Wikidata:List of properties/judiciary

Wikidata property related to law and justice (Q22984026)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
main regulatory textP92Itemtext setting the main rules by which the subject is regulatedItaly <main regulatory text> Constitution of Italy-
killed byP157Itemperson who killed the subjectHolofernes <killed by> Judith-
highest judicial authorityP209Itemsupreme judicial body within a country, administrative division, or other organizationCape Verde <highest judicial authority> Supremo Tribunal de Justiça-
foundational textP457Itemtext through which an institution or object has been created or establishedCanada <foundational text> Constitution Act, 1867-
NORP464External identifieridentifier for French official textsQ11680174 <NOR> MENB9200481D-
legislated byP467Itemindicates that an act or bill was passed by a legislature. The value can be a particular session of the legislatureBill of Rights 1689 <legislated by> Parliament of England-
CELEX numberP476External identifieridentifier for European legal texts in EUR-Lex databaseTreaty of Lisbon <CELEX number> 12007L/TXT-
applies to jurisdictionP1001Itemthe item (an institution, law, public office ...) or statement belongs to or has power over or applies to the value (a territorial jurisdiction: a country, state, municipality, ...)European Central Bank <applies to jurisdiction> Eurozone-
legal citation of this textP1031Stringlegal citation of legislation or a court decisionMiranda v. Arizona <legal citation of this text> 384 U.S. 436-
convicted ofP1399Itemcrime a person was convicted ofMark Hofmann <convicted of> murder-
pleaP1437Itemwhether a person pleaded guilty, not guilty, etc.Mark Hofmann <plea> guilt-
legal formP1454Itemlegal form of an organizationHaribo <legal form> GmbH & Co. KG-
Federal Register Document NumberP1544External identifierAuthority file ID in the United States Federal RegisterExecutive Order 13233 <Federal Register Document Number> 01-27917-
defendantP1591Itemperson or organization accused, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <defendant> Thomas Paineplaintiff
prosecutorP1592Itemperson representing the prosecuting authority, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <prosecutor> Sir Archibald Macdonald, 1st Baronet-
defenderP1593Itemperson representing the defendant, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <defender> Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine-
judgeP1594Itemjudge, magistrate or equivalent, presiding at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <judge> Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron Kenyon-
chargeP1595Itemoffence with which someone is charged, at a trialTrial of Thomas Paine <charge> seditious libel-
penaltyP1596Itempenalty passed at a trialtrial of Saddam Hussein <penalty> capital punishment-
plaintiffP1620Itemparty who initiates a lawsuitTrial of Thomas Paine <plaintiff> Government of the United Kingdomdefendant
investigated byP1840Itemperson or organization involved in investigation of the itemGrayrigg derailment <investigated by> Rail Accident Investigation Branch-
signatoryP1891Itemperson, country, or organization that has signed an official document (use P50 for author)United States Declaration of Independence <signatory> Benjamin Harrison V-
depositorP2058Itemdepositor/depositaries for the treatyRotterdam Convention <depositor> United Nations Secretary-General-
amended byP2567Itemdocument is amended by specified other documentTreaty on European Union <amended by> Treaty of Lisbon-
repealed byP2568Itemdocument is repealed/inactived by specified other documentDominus ac Redemptor <repealed by> Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarumrepeals
place of detentionP2632Itemplace where this person is or was detainedJuliano Verbard <place of detention> Saint-Denis prison-
Biographical Directory of Federal Judges IDP2736External identifieridentifier for a judge in the Biographical Directory of Federal JudgesRobert Gibson <Biographical Directory of Federal Judges ID> gibson-robert-murray-
laws appliedP3014Itemthe constitutional and statutory provisions that were the primary basis for a decision or lawMiranda v. Arizona <laws applied> Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution-
repealsP3148Itemthis document or act repeals that other document or actSollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum <repeals> Dominus ac Redemptorrepealed by IDP3343External identifieridentifier of this legislation on the websiteTown and Country Planning Act 1990 < ID> ukpga/1990/8-
legal status (medicine)P3493Itemlegal status for pharmaceutical drugs, e.g. general sales list for paracetamol in the UKacetaminophen <legal status (medicine)> General sales list (UK)-
European Case Law IDP3570External identifieridentifier for case law in EuropeG 3/08 <European Case Law ID> ECLI:EP:BA:2009:G000308.20091016-
regulated byP3719Itemorganization that acts as regulator of an activity, financial market, or stock exchangetourism in Thailand <regulated by> Tourism Authority of Thailand-
Shoftim BeIsrael judge IDP3751External identifierdatabase about the judges of IsraelAnat Baron <Shoftim BeIsrael judge ID> 362-
United States Statutes at Large citationP3825External identifiercitation of an Act of the United States Congress to the United States Statutes at LargeAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990 <United States Statutes at Large citation> 104-327-
United States Public LawP3837External identifiercitation to United States Public LawAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990 <United States Public Law> 101-336-
Old Bailey Proceedings IDP3944External identifieridentifier for a trial, on the Old Bailey Proceedings websiteTrial of the Detectives <Old Bailey Proceedings ID> t18771022-805-
CETS numberP3968External identifierCouncil of Europe treaty numberEuropean Landscape Convention <CETS number> 176-
overrulesP4006Itemcase that supersedes another caseBrown v. Board of Education <overrules> Plessy v. Ferguson-
