> mercuryhas effect
has immediate causeP1478Itemnearest, proximate thing that directly resulted in the subject as outcome or effect. Used in conjunction with 'has cause' (i.e. underlying cause) and 'has contributing factor'. See 'Help:Modeling causes'.Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event <has immediate cause> starvationimmediate cause of
has contributing factorP1479Itemthing that significantly influenced, but did not directly cause, this outcome or effect. Used in conjunction with 'has cause' and 'has immediate cause'. See 'Help:Modeling causes'.American Civil War <has contributing factor> caning of Charles Sumnercontributing factor of