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Wikidata property for quantities (Q52513243)

Wikidata property for physical quantitiesEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
measured physical quantityP111Itemvalue of a physical property expressed as number multiplied by a unitminute <measured physical quantity> time-
located on linear featureP795Itemlinear feature along which distance is specified from a specified datum pointPombal train station <located on linear feature> North railway line-
phase pointP873Itemphase point to describe critical point and triple point (see talk page for an example)undecane <phase point> critical point-
pKaP1117Quantityacid dissociation constanthydrogen fluoride <pKa> 3.17-
spin quantum numberP1122Quantitya quantum number; a dimensionless rational number; the intrinsic spin angular momentum is this times the Dirac or reduced Planck constantelectron <spin quantum number> 0.5-
parity quantum numberP1123Quantityproperty of particleselectron <parity quantum number> 1-
isospin quantum numberP1126Quantitycharacteristic property of any particleneutron <isospin quantum number> 0.5-
isospin z-componentP1127Quantitycharacteristic property of any elementary particleneutron <isospin z-component> -0.5-
emissivityP1295Quantityability of a substance to radiate thermal energy from its surfacecement <emissivity> 0.54-
lengthP2043Quantitymeasured dimension of an objectTrans-Siberian railway <length> 9289 kilometre-
elevation above sea levelP2044Quantityheight of the item (geographical object) as measured relative to sea levelMaïdo <elevation above sea level> 2205 metre-
areaP2046Quantityarea occupied by an objectCarcaixent <area> 59.25 square kilometre-
durationP2047Quantitylength of time of an event or processLa Grande Vadrouille <duration> 132 minute-
heightP2048Quantityvertical length of an entityEiffel Tower <height> 324 metre-
widthP2049Quantitywidth of an objectMona Lisa <width> 53 centimetre-
wingspanP2050Quantitydistance from one wingtip to the other, of an airplane or an animalAirbus A380 <wingspan> 79.8 metre-
M sin iP2051Quantityexoplanet mass multiplied by the inclination angleHD 113538 c <M sin i> 71 Jupiter mass-
speedP2052Quantitymagnitude of the velocity of the itemlight <speed> 299792458 metre per second-
watershed areaP2053Quantitysize of a stream's watershed (drainage basin)Po <watershed area> 71000 square kilometre-
densityP2054Quantitydensity of a substance with phase of matter and temperature as qualifiersacetophenone <density> 1.0281 gram per cubic centimetre-
electrical conductivityP2055Quantityelectrical conductivity of a substance with phase of matter and temperature as qualifiersgold <electrical conductivity> 45500000 ampere per volt metre-
heat capacityP2056Quantityspecific heat capacity of a substance, with phase of matter and temperature as qualifiersgold <heat capacity> 25.418 joule per mole kelvin-
luminosityP2060Quantitytotal amount of energy emitted by an astronomical object per unit timeAlgol <luminosity> 98 solar luminosity-
fusion enthalpyP2066Quantityfusion enthalpy of a substance at the melting temperaturemethanol <fusion enthalpy> 3167.29 joule per mole-
massP2067Quantitymass (in colloquial usage also known as weight) of the itemPluto <mass> 13.05 yottagram-
thermal conductivityP2068Quantityproperty of a material that describes how efficiently heat is conductedgold <thermal conductivity> 318 watt per metre kelvin-
magnetic momentP2069Quantitytorque a particle will experience in an external magnetic fieldelectron <magnetic moment> -1.0011596522 Bohr magneton-
vehicle rangeP2073Quantitydistance a vehicle can travel without refuellingBoeing 737 <vehicle range> 10200 mile-
speed of soundP2075Quantityspeed of sound waves in a material. Use qualifiers to specify the measurement conditions.methanol <speed of sound> 1123 metre per second-
temperatureP2076Quantityqualifier to indicate at what temperature something took placewater <temperature> 4 degree Celsius-
pressureP2077Quantityqualifier to indicate at what pressure something took place-
term length of officeP2097Quantitylength of time in years (unit: Q577) a person (usually a politician) is to serve in a particular office. Do not add bounds.President of the Republic of Guatemala <term length of office> 4 year-
