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Wikidata property related to religions and beliefsEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
place of burialP119Itemlocation of grave, resting place, place of ash-scattering, etc, (e.g. town/city or cemetery) for a person or animal. There may be several places: e.g. re-burials, cenotaphs, parts of body buried separately.Christian Doppler <place of burial> San Michele Cemetery-
religionP140Itemreligion of a person, organization or religious building, or associated with this subjectNarendra Modi <religion> Hinduism-
canonization statusP411Itemstage in the process of attaining sainthood per the subject's religious organizationJohn Paul II <canonization status> saint-
patron saintP417Itempatron saint adopted by the subjectParis <patron saint> Genevievedomain of saint or deity
religious orderP611Itemorder of monks or nuns to which an individual or religious house belongsFontgombault Abbey <religious order> Benedictines-
mother houseP612Itemprincipal house or community for a religious instituteSolesmes Abbey <mother house> Saint-Pierre de la Couture Abbey-
dioceseP708Itemadministrative division of the church to which the element belongs; use P5607 for other types of ecclesiastical territorial entitiesTurku Cathedral <diocese> Archdiocese of Turku-
Church of Sweden parish codeP778External identifieridentifier for a parish of the Church of SwedenAdelsö-Munsö parish <Church of Sweden parish code> 00000000000000000000000000000-
Church of Sweden PastoratskodP779External identifieridentifier for a pastoral district of the Church of SwedenHusaby parish <Church of Sweden Pastoratskod> 030708-
Vatican Library IDP1017External identifieridentifier for authority control used at the Vatican LibraryJean de La Varende <Vatican Library ID> [
Catholic Hierarchy person IDP1047External identifieridentifier for the person on catholic-hierarchy.orgFrancis <Catholic Hierarchy person ID> bergj-
worshipped byP1049Itemreligion or group/civilization that worships a given deityAhura Mazda <worshipped by> Zoroastrianism-
Dharma Drum Buddhist College person IDP1187External identifieridentifier for a person in DDBCLaozi <Dharma Drum Buddhist College person ID> A002104-
Dharma Drum Buddhist College place IDP1188External identifieridentifier for a place in DDBCMount Lu <Dharma Drum Buddhist College place ID> PL000000018775-
Jewish Encyclopedia ID (Russian)P1438Stringidentifier on the Electronic Jewish Encyclopedia (Elektronnaja Evrejskaja Entsiklopedia)Christopher Columbus <Jewish Encyclopedia ID (Russian)> 12170- IDP1453External identifieridentifier on the site catholic.ruThomas Aquinas < ID> 485-
consecratorP1598Itembishop who presided as consecrator or co-consecrator of this bishopFrancis <consecrator> Antonio Quarracino-
religious nameP1635Monolingual textname taken or used as a member of a religious community-
date of baptism in early childhoodP1636Point in timedate when a person was baptized. For times when only baptism records were available, this can be a good substitute for date of birth.Ludwig van Beethoven <date of baptism in early childhood> 1770-12-17- Catholic church IDP1644External identifieridentifierSainte-Madeleine Church < Catholic church ID> 67/strasbourg/sainte-madeleine-
name dayP1750Itemday of the year associated with a first/given name. A qualifier should be used to identify the calendar that is being used. Distinguish from "feast day" (P:P841)Lucy <name day> December 13-
Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online IDP1842External identifieridentifier for Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia OnlineJan Caspar Philips <Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online ID> Jan Caspar (ca. 1700-1775) Philips, Jan Caspar (ca. 1700-1775)-
Catholic Hierarchy diocese IDP1866External identifieridentifer for a diocese on catholic-hierarchy.orgRoman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris <Catholic Hierarchy diocese ID> pars-
cathedralP1885Itemprincipal church of a religious districtMinsk metropolis <cathedral> Holy Spirit Cathedral-
Hederich encyclopedia article IDP2272External identifierentry in Hederich’s encyclopedia of mythology, 3rd edition (1770), via zeno.orgAbadir <Hederich encyclopedia article ID> Abádir-
French diocesan architects IDP2385External identifieridentifier for a person in the French diocesan architects indexEugène Viollet-le-Duc <French diocesan architects ID> 504- IDP2489External identifierinternet page corresponding to Orthodox architectural sites in BelarusChurch of the Transfiguration in Zaslaŭje < ID> 6-
totemP2831Itemin many indigenous cultures an individual or group has a particular totem (e.g. a type of animal)John Stewart Murray <totem> Siluriformes-
domain of saint or deityP2925Itemdomain(s) which this saint or deity controls or protectsPoseidon <domain of saint or deity> sea-
GCatholic church IDP2971External identifierID of a church on GCatholic.orgNotre-Dame de Paris <GCatholic church ID> 131-
official religionP3075Itemofficial religion in this administrative entityIran <official religion> Shia Islam-
JewishGen Locality IDP3198External identifieridentifier of a town in The JewishGen Communities DatabaseRadzanów, Mława County <JewishGen Locality ID> 524980-
KU Leuven person IDP3237External identifieridentifier for a person in the Who's Who database of the Catholic University of LeuvenJean-Christophe Marine <KU Leuven person ID> 00063154-
Catholic Encyclopedia IDP3241External identifierpage of an article on newadvent.orgPius X <Catholic Encyclopedia ID> 12137a-
Observatoire du Patrimoine Religieux IDP3371External identifierID for religious buildings on the OPR websiteSainte Chapelle <Observatoire du Patrimoine Religieux ID> 150966-
French Catholic Church structure IDP3396External identifieridentifier of a structure in the guide of the French Catholic Church, edited by the Bishops' Conference of FranceRoman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris <French Catholic Church structure ID> diocese-paris-
Guide of the French Church person IDP3397External identifieridentifier of a person in the guide of the French Catholic Church, edited by the Bishops' Conference of FranceAndré Vingt-Trois <Guide of the French Church person ID> s-em-le-cardinal-andre-vingt-trois-
