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Property name Proposer Start date Close date Property Label Description Uses
USCG number Lymantria 2017-02-21 2017-03-01 P3723USCG lighthouse IDіdentifier for lighthouses in the USA by the US Coast Guard667
USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia id Vladimir Alexiev 2017-02-21 2017-03-01 P3724USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia IDidentifier in the Holocaust Encyclopedia of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum39
Serbia municipality ID Nikola Smolenski 2017-02-22 2017-03-02 P3727Serbia municipality IDidentifier of municipalities of Serbia17
New Zealand Heritage List number Lymantria 2017-02-22 2017-03-02 P3728New Zealand Heritage List numberlist number in the New Zealand Heritage List, issued by the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga5936 ID Thierry Caro 2017-02-23 2017-03-02 player IDidentifier for an association football player on the website25507
CEV ID Thierry Caro 2017-02-23 2017-03-02 P3725CEV player IDidentifier for a player on the European Volleyball Confederation's website3083
number of works Jheald 2017-02-09 2017-03-03 P3740number of worksqualifier on identifiers, eg for creators or locations, giving the number of works in the external database associated with the subject of the identifier107181
Serbia cadastral municipality ID Nikola Smolenski 2017-02-22 2017-03-03 P3731Serbia cadastral municipality IDidentifier of cadastral municipalities of Serbia2
MOOMA artist ID GZWDer 2017-02-12 2017-03-03 P3733MOOMA artist IDID of an artist at the Israeli music website MOOMA1332
Eurovision Song Contest song ID Stryn 2017-02-20 2017-03-03 P3736Eurovision Song Contest song IDidentifier for a song in the Eurovision Song Contest4
Ghetto Encyclopedia ID Vladimir Alexiev 2017-02-23 2017-03-03 P3735Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos IDidentifier of a ghetto, or a place containing a ghetto, in the Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos1105
PhilPapers record Koavf 2016-09-08 2017-03-03 P3732PhilPapers recordidentifier for papers on PhilPapers70
FIH ID Thierry Caro 2017-02-24 2017-03-03 P3742FIH player IDidentifier for a field hockey player on the International Hockey Federation website533
maximum wavelength of electromagnetic sensitivity Swpb 2017-02-16 2017-03-03 P3737maximum wavelength of sensitivitymaximum wavelength that the item can detect57
seed dispersal mode Tubezlob 2017-02-14 2017-03-03 P3741seed dispersalmode used by the item to disperse its seeds9
inflorescence Tubezlob 2017-02-15 2017-03-03 P3739inflorescenceplacement of flowers on the stem of a flower plant6
lower rank than TomT0m 2016-08-03 2017-03-03 P3729next lower ranklower rank or level in a ranked hierarchy like sport league, military ranks. If there are several possible, list each one and qualify with "criterion used" (P1013), avoid using ranks and date qualifiers. For sports leagues/taxa, use specific properties in3622
category for value same as Wikidata GZWDer 2017-02-12 2017-03-03 P3734category for value same as Wikidataitem for categories of pages with template parameter value same as Wikidata391
object identifier Pixeldomain 2017-02-24 2017-03-06 P3743ITU/ISO/IEC object identifierunique global identifier standardized by the ITU and ISO/IEC for naming any object, concept, or thing1697
Number of subscribers Givegivetake 2017-02-25 2017-03-06 P3744number of subscribersnumber of subscribers for subscription based companies, e.g. telecommunication companies, newspapers, pay-TV channels, software, etc.280240
World Rugby Sevens Series ID Daxipedia 2017-02-27 2017-03-07 P3745World Rugby Sevens Series player IDidentifier for a male rugby sevens player on the World Rugby Sevens Series website708
DOCOMOMO Ibérico ID Strakhov 2017-02-10 2017-03-08 P3758DOCOMOMO Ibérico IDidentifier of a building, structure or group of buildings in Registros del Movimiento Moderno database, DOCOMOMO Ibérico201
Israel Football Association ID Mikey641 2017-02-27 2017-03-08 P3748Israel Football Association player IDidentifier for a player on the Israel Football Association website1023
Shoftim BeIsrael ID Mikey641 2017-02-27 2017-03-08 P3751Shoftim BeIsrael judge IDdatabase about the judges of Israel35
Wild Flowers ID Mikey641 2017-02-28 2017-03-08 P3746Wildflowers of Israel IDidentifier of a taxon in the Wildflowers of Israel database2575