melting pointP2101Quantitymelting point is the temperature at which a solid changes its state from solid to liquid at atmospheric pressurelead <melting point> 327.462 degree Celsius-
boiling pointP2102Quantitytemperature at which a substance changes its phase from liquid to gas (indicate the corresponding pressure as qualifier)benzene <boiling point> 80.08 degree Celsius-
decomposition pointP2107Quantitydecomposition point of a substancecopper(II) acetylide <decomposition point> 100 degree Celsius-
wing areaP2112Quantityarea of an aircraft's wing surfacesAEG C.IV <wing area> 39 square metre-
sublimation temperatureP2113Quantitytemperature at which a substance changes directly from solid to gaseous (indicate corresponding pressure qualifier)carbon dioxide <sublimation temperature> -78.5 degree Celsius-
half-lifeP2114Quantitytime required for the amount of something to fall to half its initial valueuranium-235 <half-life> 704000000 annum-
enthalpy of vaporizationP2116Quantityvaporization enthalpy of a substance with temperature as qualifier-
combustion enthalpyP2117Quantityenthalpy difference of a substance for combustionmethanol <combustion enthalpy> -726000 joule per mole-
kinematic viscosityP2118Quantityviscosity of a substance, with phase of matter (P515) and temperature (P2076) as qualifiersmethanol <kinematic viscosity> 0.0084 stokes-
vapor pressureP2119Quantitypressure exerted by a vapor in thermodynamic equilibrium with its condensed phasesmethanol <vapor pressure> 16.9 kilopascal-
radiusP2120Quantitydistance between the center and the surface of a circle or sphereEarth <radius> 6378.137 kilometre-
flash pointP2128Quantitylowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air. Add qualifier for measurement method (P459): open cup or closed cup. Not equal to fire point.undecane <flash point> 69 degree Celsius-
immediately dangerous to life or healthP2129QuantityImmediately Dangerous to Life and Health valuemethyl bromide <immediately dangerous to life or health> 0.0009725 gram per litre-
frequencyP2144Quantityfrequency in Hz at which the subject works, for example the frequency a radio station can be receivedWJMH <frequency> 102.1 megahertz-
explosive energy equivalentP2145Quantityamount of energy discharged during an explosionTsar Bomba <explosive energy equivalent> 50 megaton of TNT-
distance from river mouthP2148Quantityqualifier for P974 statements on streams-
clock speedP2149QuantityCPU's specified clock frequency (use with determination method = Q73207925 or Q73208059 as appropriate)-
FSB speedP2150QuantityCPU front-side bus speedPentium D 945 <FSB speed> 800 megahertz-
focal lengthP2151Quantityfocal length of lens (telescope, etc.)Hubble Space Telescope <focal length> 57.6 metre-
binding energyP2154Quantityenergy required to disassemble a whole system into separate partscarbon-12 <binding energy> 92161753 electronvolt-
mass excessP2160Quantitydifference between its actual mass and its mass number in atomic mass unitscarbon-12 <mass excess> 0 electronvolt-
solubilityP2177Quantityproperty of a chemical to dissolve in another chemical forming a solution. Provide solvent (P2178) and temperature (P2076) as qualifiersundecane <solubility> 0.000004 gram per kilogram-
autoignition temperatureP2199Quantitylowest temperature at which it will spontaneously ignite in a normal atmosphere without an external source of ignition-
lower flammable limitP2202Quantitythe lower bound of the concentration range over which a flammable mixture of gas or vapour in air can be ignited at a given temperature and pressure (0-1)methyl bromide <lower flammable limit> 10.0-
position angleP2211Quantitymeasurement relating to observed visual binary stars (use with P2210)south-southwest <position angle> 202.5 degree-
radial velocityP2216Quantitycomponent of the object's velocity that points in the direction of the radius connecting the object and the point-
cruise speedP2217Quantitydesign cruise speedBoeing 737 <cruise speed> 780 kilometre per hour-
metallicityP2227Quantityabundance of elements that are heavier than hydrogen or helium in an astronomical objectSun <metallicity> 0.0122-
