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Model items are examples of items on different topics that can be used to understand the correct way to structure items on that subject. Model items are identified by using the property model item (P5869).

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Using model itemsEdit

Find a model itemEdit

For itemsEdit

  1. Identify the item for the subject you want to work on, e.g if you want to create an item for a playwright look at playwright (Q214917). You can find the items for a subject by using the search box at the top right corner of the page or look for an example e.g an example of playwright (Q214917) is William Shakespeare (Q692).
  2. In the item for the subject you will find a property called model item which gives a list of model items for that subject. These model items should provide a diversity of examples for this subject e.g English and African playwright (Q214917).
  3. If there is no model item for that subject there may be a similar subject which could be used e.g playwright (Q214917) may provide suitable examples for modelling author (Q482980), a full list of subjects with model items is available here. You can also make request for best practice examples of items on Wikidata:Project chat or a relevant WikiProject, please then add these suggestions as model items.

Use a model itemEdit

  1. Use the model item to understand the kinds of statements that can be made about the subject or the best way to model data within a property.
  2. Add as many referenced statements as you can that appear in the model item to the items you are working on.
  3. Remember to always add references to information you add to an item.
  4. When you can, add information to other items e.g. when adding information about plays to an item by a playwright (Q214917) go to the items for those plays and add the author.
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Adding model itemsEdit

Finding suitable candidatesEdit

  • For items: this query provides a list of the most commonly used types of items (using instance of (P31)) which don't yet have 5 model items. The links below each result provide lists of the 10 items of that type with the most statements.
  • When choosing the model items for a subject, please select items with many references, (add the references yourself when needed).
  • It is important to have a diverse selection of model items for a subject to show a range of possibilities for a subject, e.g. if the model items for authors are all 20th century European men they will not show the diversity of the subject.

Adding model itemsEdit

  • Only a limited number of model items should exist for a subject e.g 5 items, but they should show the diversity of the subject to provide people with a good understanding of the subject. If there are many items which would be suitable as a model item they can be used for more specific subjects, e.g items suitable for being the model items for writer (Q36180) could be used as model items for authors from a specific country, subject area, or time period.
  • If there is a WikiProject which covers the subject and the item isn't already considered a best practice example by that project you can leave a note about the addition on the project talk page.