Klosterdatenbank IDP3407External identifierentry in the Germania Sacra KlosterdatenbankMarienstift <Klosterdatenbank ID> 2077-
Clergy of the Church of England database IDP3410External identifieridentifier for people in the Church of England database, covering English clergy from 1540–1835Edward Maltby <Clergy of the Church of England database ID> 70037-
Catholic riteP3501ItemCatholic rite associated with this itemRoman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec <Catholic rite> Roman Rite-
Theoi Project IDP3545External identifieridentifier for an entity in Greek mythology, at the Theoi ProjectIsmenian Dragon <Theoi Project ID> Ther/DrakonIsmenios-
incarnation ofP3701Itemincarnation of another religious or supernatural beingKrishna <incarnation of> Vishnu-
Jewish Encyclopedia Daat IDP3710External identifieridentifier for an entry at Jewish Encyclopedia DaatAvraham Danzig <Jewish Encyclopedia Daat ID> 60-
Clochers de France IDP3963External identifieridentifier of a religious building on the websiteSainte Chapelle <Clochers de France ID> 75/accueil_75101a-
Misjonsarkiv person IDP3981External identifieridentifier in the missionary archives of VID Specialized UniversityJon Fitje <Misjonsarkiv person ID> 130-
JewAge person IDP4116External identifieridentifier for a person on JewAge, a genealogical database for Jewish peopleAlbert Einstein <JewAge person ID> P0520433729-
Treasury of Lives IDP4138External identifieridentifier for a person in the biographical encyclopedia of biographies related to Tibet, Inner Asia, and the Himalayan regionYeshe Tsogyal <Treasury of Lives ID> Yeshe-Tsogyel/10373-
iconographic symbolP4185Itemidentifying element typically depicted as accompanying or worn by this religious figure, hero, fictional or historical characterPeter <iconographic symbol> Keys of Heaven-
Sefaria IDP4230External identifieridentifier for Sefaria, an online library of Jewish texts with freely licensed content-
Nominis saint IDP4286External identifiersaint identifier in Nominis databasePeter <Nominis saint ID> 899/Saint-Pierre-
possessed by spiritP4292Itemitem which is spiritually possessing this itemRegan MacNeil <possessed by spirit> Pazuzu-
Württembergische Kirchengeschichte person IDP4621External identifieridentifier for a person in the database of the Evangelic church in WürttembergKarl Bardili <Württembergische Kirchengeschichte person ID> 276-
Welsh Chapels IDP4641External identifieridentifier for a chapel building in Wales, in the Welsh Religious Buildings Trust chapels databaseLittle Chapel <Welsh Chapels ID> 7160-
Dominicains IDP4943External identifieridentifier of a Dominican monk on the online Dictionnaire biographique des frères prêcheursAugustin-Jean Maydieu <Dominicains ID> 1436-
Orthodox Encyclopedia IDP5002External identifieridentifier for an entry on the official website of the Orthodox EncyclopediaEuclid <Orthodox Encyclopedia ID> 187138-
Territographie IDP5010External identifieridentifier for a rural chapel in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region on the Territography platform developed by the CNRSChapel of Notre Dame des Anges <Territographie ID> 590-
Church of Sweden IDP5048External identifieridentifier in the database of dioceses, pastorates and church buildings of SwedenYtterlännäs new church <Church of Sweden ID> adalsbygden/ytterlannas-kyrka-
Church of Norway building IDP5294External identifieridentifier for a church building listed by Church of Norway ("Kirkebyggdatabasen")Vinger kirke <Church of Norway building ID> 040200201-
Inventory of French sanctuaries IDP5449External identifieridentifier for items in the inventory of Christian shrines and pilgrimage sites in FranceNotre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle de la Meule <Inventory of French sanctuaries ID> 366-
A Church Near You church IDP5464External identifieridentifier for a church at the A Church Near You websiteAll Saints Church <A Church Near You church ID> 18322-
Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database artist IDP5469External identifieridentifier for a person listed in the Mormon Literature and Creative Arts DatabaseZenna Henderson <Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database artist ID> zenna-chlarson-henderson-
Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database Works IDP5495External identifieridentifier for a work listed in the Mormon Literature and Creative Arts DatabaseEnder's Game <Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database Works ID> enders-game-
Znicenekostely IDP5515External identifieridentifier for damaged and destroyed churches in the Czech RepublicQ25933197 <Znicenekostely ID> 13792-
Places of Worship Inventory IDP5598External identifieridentifier of a place of worship in OntarioSt. Anne Anglican Church <Places of Worship Inventory ID> 302-
Inventory of Quebec's Places of Worship IDP5599External identifieridentifier of a place of worship in Quebec, built before 1975Église Sainte-Geneviève-de-Batiscan <Inventory of Quebec's Places of Worship ID> 80033-
located in the ecclesiastical territorial entityP5607Itemthe item is located on the territory of the following ecclesiastical entity. Use P708 (diocese) for diocesescollegiate church of Saint Stephen <located in the ecclesiastical territorial entity> Parish of Saint Stephen-
BeWeb church IDP5611External identifieridentifier for an Italian church, in the Italian Episcopal Conference databaseSan Giovanni Battista (Saturnana) <BeWeb church ID> 26760-
Angelicum IDP5731External identifieridentifier for an entity in the online catalogue of the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas AquinasThomas Aquinas <Angelicum ID> 12066-
Pontificia Università della Santa Croce IDP5739External identifieridentifier for an entity in the online catalogue of the Pontifical University of the Holy CrossJean Buys <Pontificia Università della Santa Croce ID> 12066-
place of devotionP5873Itemplace where a religious devotion was practiced and for which this devotional image (or text) was producedOur Lady of Mercy <place of devotion> Brussels-
