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Wikidata property related to time and duration (Q51077473)

Wikidata property with datatype 'time'Edit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
date of birthP569Point in timedate on which the subject was bornJude Law <date of birth> 1972-12-29-
date of deathP570Point in timedate on which the subject diedEdgar Leopold Layard <date of death> 1900-01-01-
inceptionP571Point in timedate or point in time when the subject came into existence as definedSociety of Jesus <inception> 1539-
year of taxon name publicationP574Point in timeyear when this scientific name was formally establishedlion <year of taxon name publication> 1758-
time of discovery or inventionP575Point in timedate or point in time when the item was discovered or inventedUranus <time of discovery or invention> 1781-03-13-
dissolved, abolished or demolishedP576Point in timepoint in time at which the subject (organisation, building) ceased to exist; see "date of official closure" (P3999) for closing a facility, "service retirement" (P730) for retiring equipment, "discontinued date" (P2669) for stopping a productTeam Bath F.C. <dissolved, abolished or demolished> 2009inception
publication dateP577Point in timedate or point in time when a work was first published or releasedThe standardisation of mineral group hierarchies: application to recent nomenclature proposals <publication date> 2009-
start timeP580Point in timetime an item begins to exist or a statement starts being validJapan <start time> 1933-03-27-
end timeP582Point in timetime an item ceases to exist or a statement stops being validBaroque <end time> 1750-
point in timeP585Point in timetime and date something took place, existed or a statement was true2012 United States presidential election <point in time> 2012-11-06-
first flightP606Point in timedate or point in time on which aircraft or rocket first flewConcorde <first flight> 1969-03-02-
UTC date of spacecraft launchP619Point in timeyear-month-day of spacecraft launch not adjusted by timezone or other offsetSTS-1 <UTC date of spacecraft launch> 1981-04-12-
time of spacecraft landingP620Point in timedate and time of spacecraft landing in UTC-
time of spacecraft orbit decayP621Point in timedate and time of spacecraft orbit decay in UTC-
spacecraft docking/undocking dateP622Point in timedate and time of spacecraft docking or undocking event, in UTC-
service entryP729Point in timedate or point in time on which a piece or class of equipment entered operational serviceTamarins Road <service entry> 2009-06-23service retirement
service retirementP730Point in timedate or point in time on which a piece or class of equipment was retired from operational serviceF-105 Thunderchief <service retirement> 1984-02-25service entry
date of disappearanceP746Point in timedate or point of time a missing person was seen or otherwise known to be alive for the last timeAmelia Earhart <date of disappearance> 1937-07-02-
retrievedP813Point in timedate or point in time that information was retrieved from a database or website (for use in online sources)-
date of first performanceP1191Point in timedate a work was first debuted, performed or live-broadcastedIntrigue and Love <date of first performance> 1784-04-13-
time of earliest written recordP1249Point in timefirst time a subject was mentioned in writingMoscow <time of earliest written record> 1147-04-04-
floruitP1317Point in timedate when the person was known to be active or alive, when birth or death not documentedWilliam Baldwin <floruit> 1547-
date of official openingP1619Point in timedate or point in time an event, museum, theater etc. officially openedAl Mazar Commercial Centre <date of official opening> 2010-04-10date of official closure
oath of office dateP1734Point in timewhen person swore the oath of office-
work period (start)P2031Point in timestart of period during which a person or group flourished (fl. = "floruit") in their professional activityVincent van Gogh <work period (start)> 1880-
work period (end)P2032Point in timeend of period during which a person or group flourished (fl. = "floruit") in their professional activityVincent van Gogh <work period (end)> 1890-07-
periapsis dateP2285Point in timetime for perihelim/perigeum in each orbit for an astronomical objectHalley's Comet <periapsis date> 1986-02-05-
discontinued dateP2669Point in timedate that the availability of a product was discontinued; see also "dissolved, abolished or demolished" (P576)Mosaic <discontinued date> 1997-01-07-
date depictedP2913Point in timedate represented in a workAddresses and travel map of Helsinki from 1876 <date depicted> 1876-
public domain dateP3893Point in timedate the item enters into the public domain in a jurisdictionHet achterhuis <public domain date> 2016-01-01-
