Wikidata:List of properties/symmetric relation

symmetric property (Q18647518)

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
said to be the same asP460Itemthis item is said to be the same as that item, but the statement is disputedMaidilibala <said to be the same as> Uskhal Khan Tögüs Temür-
partially coincident withP1382Itemobject that is partially part of, but not fully part of (P361), the subjectInterstate 70 in Pennsylvania <partially coincident with> Interstate 76-
given name version for other genderP1560Itemequivalent name (with respect to the meaning of the name) in the same language: female version of a male first name, male version of a female first name. Add primarily the closest matching oneRiccardo <given name version for other gender> Riccardagiven name version for other gender
different fromP1889Itemitem that is different from another item, with which it is often confusedKowalski <different from> Kowalski-
this zoological name is coordinate withP2743Itemlinks coordinate zoological namesAedes <this zoological name is coordinate with> Aedes-
permanent duplicated itemP2959Itemthis item duplicates another item and the two can't be merged, as one Wikimedia project includes two pages, e. g. in different scripts or languages (applies to some wiki, e.g.: cdowiki, gomwiki). Use "duplicate item" for other wikis.Wikipedia <permanent duplicated item> Q3890886-
siblingP3373Itemthe subject has the object as their sibling (brother, sister, etc.). Use "relative" (P1038) for siblings-in-law (brother-in-law, sister-in-law, etc.) and step-siblings (step-brothers, step-sisters, etc.)Lisa Simpson <sibling> Bart Simpsonsibling
translationP5972Senseword in another language that corresponds exactly to this meaning of the lexemetranslation
synonymP5973Sensesense of another lexeme with the same meaning as this sense, in the same language-