Santiebeati IDP6126External identifieridentifier of a person from the website Santiebeati.itFrancis of Assisi <Santiebeati ID> 21750-
Jewish Museum Berlin person IDP6214External identifierJewish Museum Berlin person IDErnest Herbert Paul Schwerin <Jewish Museum Berlin person ID> 555239-
Dictionnaire de spiritualité IDP6302External identifieridentifier for a topic on the Dictionnaire de spiritualitéCharles Péguy <Dictionnaire de spiritualité ID> 7705- IDP6725External identifieridentifier of a catholic saint in the website CatholicSaints.infoJoseph II < ID> emperor-joseph-ii-
Buddhist Author Authority Database IDP6772External identifieridentifier of a person or an organization in the Buddhist Author Authority DatabaseXuanzang <Buddhist Author Authority Database ID> 31102- Catholic parish IDP6788External identifieridentifier for a Catholic parish on messes.infoQ3365709 < Catholic parish ID> pa/75/saint-honore-d-eylau- Baptist Church IDP6892External identifieridentifier for an independent Baptist church at Fundamental.orgTrinity Baptist Church < Baptist Church ID> 105- IDP6996External identifieridentifier for an inscribed tablet about a dead person in a Swedish church from the website epitafier.seClaes Depken < ID> B0014-
Documenta Catholica Omnia author IDP7038External identifieridentifier for an author in Documenta Catholica Omnia digital libraryTiconius <Documenta Catholica Omnia author ID> 30_10_0350-0450-_Tichonius_Afer- work IDP7236External identifieridentifier for a movie, book, television show or album on Dove.orgGod's Not Dead < work ID> 10161-
TDV İslam Ansiklopedisi IDP7314External identifieridentifier for the Islamic Encyclopedia created by the Turkish religion authority DiyanetSamet Ağaoğlu <TDV İslam Ansiklopedisi ID> agaoglu-samet-
BeWeb person IDP7796External identifieridentifier for a person, in the Italian Episcopal Conference databaseBenedict XIII <BeWeb person ID> 4-
BeWeb entity IDP7797External identifieridentifier for a entity, in the Italian Episcopal Conference databaseAssociazione Guide e Scouts Cattolici Italiani <BeWeb entity ID> 3040-
BeWeb family IDP7798External identifieridentifier for a family, in the Italian Episcopal Conference databaseQ3700648 <BeWeb family ID> 1350-
OrthodoxWiki ID (English)P7819External identifiernumeric identifier of a page in the English edition of OrthodoxWiki.orgOrthodox Christianity <OrthodoxWiki ID (English)> 1485-
Mirabile saint IDP7990External identifieridentifier for Christian saintsAndrew <Mirabile saint ID> 345-
Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity IDP8073External identifierIdentifier of an item in the Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity databaseJerome <Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity ID> S00267-
Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon IDP8080External identifieridentifier for a saint in the database Ökumenisches HeiligenlexikonAngelrannus of Saint-Riquier <Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon ID> E/Engelram_von_Centula.html-
Priset of Archidiecezja Gdańska IDP8171External identifier-
Augustins de l'Assomption IDP8233External identifieridentifier for an Assumptionist on the website of the orderErnest Baudouy <Augustins de l'Assomption ID> ernest-baudouy-1862-1942-

Wikidata property related to educationEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
educated atP69Itemeducational institution attended by subjectBertrand Russell <educated at> University of Cambridge-
doctoral advisorP184Itemperson who supervised the doctorate or PhD thesis of the subjectGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz <doctoral advisor> Christiaan Huygensdoctoral student
doctoral studentP185Itemdoctoral student(s) of a professorJ. J. Thomson <doctoral student> Ernest Rutherforddoctoral advisor
academic degreeP512Itemacademic degree that the person holdsPaul Krugman <academic degree> Doctor of Philosophy-
studentP802Itemnotable student(s) of the subject individualAlbert Einstein <student> Ernst G. Strausstudent of
professorshipP803Itemprofessorship position held by this academic personStephen Hawking <professorship> Lucasian Professor of Mathematics-
academic majorP812Itemsubject someone studied at college/universityBarack Obama <academic major> political science-
doctoral thesisP1026Itemthesis that someone wrote to obtain a PhD degreeJosef Niemeyer <doctoral thesis> Die Rechtsform der Kartelle mit einer als selbständige Handels-Gesellschaft organisierten Verkaufsstelle (Doppel-Gesellschaft) unter Berücksichtigung ihrer Steuerleistungspflicht-
student ofP1066Itemperson who has taught this personAlbert Einstein <student of> Heinrich Friedrich Weberstudent
rectorP1075Itemrector of a universityPolitecnico di Milano <rector> Giovanni Azzone-
Japanese High School CodeP1386External identifieridentifier for a high school in JapanIno Business High School <Japanese High School Code> 39119A-
Cambridge Alumni Database IDP1599External identifieridentifier in the Cambridge Alumni Database/Alumni Cantabrigienses (ACAD)William Wordsworth <Cambridge Alumni Database ID> WRDT787W-
BBF IDP1650External identifieridentifier in the archive database of the German "Research Library for the History of Education" (personal data of the teachers of Prussia)Richard Kienast <BBF ID> b8803e1c-d557-47d6-8b0e-70a778835e3f-
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System IDP1771External identifieridentifier for colleges and universities in the United StatesValparaiso University <Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System ID> 152600-
Masaryk University person IDP1803External identifieridentifer for a person affiliated with Masaryk University (staff, alumnus, student…)Vladimír Smékal <Masaryk University person ID> 668-
Ministry of Education of Chile school IDP1919External identifierID number (Rol Base de Datos, RBD, in Spanish, meaning database role) of all schools (high, middle, primary) in Chile, as registered by the Ministry of Education of ChileColegio de la Preciosa Sangre <Ministry of Education of Chile school ID> 2656-
