Wikidata:List of properties/ownership

Wikidata property regarding utilization and ownership (Q30025373)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
item operatedP121Itemequipment, installation or service operated by the subjecttransport <item operated> craftoperator
maintained byP126Itemperson or organization in charge of keeping the subject (for instance an infrastructure) in functioning orderIUCN Red List <maintained by> International Union for Conservation of Nature-
owned byP127Itemowner of the subjectChoupette <owned by> Karl Lagerfeldowner of
operatorP137Itemperson, profession, or organization that operates the equipment, facility, or service; use country for diplomatic missionsYamanote Line <operator> East Japan Railway Companyitem operated
useP366Itemmain use of the subject (includes current and former usage)book <use> reading-
occupantP466Itema person or organization occupying propertyLouvre Palace <occupant> Louvre Museum-
used byP1535Itemitem or concept that makes use of the subject (use sub-properties when appropriate)remote control unit <used by> television watcheruses
owner ofP1830Itementities owned by the subjectJohn Cale <owner of> SPY Recordsowned by
number of registered users/contributorsP1833Quantitynumber of registered users on a websiteWikidata <number of registered users/contributors> 2910544-
usesP2283Itemitem or concept used by the subject or in the operation (see also instrument [P1303] and armament [P520])painter <uses> paintbrushused by