date of official closureP3999Point in timedate of official closure of a building or eventAldwych tube station <date of official closure> 1994-09-30-
date of burial or cremationP4602Point in timedate on which the person was buried or cremated soon after deathBartholomeus Dolendo <date of burial or cremation> 1626-05-27-
announcement dateP6949Point in timetime of the first public presentation of a subject by the creator, of information by the mediaRenault EZ-Ultimo <announcement date> 2018-10-02-
effective dateP7588Point in timedate on which a statutory or administrative law comes into force. This date may differ for different sections of the law. This may also be retrospective, predating the date of enactment.-
date of assentP7589Point in timedate on which a Bill is assented to by the Head of State (monarch or president) and becomes an ActFirst Amendment of the Constitution of India <date of assent> 1951-06-18-

Wikidata property related to ageEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
age of onsetP2841Itemage group in which disease manifestations appeargout <age of onset> adult onset-
minimum ageP2899Quantityminimum age for, for example, movie certification18 certificate <minimum age> 18 year-
age of majorityP2997Quantitythreshold of adulthood as recognized or declared in law. Use qualifiers "statement is subject of" (P805) to link to item for articles with more detail. Use "start time" (P580) or "point in time" (P585) for historic dataAustralia <age of majority> 18 years old-
age of candidacyP2998Quantityminimum age at which a person can legally qualify to hold certain elected government officesAustralia <age of candidacy> 18 years old-
age of consentP2999Quantityyoungest age at which a person can legally consent to sexual activityNew South Wales <age of consent> 16 years old-
marriageable ageP3000Quantityminimum age at which a person is generally allowed by law to marry. Use qualifier "applies to part" (P518), to specify if it applies only to males (Q6581097), females (Q6581072) or both genders (Q27177113)Australia <marriageable age> 18 years old-
retirement ageP3001Quantitythe age at which most people normally retire from workAustralia <retirement age> 65 years old-
age at eventP3629Quantitythe age of the subject according to the cited source at the time of an event. Used as a qualifier of significant event propertyTuomas Ketola <age at event> 36 years old-
maximum ageP4135Quantityhighest age a person is eligible to do something, for example be member in youth organisation or sport teams, some positions like judges, clinical trials, etcUEFA European Under-21 Football Championship <maximum age> 23 years old-
mean ageP4442Quantitymean age in a given place; qualify with P585West Midlands <mean age> 39.3 annum-
narrative ageP6249Quantityage of a fictional character (use qualifiers like P1441 (present in work) to restrict the age to a certain work)Bart Simpson <narrative age> 10-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
temporal range startP523Itemthe start of a process or appearance of a life form or geological unit relative to the geologic time scaleTyrannosaurus <temporal range start> Maastrichtian-
temporal range endP524Itemthe end of a process such as a geological unit or extinction of a life form relative to the geologic time scaleTyrannosaurus <temporal range end> Maastrichtian-
day in year for periodic occurrenceP837Itemwhen a specific holiday or periodic event occurs. Can be used as property or qualifierCommemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day <day in year for periodic occurrence> May 19-
durationP2047Quantitylength of time of an event or processLa Grande Vadrouille <duration> 132 minute-
time periodP2348Itemtime period (historic period or era, sports season, theatre season, legislative period etc.) in which the subject occurredAreni-1 cave complex <time period> Chalcolithic-
day of weekP2894Itemday of the week on which this item occurs, applies to or is validCheltenham Gold Cup <day of week> Friday-
month of the yearP2922Itemmonth of the year during which this item occurs, applies to or is valid inNational Novel Writing Month <month of the year> November-
observing time availableP3891Quantityamount of observing time available at a telescope (or other instrument)McMath–Pierce Solar Telescope <observing time available> 263 nights per year-
time indexP4895Quantityindicate when something happens relative to its beginningHomestead <time index> 548686 Stardate unit-
model year codeP5461Stringletter or digit in position 10 of a vehicle identification number (VIN) indicating the model year (MY) for years 1980 to 2009, repeating for 2010 to 2039, etc. Format: not I,O,Q,U,Z,0. Year 2018 is J.2001 <model year code> 1-
epochP6259Itemepoch of an astronomical object coordinateAndromeda Galaxy <epoch> J2000.0-