Catalogus Professorum Academiae Groninganae idP2016External identifieridentifier for a professor, in the Catalogus Professorum Academiae GroninganaeWilhelmus Josephus Jongmans <Catalogus Professorum Academiae Groninganae id> 258-
students countP2196Quantitynumber of students of any type in an educational organizationJagiellonian University <students count> 51601-
DfE URNP2253External identifierDepartment for Education Unique Reference Number; school identifier used by the UK governmentOld Palace of John Whitgift School <DfE URN> 101846-
Classification of Instructional Programs codeP2357Stringcode representing academic disciplines in the U.S. Department of Education's Classification of Instructional Programssoil science <Classification of Instructional Programs code> 01.12-
teaching methodP2392Itemteaching method adopted by an educational institutionSecundaria #70 <teaching method> Montessori education-
NCES District IDP2483External identifieridentifier for a school district or education agency in the United StatesLos Angeles Unified School District <NCES District ID> 0622710-
NCES School IDP2484External identifieridentifier for a school in the United StatesGrafton High School <NCES School ID> 550561002248-
OM institution IDP2493External identifieridentifier of primary and secondary schools at the Hungarian Ministry of EducationVarga Katalin Secondary School <OM institution ID> 035990-
SEED numberP2524External identifieridentifier for a school in Scotland, in the Scottish Government's SEED databaseCraigmount High School <SEED number> 5532132-
number of out-of-school childrenP2573Quantitynumber of out-of-school children reported for a placeAlbania <number of out-of-school children> 7097-
Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher EducationP2643Itemclassification of colleges and universities in the United StatesSouth Dakota School of Mines and Technology <Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education> engineering school-
CRICOS Provider CodeP2651External identifierunique identifier for Australian education providers assigned by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)Monash University <CRICOS Provider Code> 00008C-
Estyn IDP2655External identifieridentifier for a school in Wales, in the Welsh Assembly's Estyn databaseRadyr Comprehensive School <Estyn ID> 6814070-
Leidse Hoogleraren IDP2861External identifieridentifier in the Leidse Hoogleraren, a catalogue of University Professors of Leiden University since 1575Hugo Krabbe <Leidse Hoogleraren ID> 1441-
Catalogus Professorum Academiae Rheno-Traiectinae IDP2862External identifieridentifier for a professor at Utrecht UniversityC. H. D. Buys Ballot <Catalogus Professorum Academiae Rheno-Traiectinae ID> 360-
Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium IDP2940External identifieridentifier in the Catalogus Professorum Rostochensium database on professors of the Rostock University from 1419 to presentHans Spemann <Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium ID> 00003440-
College Football HoF IDP3044External identifieridentifier for American football players in the College Football Hall of FameEarl Abell <College Football HoF ID> 1268-
Basisregistratie Instellingen numberP3061External identifierregister number, issued by the Dutch ministry of Education, given to schoolsBarlaeus Gymnasium <Basisregistratie Instellingen number> 21AB-
UGentMemorialis IDP3159External identifieridentifier for a professor at the Ghent UniversityDaniël Vangroenweghe <UGentMemorialis ID> 000005697-
UAI codeP3202External identifierofficial identifier of a French educational establishmentLycée Henri-IV <UAI code> 0750654D-
KU Leuven person IDP3237External identifieridentifier for a person in the Who's Who database of the Catholic University of LeuvenJean-Christophe Marine <KU Leuven person ID> 00063154-
compulsory education (minimum age)P3270Quantityminimum age for children when compulsory education starts. Qualifiers: "subject of" to link to more detail. If applicable, use qualifier P31 with value "varies by state/province" (Q27145860). Use "start time" or "point in time" for historic data.People's Republic of China <compulsory education (minimum age)> 6 years old-
compulsory education (maximum age)P3271Quantitymaximum age for children when compulsory education ends. Qualifiers: "subject of" to link to more detail. If applicable, use qualifier P31 with value "varies by state/province" (Q27145860). Use "start time" or "point in time" for historic data.People's Republic of China <compulsory education (maximum age)> 15 years old-
student register of the University of Helsinki ID (1640–1852)P3299External identifierID in the online student register of the University of Helsinki 1640–1852. Format: numbers below ca. 20000, see P3325 for higher numbersBerndt Godenhjelm <student register of the University of Helsinki ID (1640–1852)> 12987-
student register of the University of Helsinki ID (1853–1899)P3325External identifierID in the online student register of the University of Helsinki 1853–1899. Format: numbers above ca. 20000, see P3299 for lower numbersJuho Kusti Paasikivi <student register of the University of Helsinki ID (1853–1899)> 23080-
College Football Data Warehouse IDP3560External identifierID at College Football Data WarehouseAndrew Frank Schoeppel <College Football Data Warehouse ID> 5431-
NCAA sports team IDP3692External identifieridentifier for an American college sports team on the National Collegiate Athletic Association's websiteArizona State Sun Devils <NCAA sports team ID> arizona-st- college basketball player IDP3696External identifieridentifier for a NCAA Division I college men's basketball player on the college basketball (SRCBB) websiteSpencer Butterfield < college basketball player ID> spencer-butterfield-1- college football player IDP3697External identifieridentifier for a college football player on the Sports Reference college football (SRCFB) websiteHugh Millen < college football player ID> hugh-millen-1-
category for alumni of educational institutionP3876Itemcategory containing people who studied at this institutionBelarusian National Technical University <category for alumni of educational institution> Category:Belarusian National Technical University alumni-
