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Wikidata property related to mathematics (Q22988631)

Wikidata property for items about algorithmsEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
computes solution toP2159Itemproblem that this algorithm or method solves-
usesP2283Itemuse: item or concept used by the subject or in the operation (see also instrument [P1303] and armament [P520])method of lines <uses> discretization-
approximation algorithmP1171Itemapproximation algorithm: method used to approximate a numberpi <approximation algorithm> Gauss–Legendre algorithm-
best-case time complexityP3753Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm at least-
average time complexityP3754Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm on average-
worst-case time complexityP3752Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm at most-
best-case space complexityP3756Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm at least-
average space complexityP3757Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm on average-
worst-case space complexityP3755Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm at most-
Butcher tableauP8558Mathematical expressionButcher tableau: table containing the coefficients of a Runge-Kutta method-

Wikidata property related to ratios and proportionsEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
proportionP1107Quantityto be used as a qualifier, value must be between 0 and 1mayonnaise <proportion> 0.7-
compression ratioP1247Quantitycompression ratio of an engineGnome-Rhône Mistral Major <compression ratio> 5.5-
maximum glide ratioP1470Quantitymaximum glide ratio of an aircraft-
scaleP1752QuantityProportional ratio of a linear dimension of a model, map, etc, to the same feature of the original - 1:n. Use 1 for lifesizeScale model of Pont-Lévêque-MnM 7 MM 94 <scale> 75-
aspect ratioP2061Itemimage width to height ratio of films, photographs, and other imagesNikon D800 <aspect ratio> 3:2-
gyromagnetic ratioP2222Quantitycharacteristic property of any elementary particleneutron <gyromagnetic ratio> 183247172 hertz per tesla-
common equity tier 1 capital ratio (CETI)P2663Quantityrelation between the core capital or shareholder's equity of a Bank and its risk-weighted assetsUBS <common equity tier 1 capital ratio (CETI)> 13.2 percent-
case fatality rateP3457Quantityproportion of patients who die of a particular medical condition out of all who have this condition within a given time frame-
basic reproduction numberP3492Quantitynumber of infections caused by one infection within an uninfected populationEbola virus <basic reproduction number> 1.51-
maximal rate of climbP4242Quantitymaximum rate of positive altitude change with respect to time for an aircraftNavion <maximal rate of climb> 6.4 metre per second-
albedoP4501Quantityratio of reflected radiation to incident radiationSaturn <albedo> 0.47-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Mathematics Genealogy Project IDP549External identifieridentifier for mathematicians and computer scientists at the Mathematics Genealogy ProjectLeonhard Euler <Mathematics Genealogy Project ID> 38586-
point groupP589Itemcrystal subdivisionsodium chloride <point group> cubic-hexoctahedral-
OEIS IDP829External identifieridentifer on the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer SequencesFermat number <OEIS ID> A000215-
Mathematical Reviews IDP889External identifieridentifier in Mathematical Reviews, a journal and online databaseHistory of Homological Algebra <Mathematical Reviews ID> 1721123-
zbMATH work IDP894External identifieridentifier in the zbMath databaseGrothendieck's Tôhoku paper <zbMATH work ID> 0118.26104-
notationP913Itemmathematical notation or another symbolequality <notation> equals sign-
flatteningP1102Quantitymeasure of the compression of an ellipsoid of revolutionEarth <flattening> 0.0033528-
group cardinalityP1164Quantitynumber of elements in a finite groupdihedral group of order 6 <group cardinality> 6-
approximation algorithmP1171Itemmethod used to approximate a number-
numeric valueP1181Quantitynumerical value of a number, a mathematical constant, or a physical constant1 <numeric value> 1-
has facet polytopeP1312Itemfacet of a polytope, in the next-lower dimensionregular dodecahedron <has facet polytope> regular pentagonhas vertex figure
dual toP1322Itemdual of a polytope, graph or curvecube <dual to> octahedron-