maximum thrustP2228Quantitymaximum thrust specified for a jet engineWestinghouse J30 <maximum thrust> 1360 pound-force-
thermal design powerP2229Quantityspecified amount of heat a computer component generates under normal conditions that the cooling system must dissipateItanium 9015 <thermal design power> 104 watt-
torqueP2230Quantitytorque of a machine, a motor/engine/powerplant, or a vehicle-
explosive velocityP2231Quantityoctanitrocubane <explosive velocity> 10100 metre per second-
semi-major axis of an orbitP2233Quantitysemi-major axis of a stable orbit (Astronomy)orbit of Earth <semi-major axis of an orbit> 1.00000261 astronomical unit-
volume as quantityP2234Quantityquantity of three-dimensional spaceWorld Ocean <volume as quantity> 1332000000 cubic kilometre-
argument of periapsisP2248Quantityangle from the body's ascending node to its periapsisEarth <argument of periapsis> 114.20783 degree-
life expectancyP2250Quantitylife expectancy for this group or speciesPug <life expectancy> 13.5 year-
maximum operating altitudeP2254Quantityceiling or maximum density altitude at which an aircraft can operateStout 2-AT Pullman <maximum operating altitude> 15000 foot-
ionization energyP2260Quantityminimum amount of energy required to remove an electron from an atom, ion or molecule in the gaseous state2-heptanone <ionization energy> 9.33 electronvolt-
beamP2261Quantitywidth of a ship at its widest point measured at its nominal waterlineCMA CGM Bougainville <beam> 54 metre-
draftP2262Quantitydepth below the water line to the bottom of a vessel's hullCMA CGM Bougainville <draft> 16 metre-
minimal lethal doseP2300Quantitylowest concentration of a toxic substance in an environmental medium that kills individual organisms or test species under a defined set of conditionsacetone <minimal lethal dose> 45.455 parts per million-
time to altitudeP2362Quantitytime required by the subject to reach the specified altitude, from sea levelG.222 <time to altitude> 515 second-
conversion to SI unitP2370Quantityconversion of the unit into SI base unit(s)/SI derived unitmillimetre <conversion to SI unit> 0.001 metre-
diameterP2386Quantitythe diameter of a circular or spherical objectLondon Eye <diameter> 120 metre-
time-weighted average exposure limitP2404Quantityrecommended or required concentration limit for chemical exposure in a workplace in a given work dayacetone <time-weighted average exposure limit> 590 milligram per cubic meter-
takeoff rollP2430Quantitydistance required for an aircraft to take off (usually measured to the point where the aircraft reaches 50 feet)G.91Y <takeoff roll> 1100 metre-
voltageP2436Quantitydifference in electric potential between two points (indicated in volt)Vorab power line <voltage> 220000 volt-
conversion to standard unitP2442Quantitytranslation of the value of a measurement to different unitsyard <conversion to standard unit> 3 foot-
earthquake magnitude on the moment magnitude scaleP2527Quantitymagnitude of an earthquake according to the moment magnitude scale2010 Haiti earthquake <earthquake magnitude on the moment magnitude scale> 7.15-
earthquake magnitude on the Richter magnitude scaleP2528Quantitymagnitude of an earthquake according to the Richter magnitude scale2009 L'Aquila earthquake <earthquake magnitude on the Richter magnitude scale> 5.8-
lowest atmospheric pressureP2532Quantityminimum pressure measured or estimated for a storm (a measure of strength for tropical cyclones)Hurricane Sandy <lowest atmospheric pressure> 940 millibar-
acceptable daily intakeP2542Quantityestimate of the amount of a food additive, expressed on a body weight basis, that can be ingested daily over a lifetime without appreciable health riskpentachlorobenzene <acceptable daily intake> 0.0167 milligram per kilogram-
perimeterP2547Quantitylinear distance around the outside of an objectSun <perimeter> 4379000 kilometre-
global warming potentialP2565Quantityheat trapped by a certain gas in CO2 equivalentstrichloromonofluoromethane <global warming potential> 5352-
distance from EarthP2583Quantityestimated distance to astronomical objectsProxima Centauri <distance from Earth> 4.2421 light-year-
mean lifetimeP2645Quantityinverse of exponential decay rate; half-life is ln(2) times this valueneutron <mean lifetime> 880.3 second-