Austrian Textbook IDP3991External identifierThis identifier is used for textbooks in Austria that are allowed to be used in public schools.Szia! Hungarian for beginners, Textbook <Austrian Textbook ID> 120578- institutional IDP4052External identifieracademic institution page on academia.eduHarvard University < institutional ID> harvard-
NPSN Indonesian school IDP4128External identifieridentifier for a school in IndonesiaSMKN 6 Garut <NPSN Indonesian school ID> 20227488- person IDP4285External identifieridentifier of a PhD holder or thesis jury member, on the French thesis databaseChristophe Charle < person ID> 026779528-
Department of Education and Skills roll numberP4331External identifieridentifier in official government database of Irish schoolsBlackrock College <Department of Education and Skills roll number> 60030V-
QEdu IDP4344External identifieridentifier for a Brazilian educational institution, in the QEdu databaseColégio São Luís <QEdu ID> 190587-
Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame IDP4402External identifieridentifier for a player on the Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame websiteAlthea Gibson <Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame ID> althea-gibson-
Ecole des chartes thesis abstract IDP4465External identifieridentifier for the abstract of the diploma thesis of an archivist paleographer (graduate student) at the Ecole Nationale des ChartesLa Mise en archives du trésor des Chartes (XIIIe-XIXe siècle) <Ecole des chartes thesis abstract ID> 2007/potin-
EThOS thesis IDP4536External identifieridentifier of a doctoral thesis, in the British Library's EThOS databaseProperties of expanding universes <EThOS thesis ID>
National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame IDP4560External identifieridentifier for a person on the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame websiteDarrell Griffith <National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame ID> darrell-griffith-
Canal-U channel IDP4699External identifierID of a channel on Canal-U, the online video library of French Higher EducationMuséum national d'histoire naturelle <Canal-U channel ID> mnhn- college basketball coach IDP4751External identifieridentifier for a NCAA Division I college men's basketball coach on the college basketball (SRCBB) websiteC. M. Newton < college basketball coach ID> cm-newton-1-
AICTE institute application IDP4897External identifieridentifier number issued annually for institutions who need to re-apply for accreditation by the All India Council for Technical EducationVidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur <AICTE institute application ID> 1-3327343479-
Julien IDP4930External identifieridentifier of a person on the biographical dictionary of the Lycée Clemenceau alumni, said "Julien"Joseph Abasq <Julien ID> abasq-joseph-
National Thesis Number (France)P5005External identifieridentifier usually assigned by the dissertation's library for a published thesis in FranceConditions générales de santé dans les favelas de Rio de Janeiro <National Thesis Number (France)> 1982STR1M019-
Italian School IDP5114External identifierThis property describes the school identifier used by Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research for identifying italian schoolsD. Buzzati Limana <Italian School ID> BLMM816023-
TFRRS athlete IDP5120External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the TFRRS track and field and cross country results websiteGalen Rupp <TFRRS athlete ID> 608042-
e-MEC entryP5148External identifierentry for a Brazilian institution of higher learning in the Ministry of EducationUNICURITIBA <e-MEC entry> MTQxOQ==-
ARWU university IDP5242External identifieridentifier for an university on the Academic Ranking of World Universities websiteLille University of Science and Technology <ARWU university ID> LILLE-1-University---Science-and-Technology-
Canal-U person IDP5243External identifieridentifier of a person on Canal-UMartin Motte <Canal-U person ID> motte_martin-
myschool IDP5245External identifieridentifier of a school in Australia, in the site, a government source of compiled dataHaberfield Public School <myschool ID> 41022-
school districtP5353Itemschool district to which a settlement or other item belongsAuffang <school district> Josef Guggenmoos School Altötting-
École normale alumnus IDP5373External identifieridentifier of an alumnus on the Dictionnaire prosopographique des élèves nommés à l'École normale de l'an IIIRaymond Barascud <École normale alumnus ID> Barascud_Raymond-
RHE doctor IDP5459External identifieridentifier of a doctor on the database of doctoral thesis submitted in French faculties of Arts from 1808 to 1940Léon Abensour <RHE doctor ID> 1-
grantsP5460Itemconfers degree, honor, award, prize, title, certificate or medal denoting achievement to a person or organizationHTW Berlin <grants> Bachelor of Science-
RHE professor IDP5462External identifieridentifier of a doctor on the database of professor of French Faculties of art and science from 1808 to 1880Paul Meyer <RHE professor ID> 1170-
QS World University IDP5584External identifieridentifer for an educational institution, in the QS World University databaseMassachusetts Institute of Technology <QS World University ID> massachusetts-institute-technology-mit-
Times Higher Education World University IDP5586External identifierTimes Higher Education World University Ranking Website's university identifierMassachusetts Institute of Technology <Times Higher Education World University ID> massachusetts-institute-technology-
U-Multirank university IDP5600External identifieridentifier for a university, on the U-Multirank websiteMassachusetts Institute of Technology <U-Multirank university ID> massachusetts-institute-of-technology-
KERIS school IDP5744External identifieridentifier for a school in the information system by KERISDongnae Girls' High School <KERIS school ID> C100000397-
admission rateP5822Quantityratio of the number of applicants admitted to the total number of applicantsStanford University <admission rate> 0.05-