Social Science Research Network author ID Bamyers99 2017-02-28 2017-03-08 P3747SSRN author IDidentifier for an author at the Social Science Research Network2511
KMDb documentary ID GZWDer 2017-02-12 2017-03-08 P3750KMDb documentary film IDID of a documentary film at Korean Movie Database9
algorithm complexity GZWDer 2017-01-16 2017-03-08 P3752worst-case time complexitytime complexity of an algorithm at most78
pole position (2) Edgars2007 2017-01-29 2017-03-09 P3764pole positionperson, who starts race at first row (leader in the starting grid)4069
Google Maps CID Omert33 2017-02-22 2017-03-09 P3749Google Maps Customer IDin Google Maps, Customer identifier for a place65868
SAHRA identifier Alicia Fagerving (WMSE) 2017-01-18 2017-03-09 P3759SAHRA heritage site IDidentifier of heritage sites in South Africa, assigned by the South African Heritage Resources Agency148
openMLOL author ID Aubrey 2017-03-01 2017-03-09 P3762openMLOL author IDidentifier of an author in the openMLOL digital library of cultural resources69468
MIMO ID Wittylama 2017-03-01 2017-03-09 P3763MIMO instrument IDidentifier for a musical instrument, on the instrument keyword thesaurus from Musical Instruments Museums Online831
Iditarod ID Thierry Caro 2017-02-13 2017-03-09 P3760Iditarod musher IDidentifier for a musher on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race website910
IPv4 range Pintoch 2017-02-26 2017-03-09 P3761IPv4 routing prefixrange of IPv4 addresses2214 ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-08 2017-03-19 IDidentifier for an athlete on the website3909
European Athletics ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-10 2017-03-19 P3766European Athletics IDidentifier for an athlete on the European Athletic Association website3572
FFA ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-10 2017-03-19 P3767French Athletics Federation athlete IDidentifier for an athlete on the French Athletics Federation website1381
PeakFinder ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-11 2017-03-20 P3770PeakFinder IDidentifier for a mountain peak on the PeakFinder website55
Medieval Libraries of Great Britain Book ID AndrewNJ 2017-02-15 2017-03-20 P3768Medieval Libraries of Great Britain IDidentifier for books known to have been in British libraries during the Middle Ages8
It's Rugby ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-07 2017-03-20 P3769It's Rugby player IDidentifier for a rugby player on the It's Rugby website6520
CiteSeerX ID GZWDer 2017-02-18 2017-03-21 P3784CiteSeerX article IDidentifier string for a scientific article available from CiteSeer63
identificador Biblioteca Nacional de Argentina Mauricio V. Genta 2017-03-08 2017-03-21 P3788BNMM authority IDauthority control identifier used at the National Library of Argentina7055
Artnet artist ID Pigsonthewing 2017-03-10 2017-03-21 P3782Artnet artist IDidentifier of an artist in the Artnet database of auction results96933
Christie's id Zolo 2017-03-08 2017-03-21 P3783Christie's object IDidentifier for an object offered for sale by Christies762
danskefilm person Steenth 2017-03-12 2017-03-21 P3786Danskefilm person IDidentifier for a person in danskefilm.dk7044
danskefilm film Steenth 2017-03-12 2017-03-21 P3785danskefilm film IDidentifier for a film in danskefilm.dk1400
danskefilm stumfilm Steenth 2017-03-12 2017-03-21 P3787danskefilm silent film IDidentifier for a silent film in danskefilm.dk1498
Activator (biochemistry) Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3771activator ofprotein for which this chemical acts as an activator10
Agonist (Biochemistry) Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3772agonist ofprotein for which this chemical acts as an agonist13
Positive allosteric modulator Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3778positive allosteric modulator ofprotein for which this chemical acts as a positive allosteric modulator1
Positive modulator (biochemistry) Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3777antisense inhibitor ofprotein/gene for which this chemical (e.g. a miRNA/siRNA) acts as an antisense inhibitor144
Inhibitor (Biochemistry) Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3776inhibitor ofprotein for which this chemical compound acts as an inhibitor; only specify the inhibited function if the protein has more than one function (qualifier "of")90
Antagonist (Biochemistry) Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3773antagonist ofprotein for which this chemical compound acts as an antagonist13