minimal lethal concentrationP2710Quantitylowest concentration of a toxic substance in an environmental medium that kills individual organisms or test species under a defined set of conditionsdichlorine <minimal lethal concentration> 800 parts per million-
no-observed-adverse-effect levelP2717Quantitygreatest concentration or amount of a substance, found by experiment or observation, which causes no detectable adverse alteration of morphology, functional capacity, growth, development, or life span of the target organism under defined conditions of expchlorobenzene <no-observed-adverse-effect level> 27.25 milligram per kilogram-
lowest-observed-adverse-effect levelP2718Quantitylowest concentration or amount of a substance (dose), found by experiment or observation, which causes an adverse effect on morphology, functional capacity, growth, development, or life span of a target organism distinguishable from normal (control) organchlorobenzene <lowest-observed-adverse-effect level> 54.5 milligram per kilogram-
race timeP2781Quantityofficially recorded time elapsed in a sports race-
Mercalli intensity scaleP2784Itemmeasurement of the intensity of an earthquake2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami <Mercalli intensity scale> Mercalli scale IX-
power consumedP2791Quantityelectrical power consumed by an applianceBlack and Decker DS321 <power consumed> 720 watt-
clearanceP2793Quantitydistance between surface under bridge and bottom of a bridge deckSecond Severn Crossing <clearance> 37 metre-
sound power levelP2797Quantitylevel of sound power at a reference value of 1 pWBlack and Decker DS321 <sound power level> 97 decibel-
vibrationP2806Quantitylevel of vibration measuredBlack and Decker DS321 <vibration> 5.20 metre per second squared-
molar volumeP2807Quantityqualifier with e.g. P873dimethyl carbonate <molar volume> 251 cubic centimetre per mole-
wavelengthP2808Quantityspatial period of a wavehydrogen line <wavelength> 21.10611405413 centimetre-
time in spaceP2873Quantitytime in space by an astronaut or cosmonautBruce McCandless II <time in space> 18751 minute-
time gapP2911Quantitytime gap to winner time (P2781)-
focal heightP2923Quantityheight of the lamp of a lighthouse from water levelBengtskär lighthouse <focal height> 51 metre-
throughputP2957Quantityvolume of units that do or can pass through or be transported by the objectV.90 <throughput> 56 kilobit per second-
surface tensionP3013Quantityphysical property of liquidacetic acid <surface tension> 27.1 millinewton per metre-
residence time of waterP3020Quantityresidence time of water in a lake or seaGrand Lac de Clairvaux <residence time of water> 3 month-
wheelbaseP3039Quantitydistance between centers of front wheel and rear wheelHonda CBR600F4 <wheelbase> 1395 millimetre-
luminous intensityP3041Quantitymeasure of the emitted light intensityPortland Bill Lighthouse <luminous intensity> 635000 candela-
dynamic viscosityP3070Quantityacetic acid <dynamic viscosity> 1.056 millipascal-second-
standard molar entropyP3071Quantityentropy content of one mole of substance under standard conditions (25°C, 1 bar)ethanol <standard molar entropy> 159.86-
standard enthalpy of formationP3078Quantitychange of enthalpy during the formation of 1 mole of the compound from its constituent elements, with all substances in their standard states at 1 bar and 25°Cethanol <standard enthalpy of formation> -277.0 kilojoule per mole-
event distanceP3157Quantitydistance over which a race or other event is conducted or was achievedBoston Marathon <event distance> 42.195 kilometre-
minimum viable temperatureP3251Quantitylowest operating temperature where the culturing of micro-organisms and/or enzyme activity occursPseudomonas putida KT2440 <minimum viable temperature> 5 degree Celsius-
maximum viable temperatureP3252Quantityhighest operating temperature where the culturing of micro-organisms and/or enzyme activity occursPseudomonas putida KT2440 <maximum viable temperature> 55 degree Celsius-
optimum viable temperatureP3253Quantitythe operating temperature where the culturing of micro-organisms and/or enzyme activity thrives bestPseudomonas putida KT2440 <optimum viable temperature> 28 degree Celsius-