Dapodikdasmen IDP5884External identifieridentifier for a school in IndonesiaSMA Negeri 68 Jakarta <Dapodikdasmen ID> 6093B02AD005D6E4A6CA-
tuition feeP5894Quantitythe tuition fee at an educational instition (default duration:1 year, use duration qualifier to specify)Heidelberg University <tuition fee> 1500 euro-
Sekolah Kita IDP5955External identifieridentifier for a school in Indonesia (early childhood education, primary education, and secondary education)SMP Negeri 2 Padang <Sekolah Kita ID> 60908879-2FF5-E011-8C64-F73890011EB9-
INEP IGC continuous scoreP6069QuantityEscola de Pós-Graduação em Economia <INEP IGC continuous score> 4.83-
INEP IGC discrete gradeP6095ItemEscola de Pós-Graduação em Economia <INEP IGC discrete grade> General Program Index grade 5-
Litchfield Ledger IDP6362External identifieridentifier in Litchfield Ledger databaseAaron Burr <Litchfield Ledger ID> 0479-
REDIZOP6370External identifieridentificator of school organization in Czech RepublicGymnázium Třebíč <REDIZO> 600015343-
U-DISE codeP6391External identifieridentifier for a primary or secondary school in India issued under the Unified District Information System for EducationAndhra Association School <U-DISE code> 19170109120-
AISHE codeP6392External identifieridentifier for a college, university, or standalone institution in India issued by the All India Survey on Higher EducationTripura University <AISHE code> U-0495-
WBCHSE codeP6483External identifieridentifier for a college or school situated in West BengalAcharya Jagadish Chandra Bose College <WBCHSE code> 1009-
illiterate populationP6498Quantitynumber of illiterate people within a territorial entity (typically determined during a census)Khammam district <illiterate population> 1167136-
literate populationP6499Quantitynumber of literate people within a territorial entity (typically determined during a census)Khammam district <literate population> 1630234-
AICTE Permanent IDP6513External identifieridentifier number issued by AICTE, the authorized organization in India which grants approval for starting and accreditation technical institutions in IndiaVidya Academy of Science and Technology Technical Campus <AICTE Permanent ID> 1-1419517371-
student organization ofP6840Itemthe members of this organization (club or society) are students of the target college or universityTech Model Railroad Club <student organization of> Massachusetts Institute of Technology-
literacy rateP6897Quantitypercentage of the population that is not illiterateNorway <literacy rate> 100 percent-
Kerala state school codeP7065External identifieridentifier for a school situated in KeralaSt Antony's hss Ammadam <Kerala state school code> 22001-
start gradeP7086Itemlowest educational year (aka grade) taught by this institutionCamden Haven High School <start grade> Year Seven-
end gradeP7095Itemhighest educational year (aka grade) taught by this institutionCamden Haven High School <end grade> Year Twelve-
School code of the Ministry of Education, TaiwanP7121External identifieridentified codes for the all level of schools in Taiwan ruled by Ministry of Education, TaiwanChingshin Academy <School code of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan> 381306-
school classP7174Item(qualifier) class of a given year/time period to which the person belonged in an educational institutionJacques Pâris de Bollardière <school class> Q51575944-
Identification code for Japanese universities and collegesP7251External identifierIdentification code for universities and colleges in Japan. This code is defined in Japanese Industrial Standards.University of Tokyo <Identification code for Japanese universities and colleges> 0021-
FAIMER school IDP7366External identifierHarvard Medical School <FAIMER school ID> F0000814-
educational stageP7374Itemeducational stage of a specific school; qualifier of "educated at" (P69): the education stage of someone's attendance of schoolWilliams College <educational stage> undergraduate education-
gender educatedP7419Itemgenders educated at this educational institution-
CISCE school codeP7565External identifiercode for schools affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate ExaminationsAssembly of God Church School <CISCE school code> WB008-
CBSE affiliation numberP7568External identifiercode for schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary EducationAbhinav Bharti High School <CBSE affiliation number> 2430036-
Swedish School Registry IDP7894External identifierIdentifier used by Statistics Sweden to identify school unitsQ89193803 <Swedish School Registry ID> 76054399-
GreatSchools IDP7948External identifieridentifier for an American school on the websiteCharles W Sechrist Elementary School <GreatSchools ID> arizona/flagstaff/166-
DART-Europe thesis IDP8184External identifieridentifier for a doctoral thesis on DART-EuropeNon-rigid image alignment for object recognition <DART-Europe thesis ID> 1007118-
DPE school codeP8186External identifieridentifier for an educational institution issued by Bangladesh's Directorate of Primary EducationShoilan Government Primary School <DPE school code> 103100605-
field of trainingP8258Itemprofession, position or activity someone learnt during a training, traineeship or apprenticeshipMartin Schulz <field of training> bookselling-
curriculaP8263Itemtopic or subject included in the curriculumKey Stage 3 <curricula> carbon cycle-

Wikidata property related to games and leisure activitiesEdit

see Wikidata:List of properties/personal life/leisure

Wikidata property related to food and eatingEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
E numberP628External identifiernumber for food additives that are legal in the European Unioncurcumin <E number> E100-
UNIIP652External identifieridentifier issued by the FDA / Unique Ingredient Identifierepinephrine <UNII> YKH834O4BH-
edibilityP789Itemwhether a mushroom can be eaten or notShiitake mushroom <edibility> choice mushroom-
foods traditionally associatedP868Itemfoods usually during the ceremony or associated with a certain settlement-
main food sourceP1034Itemspecies, genus or family that an organism depends on for nutritiongiant panda <main food source> Bambuseae-
