Wikidata Lounge

A wikidatan should be above all a happy person

The Wikidata Lounge is the place to look for help, relief, or comfort at all times. Welcome, and introduce yourself in the talk page! :)

This is also the place where we care about each other's well-being, by leaving disputes aside and realizing that we are all in this virtual space together of our own will and for the benefit of everyone. Our community is a jewel that we have to polish for it to shine brightly and give us warmth while we walk together the wiki way.

Verbal abuse, harassment, and oppression do happen, and here we learn to disable those negative dynamics by practicing nonviolence, kindness, and conflict resolution. It is a difficult road which requires us to work on our own inner peace, patience, and wisdom in order to be able to help ourselves and others.


What to bringEdit

  • a positive attitude and kind words!
  • experiences, articles, videos, or whatever else that you want to share
  • ideas about how to build a better community and an open mind to exchange ideas
  • initiatives to thank more and to make each other feel more appreciated
  • requests for insight about how to de-escalate conflicts

What not to bringEdit

  • negative attitudes and harsh words
  • the will to "win" a conflict
  • an inflated ego
  • wiki-lawyering


Wikidatans at the loungeEdit