field of viewP4036Quantityextent of the observable world that can be seen or sensed by the itemNo. 30 Sighting Telescope <field of view> 21 degree-
magnificationP4163Quantityamount of optical magnification providedNo. 30 Sighting Telescope <magnification> 1.9-
defined daily doseP4250Quantityaverage maintenance dose per day for a medicine used for its main indication in adultsamoxicillin <defined daily dose> 1 gram-
stellar rotational velocityP4296Quantitymeasured parameter for starsPollux <stellar rotational velocity> 2.8 kilometre per second-
vertical depthP4511Quantityvertical distance from a horizontal area to a point below. Compare with "horizontal depth" (P5524)Dead Sea <vertical depth> 298 metre-
coastlineP5141Quantitylength of the coastline (sea shore) of the region. Use qualifier "determination method" (P459) to define how it's determined/which granularity is used.-
fatigue limitP5608Quantityamplitude (or range) of cyclic stress that can be applied to the material without causing fatigue failureSAE 316L stainless steel <fatigue limit> 290 megapascal-
electrical resistivityP5679Quantityquantifies how strongly a given material opposes the flow of electric currentdrinking water <electrical resistivity> 20 ohm metre-
specific rotationP6272Quantityangle through which plane-polarized light is rotated by an optically active substance or a solution of that substancedolabriferol B <specific rotation> -51.9 degree-
solar irradianceP6876Quantitypower per unit area received from the Sun in the form of electromagnetic radiationSolnova Solar Power Station <solar irradiance> 2012 kilowatt hour per square metre per year-
surface gravityP7015Quantitygravitational acceleration experienced at the equator of an astronomical body surfaceEarth <surface gravity> 9.807 metre per second squared-
cumulative elevation gainP7297Quantitymeasure of the difference in height between two points on the terrain, when following a trackGR 58 <cumulative elevation gain> 7283 metre-
recommended unit of measurementP8111Itemunit in which a quantity is measured as recommended by a standard (SI, ISO, IEC, etc.)mass <recommended unit of measurement> kilogram-

Wikidata property of quantity type indicating a percentageEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
central government debt as a percent of GDPP1689QuantityAustralia <central government debt as a percent of GDP> 40.5 percent-
alcohol by volumeP2665Quantitypercentage of alcohol in a fluidabsinthe <alcohol by volume> 65 volume percent-
individual tax rateP2834Quantitypercentage tax rate on individuals by incomeNetherlands <individual tax rate> 36.5 percent-
VAT-rateP2855Quantitypercentage value-added tax in this country or region. Do not use for sales tax. For specialised rates, use qualifiersGermany <VAT-rate> 19 percent-
water as percent of areaP2927Quantitywhich percentage of the territory of this item inside coast line and international bounderies is water. Use "percent" (Q11229) as unitSingapore <water as percent of area> 1.444 percent-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
median lethal dose (LD50)P2240Quantitythe dose required to kill half the members of a tested population after a specified test duration (LC₅₀ → P2712)potassium cyanide <median lethal dose (LD50)> 11 milligram per kilogram-
median lethal concentration (LC50)P2712Quantitystatistically derived median concentration of a substance in an environmental medium expected to kill 50% of organisms in a given population under a defined set of conditionsdichlorine <median lethal concentration (LC50)> 137 parts per million-
Wikidata time precisionP2803Quantitynumeric value used by Wikidata to describe the corresponding time/date precision. There are 15 items with this property with values from 0 to 14 (second), year is 9.month <Wikidata time precision> 10-
half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50)P4268Quantitymeasure of the effectiveness of a substance in inhibiting a specific biological or biochemical function-
half maximal effective concentration (EC50)P4269Quantityconcentration of a drug, antibody or toxicant which induces a response halfway between the baseline and maximum after a specified exposure timeRo 40-6055 <half maximal effective concentration (EC50)> 7.943E-8 mole-