Open Food Facts food additive IDP1820Stringrepresents a food additive on Open Food Factscarmine <Open Food Facts food additive ID> e120-cochineal-
Open Food Facts food category IDP1821External identifierrepresents a food category on Open Food Factsapple juice <Open Food Facts food category ID> apple-juices-
USDA NDB numberP1978External identifieridentifier for a food item in the United States Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Databaseapple <USDA NDB number> 09003-
cuisineP2012Itemtype of food served by a restaurant or restaurant chainHindoostane Coffee House <cuisine> Indian cuisine-
FAO risk statusP2371ItemUN Food and Agriculture Organization designation of status for a domesticated breedabondance <FAO risk status> not at risk-
acceptable daily intakeP2542Quantityestimate of the amount of a food additive, expressed on a body weight basis, that can be ingested daily over a lifetime without appreciable health riskpentachlorobenzene <acceptable daily intake> 0.0167 milligram per kilogram-
Scoville gradeP2658Quantityscale measuring pungency of chili peppers (values from 0 to 16,000,000,000)nonivamide <Scoville grade> 9200000-
alcohol by volumeP2665Quantitypercentage of alcohol in a fluidabsinthe <alcohol by volume> 65 volume percent-
AUSNUT food IDP2759External identifieridentifier of a food in the Australian Food, Supplement and Nutrient Database (AUSNUT) managed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)kangaroo meat <AUSNUT food ID> 08B10068-
NUTTAB food IDP2760External identifierIdentifier of a food within the Nutrient Tables for use in Australia (NUTTAB) which is managed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)lemon juice <NUTTAB food ID> 01B30288-
Beer Advocate brewery IDP2904External identifieridentifier for a brewery, in the Beer Advocate databaseBrouwerij De Molen <Beer Advocate brewery ID> 11031-
RateBeer brewery IDP2905External identifieridentifier for a brewery, in the RateBeer databaseBrouwerij De Molen <RateBeer brewery ID> brouwerij-de-molen/4448-
TripAdvisor IDP3134External identifieridentifier of a place (region, hotel, restaurant, attraction), in TripAdvisorSaint Paul hermitage <TripAdvisor ID> g670770-d4037786-
Findsmiley IDP3152External identifieridentifier for Danish companies serving foodNoma <Findsmiley ID> 113807-
HappyCow restaurant IDP3877External identifieridentifier for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, on the HappyCow reviews websiteSOJO <HappyCow restaurant ID> 89820-
INAO product IDP3895External identifieridentifier of a geographical indication in Institut national de l'origine et de la qualitéRoquefort cheese <INAO product ID> 3291-
had as last mealP3902Itemcomponents of the last meal had by a person before deathJoe Arridy <had as last meal> ice cream-
VIVC grape variety IDP3904External identifieridentifier in Vitis International Variety CatalogueRiesling <VIVC grape variety ID> 10077-
PLU codeP4030External identifieridentification numbers affixed to fruits and vegetables for sale, used in checkout and inventoryIngrid Marie <PLU code> 3006-
Michelin Restaurants IDP4160External identifieridentifier for a restaurant in the Michelin Restaurants websiteLe Pré Catelan <Michelin Restaurants ID> 2af46v7/le-pre-catelan-paris-16-
PubsHistory pub IDP4340External identifieridentifier for a public house in the United Kingdom, as used by the 'I Am Pub History' websiteRed Lion <PubsHistory pub ID> Warwickshire/BirminghamR/RedLionSoho-
has listed ingredientP4543Itemsubstance that's listed as ingredient on the packaging of the product; use P1545 to qualify the order of the listed ingredientsCoca-Cola Zero <has listed ingredient> water-
AUSNUT 2011–13 Food Group IDP4618External identifieridentifier of a food group in AUSNUT 2011–13 (AUStralian Food and NUTrient Database)kangaroo meat <AUSNUT 2011–13 Food Group ID> 18201-
FoodEx2 codeP4637External identifieridentifier within the FoodEx2 (version 2 of the EFSA Food classification and description system for exposure assessment) food taxonomyTête de Moine <FoodEx2 code> A02XN-
GEMS CodeP4695External identifierWHO Global Environment Monitoring System/ Food Contamination Monitoring and Assessment Programme (GEMS/Food) code for a food-typebuckwheat <GEMS Code> GC0641-
CIQUAL2017 IDP4696External identifieridentifier for a food category in the French CIQUAL 2017 nutritional databasetartar sauce <CIQUAL2017 ID> 11051-
INRAN Italian Food IDP4729External identifieridentifier in the Italian national nutriment databasepeanut butter <INRAN Italian Food ID> 009010-
International Numbering System numberP4849External identifierunique identifier of a food additive in the International Numbering Systemcitric acid <International Numbering System number> 330-
permitted food additiveP4850Itemfood additive which is permitted to be present within a food itemfruit juice <permitted food additive> citric acid-
maximum food additive use levelP4851Quantitymaximum allowed level of food additive permitted in a quantity of foodfruit juice <maximum food additive use level> 3000 milligram per kilogram-
JECFA database IDP4852External identifieridentifier of a flavour, food additive, contaminant, toxicant or veterinary drug in the JECFA databasecitric acid <JECFA database ID> 3594-
TasteAtlas IDP5456External identifieridentifier for an item at TasteAtlaspizza <TasteAtlas ID> pizza-
Open Food Facts ingredient IDP5930External identifieridentifier of a food ingredient on Open Food Factsolive oil <Open Food Facts ingredient ID> olive-oil-
beer bitternessP6088Quantitybitterness of beer in International Bittering Units scaleIndia Pale Ale <beer bitterness> 50-
beer colorP6089Quantitycolor of beer in Standard Reference MethodIndia Pale Ale <beer color> 10-
Gault et Millau IDP6402External identifieridentifier for a restaurant in the Gault et Millau Restaurants websiteLa Cocagne <Gault et Millau ID> la-cocagne-
FoodOn IDP6767External identifieridentifier for FoodOn, an ontology focused on categorization and processing of food for humansapple <FoodOn ID> 03310788-
serving temperatureP7767Itemserving temperature of a food dishSandwich <serving temperature> cold-
food energyP7971Quantityamount of chemical energy that animals (including humans) derive from this itemBig Mac <food energy> 540 kilocalorie-