zbMATH author IDP1556External identifieridentifier of a person in the Zentralblatt MATH databaseNiels Bohr <zbMATH author ID> bohr.niels-
MacTutor biography IDP1563External identifieridentifier of the person's biography in the MacTutor History of Mathematics archiveThoralf Skolem <MacTutor biography ID> Skolem-
definition domainP1568Itemset of "input" or argument values for which a mathematical function is definedsquare function <definition domain> real number-
codomainP1571Itemcodomain of a functionlogarithm <codomain> real number-
has vertex figureP1678Itemthe figure exposed when a corner of a polytope is sliced offcuboctahedron <has vertex figure> rectanglehas facet polytope
input setP1851Itema superset of the domain of a function or relation that may include some inputs for which the function is not defined; to specify the set of only those inputs for which the function is defined use domain (P1568)tangent <input set> set of real numbers-
Erdős numberP2021Quantitythe "collaborative distance" between mathematician Paul Erdős and another person. Use point in time (P585) as qualifier and should be used with a source.Paul Erdős <Erdős number> 0-
statement describesP2384Itemformalization of the statement contains a bound variable in this classPythagorean theorem <statement describes> right triangle-
image of functionP2396Itemset of values that a mathematical function actually takessquare function <image of function> non-negative real number-
defining formulaP2534Mathematical expressionmathematical formula representing a theorem or law. Maximum length: 400 charactersPythagorean theorem <defining formula> a^2+b^2=c^2-
Sandbox-Mathematical expressionP2535Mathematical expressionSandbox property for value of type "Mathematical expression"Pythagorean theorem <Sandbox-Mathematical expression> a^2 + b^2 = c^2-
admissible rule inP2577Itemthis logic inference rule is admissible in that logical systemmodus ponens <admissible rule in> classical logic-
MathWorld identifierP2812External identifieridentifier for entries in MathWorld, online mathematics reference workgigantic prime <MathWorld identifier> GiganticPrime-
cardinality of this setP2820Itemmeasure of number of elements of a setrational number <cardinality of this set> aleph null-
Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers identifierP2931External identifieridentifier for triangle centers used in the Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers, founded by Clark Kimberlingde Longchamps point <Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers identifier> X(20)-
Schläfli symbolP3228Stringnotation that defines regular polytopes and tessellationsregular polygon <Schläfli symbol> {n}-
baseP3263Itemconfiguration of a polytop vertices around the symmetry axispentagonal prism <base> pentagon-
radixP3264Itemnumber of distinct digits in a positional numeral systemhexadecimal <radix> 16-
Mathematics Subject Classification IDP3285External identifieridentifier of the same topic in the Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)quantum chaos <Mathematics Subject Classification ID> 81Q50-
All-Russian Mathematical Portal IDP4252External identifieridentifier for a mathematician in the All-Russian Mathematical PortalVladimir Arnold <All-Russian Mathematical Portal ID> 4874-
MR Author IDP4955External identifierMathematical Reviews ID in MathSciNetDavid Hilbert <MR Author ID> 85745-
greater thanP5135Iteminstances of the item have a greater value than corresponding instances of the object, for the given measureem-dash <greater than> en-dash-
less thanP5136Iteminstances of the item have a lesser value than corresponding instances of the object, for the given measureaerostat <less than> air-
KIT Linked Open Numbers IDP5176External identifierthe value (without separator) of a positive integer. Various interfaces exist for properties of them.42 <KIT Linked Open Numbers ID> 42-
Alexander polynomialP5350Mathematical expressioninvariant of a knot or link. Use 't' as variable and list monomials in decreasing order.unknot <Alexander polynomial> 1-
Conway polynomialP5351Mathematical expressioninvariant of a knot. Use z as variable and list monomials in decreasing order.unknot <Conway polynomial> 1-
Jones polynomialP5352Mathematical expressioninvariant of a knot or link. Use q as variable and list monomials in decreasing order.unknot <Jones polynomial> 1-