Negative allosteric modulator Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3779negative allosteric modulator ofprotein for which this chemical compound acts as a negative allosteric modulator1
Disrupting Agent (Biochemistry) Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3775disrupting agent forprotein/protein complex for which this chemical compound acts as a disrupting agent1
Blocker (Biochemistry) Sebotic 2017-02-06 2017-03-21 P3774blocker ofprotein (e.g. channel/pore protein) for which this chemical compound acts as a blocker7
has active ingredient Gstupp 2017-03-07 2017-03-21 P3781has active ingredienthas part biologically active component. Inverse of "active ingredient in"2643
active ingredient in Gstupp 2017-03-07 2017-03-21 P3780active ingredient inis part of and forms biologically active component. Inverse of "has active ingredient"2512
rate of fire GZWDer 2017-01-17 2017-03-22 P3792rate of firethe frequency at which a specific weapon can fire or launch its projectiles16
Star Wars Databank ID GZWDer 2017-02-18 2017-03-22 P3798Star Wars Databank IDidentifier of a fictional character and organization at Star Wars Databank226
Launchpad project Valerio Bozzolan 2017-03-01 2017-03-22 project IDidentifier for an official Launchpad repository ("project") for a software application45
Telegram username Robin van der Vliet 2017-03-03 2017-03-22 P3789Telegram usernamethis item's username, channel or group on Telegram1510
Art Renewal Center ID GZWDer 2017-02-11 2017-03-22 P3791Art Renewal Center artist IDidentifier of an artist at the Art Renewal Center's ARC Museum website4324
S2A3 Biographical Database ID GZWDer 2017-02-12 2017-03-22 P3807S2A3 Biographical Database IDidentifier of a person in the S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science1424
Dictionary of Sydney ID Wittylama 2017-03-02 2017-03-22 P3794Dictionary of Sydney IDidentifier in the Dictionary of Sydney2908
Tax-exempt heritage asset ID Pigsonthewing 2017-03-02 2017-03-22 P3805Tax-exempt heritage asset IDidentifier of an artwork, in the UK government's HMRC database of tax-exempt heritage assets2
Safsal Player ID Mikey641 2017-03-12 2017-03-22 P3799Safsal player IDbasketball player Id in Safsal website211
Safsal Coach ID Mikey641 2017-03-12 2017-03-22 P3800Safsal coach IDbasketball coach Id in Safsal website18
Flora of Israel plant ID Mikey641 2017-03-12 2017-03-22 P3795Flora of Israel Online plant IDidentifier for a plant taxon or cultivar in the Flora of Israel Online database2960
TV Guide show ID GZWDer 2017-02-12 2017-03-22 P3804TV Guide show ID (former scheme)ID of a television program at TV Guide18031
film format Swpb 2017-02-28 2017-03-22 P3803original film formatfilm format used to create a work (aliases: film gauge, film size)5895
autonomous system number GZWDer 2017-01-16 2017-03-22 P3797autonomous system numberunique identifier for a collection of connected Internet Protocol (IP) routing prefixes under the control of one or more network operators297
Bureau of Meteorology station number Dhx1 2017-02-06 2017-03-22 P3796Bureau of Meteorology station IDidentifier of an Australian meteorological station issued by the Bureau of Meteorology7 ID GZWDer 2017-02-11 2017-03-22 guest IDidentifier for a person or group at AnimeCons.com1881
IPv6 range Pintoch 2017-03-09 2017-03-22 P3793IPv6 routing prefixrange of IPv6 addresses2758
YerelNET district ID Kumkum 2017-03-04 2017-03-23 P3809YerelNET district IDidentifier for a district of Turkey, in the YerelNET database3
The Numbers movie ID GZWDer 2017-02-12 2017-03-23 P3808The Numbers movie IDID of a film at The Numbers10683 ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-16 2017-03-24 IDidentifier for an Italian protected area on the website857 pass ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-17 2017-03-24 pass IDidentifier of a North American mountain pass, at Bivouac.com106
Mapa ID Mikey641 2017-03-08 2017-03-24 P3806Mapa place IDidentifier for a place, in the Mapa database of places in Israel15 ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-16 2017-03-24 person IDidentifier for a person on the website198
BoF ID Thierry Caro 2017-03-16 2017-03-24 P3814BoF person IDidentifier for a person on the Business of Fashion website402
Evidence and Conclusion Ontology ID Gstupp 2017-02-22 2017-03-24 P3811Evidence & Conclusion Ontology IDidentifier in the Evidence & Conclusion Ontology for capturing evidence in biological research29