FEMA numberP8266External identifieridentifier for flavor ingredientsethyl acetate <FEMA number> 2414-

Wikidata property for occupationsEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
field of this occupationP425Itemactivity corresponding to this occupation (use only for occupations - for people use Property:P101, for profession use P425, for companies use P452)bodyboarder <field of this occupation> bodyboardingpracticed by
ROME Occupation Code (v3)P867External identifierROME Code for a given occupation in France (V3, 1 letter, 4 digits)librarian <ROME Occupation Code (v3)> K1601-
NOC Occupation CodeP918External identifierNOC/CNP Code for a given occupation in Canada and Québecstunt performer <NOC Occupation Code> 5232-
SOC Code (2010)P919External identifierStandard Occupational Classification code for US jobs (2010 version)astronomer <SOC Code (2010)> 19-2011-
ISCO occupation codeP952StringInternational Standard Classification of Occupations codeplaywright <ISCO occupation code> 2451-
KldB-2010 occupation codeP1021External identifierGerman classification of occupations 2010truck driver <KldB-2010 occupation code> 117742-
CNO-11 occupation codeP1022External identifierSpanish classification of occupations CNO-11 maintained by the Spanish INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística)librarian <CNO-11 occupation code> 2912-
SBC-2010 occupation codeP1023External identifierDutch classification of occupations SBC maintained by the Dutch CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek), 2010 version-
SBFI occupation codeP1024External identifierSwiss classification of occupations SBFI/SEFRI maintained by the Swiss SBFI/SEFRIbookseller <SBFI occupation code> 70511-
IDEO Job IDP1043External identifieridentifier for an occupation on IDEOcashier <IDEO Job ID> 10070-
Portuguese Job Code CPP-2010P1052External identifierastronomer <Portuguese Job Code CPP-2010> 2111.2-
Statistics Denmarks classification of occupation (DISCO-08)P1069External identifierStatistics Denmarks classification of occupation, derived from ISCOpharmacist <Statistics Denmarks classification of occupation (DISCO-08)> 226200-
nominated byP4353Itemwho nominated a person for an office or award; can be used as a qualifierJohn Roberts <nominated by> George W. Bush-
ESCO Occupation IDP4652External identifieridentifier for an occupation, in the European multilingual database ESCO v1call centre agent <ESCO Occupation ID> 0ededdc2-050a-4ec3-8e70-6295105fcd19-

Wikidata property related to disabilityEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
wheelchair accessibilityP2846Itemdescribes wheelchair accessibility of location or eventBerliner Straße <wheelchair accessibility> wheelchair accessible-
label in sign languageP2919Commons media filemedia file showing label of this item in sign language. Use "language of work or name" (P407) as qualifier to indicate which languageword <label in sign language> LSF Vocab mot.ogv-
ITF wheelchair player IDP4299External identifieridentifier for a wheelchair tennis player on the International Tennis Federation websiteShingo Kunieda <ITF wheelchair player ID> 100016393- athlete IDP4397External identifieridentifier for an athlete on websiteYengus Azenaw < athlete ID> 1065402-
Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete IDP4593External identifieridentifier of an athlete on the website of the Spanish Paralympic Committeee (Comité Paralímpico Español)Francisco Javier Muñoz Perez <Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete ID> munoz-perez-francisco-javier-
World Para Snowboard athlete IDP4996External identifieridentifier of a snowboard athlete, in the World Para databaseCécile Hernandez-Cervellon <World Para Snowboard athlete ID> 22272-
Tourisme & Handicap IDP5883External identifieridentifier for a place on the Tourisme & Handicap websiteChâteau de Laas <Tourisme & Handicap ID> 10249-

Wikidata property for skillsEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
ABoK numberP1806External identifieridentifier for a knot in the Ashley Book of Knotsclove hitch <ABoK number> 11-
ESCO skill IDP4644External identifieridentifier for a Skill, in the European multilingual database ESCO v1sales pitch <ESCO skill ID> 0c0488b3-fca5-4deb-865b-8dc605c3d909-
Animated Knots IDP5031External identifieridentifier for a type of knot, in the Animated Knots websitebowline <Animated Knots ID> bowline-

Wikidata property related to LGBTEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
sex or genderP21Itemsex or gender identity of subject: male (Q6581097), female (Q6581072), intersex (Q1097630), transgender female (Q1052281), transgender male (Q2449503). Animal: male animal (Q44148), female animal (Q43445). Groups of same gender use subclass of (P279)Cara Delevingne <sex or gender> female-
sexual orientationP91Itemthe sexual orientation of the person — use IF AND ONLY IF they have stated it themselves, unambiguously, or it has been widely agreed upon by historians after their deathAlbert Verlinde <sexual orientation> homosexuality-
preferred pronounP6553Lexemepersonal pronoun(s) this person uses-
Queerly Represent Me IDP6554External identifieridentifier of games on Queerly Represent MeStardew Valley <Queerly Represent Me ID> stardew-valley-
LGBTFansDB character IDP6780External identifieridentifier for a character entry on LGBT fans deserve better databaseLily Aldrin <LGBTFansDB character ID> lily-aldrin-met-mother-
LezWatch.TV actor IDP7105External identifierIDs for actors listed in the LezWatch.TV actor databaseAbbi Jacobson <LezWatch.TV actor ID> abbi-jacobson-
LezWatch.TV character IDP7106External identifierIDs for characters listed in the LezWatch.TV character databaseAnne Lister <LezWatch.TV character ID> anne-lister-
LezWatch.TV show IDP7107External identifierID for shows listed in LezWatch.TV show databaseThe 100 <LezWatch.TV show ID> the-100-
500 Queer Scientists profileP8243External identifierprofile on 500 Queer Scientists database- artist IDP8244External identifierGinny Stikeman < artist ID> ginny-stikeman- movie IDP8245External identifierI Killed My Mother < movie ID> jai-tue-ma-mere-