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Future Salaries IDEdit

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   Under discussion
Descriptionan ID in Future Salaries dApp
Representsno label (Q105682982)
Data typeExternal identifier
Domainwork human organization
Allowed values^[a-z0-9]+/[0-9]+/[0-9]+$
Example 1xdai/1/1
Example 2mainnet/2/1567
Example 3harmony/1/167
Planned useMy app Future Salaries provides everybody who registers with such ID to calculate and pay their salaries.
Expected completenesseventually complete (Q21873974)
See alsoP8324 Q105682531


My dApp Future Salaries provides IDs to people, NGOs, businesses, projects etc. for the purpose to reward (by using that my financial software) them with funds for social good.

It is natural to store this information in WikiData, too. (I am negotiating with GRID registry to store in their database as the possible primary authoritative source.)

TBH, I am not really sure if we should have this property in WikiData: All the usage purposes for this property, that I can imagine, are about highly sensitive data, forging which would lead to financial losses, and WikiData is publicly editable, so retrieving this info from WikiData makes little sense. (BTW, I advise to make some properties in WikiData not publicly editable: You would retrieve it from GRID and not allow users to edit.) However, I suggest to add this property for completeness.  – The preceding unsigned comment was added by VictorPorton (talk • contribs) at 19:02, February 26, 2021‎ (UTC).