volcano observatory Thierry Caro 2017-03-17 2017-03-25 P3815volcano observatoryinstitution that monitors this volcanic landform or phenomenon590
film script Jura1 2017-03-15 2017-03-25 P3816film scriptscript version for subject film is described at27
INEGI municipality ID MarcAbonce 2017-03-13 2017-03-25 P3801INEGI municipality IDidentifier for a municipality in Mexico published by INEGI2150
WarSampo ID Vladimir Alexiev 2017-03-14 2017-03-26 P3817FI WarSampo person IDіdentifier in the WarSampo Finnish WW2 portal17
KMRB film rating Máté 2017-03-17 2017-03-26 P3818KMRB film ratingrating of a film in the South Korean film/video rating system456
BMDb ID GZWDer 2017-02-11 2017-03-27 P3821Bangla Movie Database IDID of actors or movies at Bangla Movie Database641
Kunstenpunt venues Romaine 2017-03-20 2017-03-27 P3820Flanders Arts Institute venue IDidentifier of a venue in the Flanders Arts Institute database for performing arts2143
rules for classification Xaris333 2016-10-15 2017-03-28 P3822rules for classificationthe rules for classification of a sports league1301
Ethnologue language status Beeyan 2016-11-02 2017-03-28 P3823Ethnologue language statuslanguage status identifier by using EGIDS scale7398
CueTracker player ID GZWDer 2017-01-17 2017-03-29 P3830CueTracker player IDID about a specific snooker player at the database585
VTJ-PRT ID Susannaanas 2017-03-15 2017-03-29 P3824VTJ-PRT building IDPersistent building identifier of the Population Information System in Finland6149
Publons author ID Pigsonthewing 2017-03-21 2017-03-29 P3829Publons author IDidentifier of an author or reviewer, in Publons57833
JSTOR topic ID Pigsonthewing 2017-03-21 2017-03-29 P3827JSTOR topic IDidentifier for a topic at JSTOR25932
Welsh Rugby Union ID Daxipedia 2017-03-21 2017-03-29 P3826Welsh Rugby Union men's player IDidentifier for a rugby union player selected with the Wales national team on the Welsh Rugby Union website5
wears Pharos 2017-02-19 2017-03-29 P3828wearsclothing or accessory worn on subject's body1660
United States Statutes at Large citation SJK 2017-01-08 2017-03-29 P3825United States Statutes at Large citationcitation of an Act of the United States Congress to the United States Statutes at Large1599
object has role Swpb 2017-02-15 2017-03-30 P3831object has role(qualifier) role or generic identity of the value of a statement ("object") in the context of that statement; for the role of the item the statement is on ("subject"), use P2868824616
Europeana Fashion Vocabulary ID PKM 2017-03-23 2017-03-30 P3832Europeana Fashion Vocabulary IDidentifier for clothing and fashion terms1127
diaspora Pharos 2017-02-20 2017-03-30 P3833diasporadiaspora that a cultural group belongs to250
Pinterest username Mjbmr 2017-01-26 2017-03-31 P3836Pinterest usernameusername of the Pinterest account of a person or an organization3791
Mendeley ID Pigsonthewing 2017-03-23 2017-03-31 P3835Mendeley person IDdeprecated identifier for an author of scholarly works, at (for numeric ID, see P1153)10464
RTC film rating Máté 2017-03-21 2017-03-31 P3834RTC film ratingrating of a film in the Mexican film classification system2070

Not done

Property name Proposer Start date Close date Reason
Higher ShinePhantom 2017-01-13 2017-03-05 Not done
Lower ShinePhantom 2017-01-13 2017-03-05 Not done
Open Biomedical Ontologies ID GZWDer 2017-01-17 2017-03-07 Not done
DNV ID GZWDer 2017-01-16 2017-03-08 Not done
Eurovision Song Contest country ID Stryn 2017-02-20 2017-03-13 withdrawn
ECO ID Emitraka 2017-03-14 2017-03-14 withdrawn
South Dakota Legislator Historical Listing ID GZWDer 2017-02-12 2017-03-18
arm span GZWDer 2017-01-17 2017-03-18
body measurements GZWDer 2017-01-17 2017-03-19
strength Thryduulf 2016-11-06 2017-03-25 Not done
Related Categories Mr. Ibrahem 2017-01-04 2017-03-25 Not done
Sratim ID Mikey641 2017-03-19 2017-03-26 Not done
Ordnance Survey linked data ID Jheald 2017-03-14 2017-03-27 withdrawn
Properties to describe dubbing (filmmaking) D1gggg 2017-01-07 2017-03-28 Not done
place of baptism Romaine 2017-01-03 2017-03-28 Not done
Myers–Briggs Type Alexandertheclam 2016-09-17 2017-03-28 Not done
Screenshot image NMaia 2016-12-20 2017-03-29 Not done
display size Ogoorcs 2017-01-29 2017-03-29 Not done
block GZWDer 2017-01-17 2017-03-29 Not done
spike GZWDer 2017-01-17 2017-03-29 Not done
annual report Jura1 2017-02-26 2017-03-31 Not done