United Nations Treaty Series Registration NumberP4231External identifierregistration number of a treaty within the United Nations Treaty SeriesTreaty on Certain Maritime Arrangements in the Timor Sea <United Nations Treaty Series Registration Number> 44577-
FOIH decree types IDP4310External identifieridentifier for a decree type in the thesaurus of the Flemish organization for Immovable HeritageRoyal order <FOIH decree types ID> 3-
mandatesP4424Itemaction or status required or requested by a motionUniversal Declaration of Human Rights <mandates> human rights-
Cour des comptes magistrate IDP4821External identifieridentifier of a magistrate in the French Court of Audit online biographical dictionaryHyacinthe de Flers <Cour des comptes magistrate ID> flers-hyacinthe-jacques-de-la-motte-ango-marquis-de-
courtP4884Itemspecific court a legal case is/was heard/decided inEgan v. Canada <court> Supreme Court of Canada-
Siprojuris IDP4892External identifierID of a jurist on SiprojurisÉmile Alglave <Siprojuris ID> 56880-
activity policy in this placeP5023Itempolicy for activities in this place, for example no photos, photos allowed, no flash, lighting fires, flying drones, etc.Museo del Prado <activity policy in this place> no photos-
Univ-droit jurist IDP5175External identifieridentifier of a legal scholar on Univ-droitPhilippe Pétel <Univ-droit jurist ID> 4527-
Conseil constitutionnel IDP5457External identifieridentifier of a member of the 'Conseil constitutionnel' on its websiteGeorges Abadie <Conseil constitutionnel ID> 98205-
CSDE Lynching Database IDP5563External identifieridentifier for a lynching victim in the CSDE Lynching DatabaseCordie Cheek <CSDE Lynching Database ID> TN1933121501-
number of arrestsP5582Quantitythe number of arrests made by public officials during an eventPittsburgh railroad strike of 1877 <number of arrests> 139-
prisoner countP5630Quantitynumber of inmates or prisioners held in this prisonSan Quentin State Prison <prisoner count> 3774-
SR NumberP5743External identifierNumber for each law in the Systematic Compilation of Federal Legislation of SwitzerlandSwiss Federal Constitution <SR Number> 101-
AustLII IDP5799External identifieridentifier in the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) online databaseWik Peoples v Queensland <AustLII ID> au/cases/cth/HCA/1996/40-
majority opinion byP5826Itemjudicial opinion agreed to by more than half of the members of a courtRoe v. Wade <majority opinion by> Harry Blackmun-
Annuaire de la magistrature IDP5952External identifieridentifier for a French magistrature on the 'Annuaire rétrospectif de la magistrature'Louis-Étienne Charpillon <Annuaire de la magistrature ID> 111523-
Caselaw Access Project case IDP6090External identifieridentifier for single case in Caselaw Access ProjectBurnet v. Logan <Caselaw Access Project case ID> 6936836-
British Executions IDP6167External identifieridentifier for a person executed in Britain between 1100 and 1964James Hanratty <British Executions ID> 44-
ratified byP6193Itemused to specify that a treaty has been ratified by a given state or subject of international lawTreaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons <ratified by> Austria-
copyright statusP6216Itemcopyright status for intellectual creations like works of art, publications, software, etc.Atomic Cloud Rises Over Nagasaki <copyright status> public domain-
Doctrine IDP6350External identifieridentifier for a lawyer on DoctrineMarie-Aimée Peyron <Doctrine ID> L339BB058D4E2664612DC-
Conférence du stage secretary IDP6357External identifieridentifier for a secretary of the 'Conférence du stage de Paris' on its websiteOlivier Sers <Conférence du stage secretary ID> olivier-rene-marie-sers-
Litchfield Ledger IDP6362External identifieridentifier in Litchfield Ledger databaseAaron Burr <Litchfield Ledger ID> 0479-
DOGC IDP6514External identifierexternal and unique identifier which represents a publication in Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de CatalunyaLaw of the special regime of Aran <DOGC ID> 684738-
Cour des comptes report IDP6577External identifieridentifier for a report about an organization on the 'Cour des comptes's websiteGuichen <Cour des comptes report ID> commune-de-guichen-ille-et-vilaine-
Martindale-Hubbell profileP6650External identifierprofile of a person at Martindale-HubbellHerbert Titus <Martindale-Hubbell profile> vienna/virginia/herbert-william-titus-1741357-a/-
Justia Patents assignee IDP6740External identifieridentifier for the assignee of a patent in Justia PatentsOceaneering International <Justia Patents assignee ID> oceaneering-international-inc-
CanLII IDP6749External identifieridentifier for decisions of Canadian court casesQuebec (AG) v Blaikie (No. 1) <CanLII ID> 1mkvb-
Supreme Court docket numberP7063External identifieridentifier for a case in the US Supreme CourtPlanned Parenthood v. Casey <Supreme Court docket number> 91-744-
opinion joined byP7122Itemwho joins a judicial opinionRoe v. Wade <opinion joined by> Warren E. Burger-
Laws & Regulations Database of the Republic of China IDP7242External identifierthe website URL code for the Laws & Regulations Database of the Republic of ChinaConstitution of the Republic of China <Laws & Regulations Database of the Republic of China ID> A0000001-
effective dateP7588Point in timedate on which a statutory or administrative law comes into force. This date may differ for different sections of the law. This may also be retrospective, predating the date of enactment.-
date of assentP7589Point in timedate on which a Bill is assented to by the Head of State (monarch or president) and becomes an ActFirst Amendment of the Constitution of India <date of assent> 1951-06-18-
exonerated ofP7781Itemcrime of which the subject was found not to be guilty after having previously been found guilty by a court for that crimeClarence Elkins <exonerated of> murder-
Google Scholar case IDP8008External identifierID for legal cases cataloged by Google ScholarDistrict of Columbia v. Heller <Google Scholar case ID> 6484080926445491577-
ODMP person IDP8086External identifierThe Officer Down Memorial Page entry for a police officer killed in the line of dutyRodney Badger <ODMP person ID> 1388-