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Wikidata:Property proposal/Italian School ID

Italian School IDEdit

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Generic

DescriptionThis property describes the italian school identifier used by italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Italian School Data Portal (Q52116343))
Representsitem school school (Q3914)
Data typeExternal identifier
ExampleD. Buzzati Limana (Q52083858)BLMM816023
Formatter URL"$1"&tipoRicerca=RAPIDA&gidf=1


I'd like to load the dataset of italian schools through this bot. It'd be nice inserting a property describing the official italian school identifier. Floatingpurr (talk) 11:35, 24 April 2018 (UTC)


Hello. Not sure having understood clearly. The object in the example (BLMM816023) is just the external code with no links to a Wikidata item. Floatingpurr (talk) 00:17, 25 April 2018 (UTC)
  •   Support - this is an ID, but does not facilitate a formatter URL. --Tagishsimon (talk) 16:03, 29 April 2018 (UTC)
  •   Support Added formatter URL and link.--Micru (talk) 14:22, 30 April 2018 (UTC)
Thanks, but it seems that is not an official source. They say that their data are not updated frequently. A good reference could be Their URLs do have this format: Unfortunately, we cannot infer the string after the ID (e.g., d-buzzati-limana), but we can inject such an ID in their research URL getting one single result, e.g., I'm going to switch to this one. Floatingpurr (talk) 21:58, 1 May 2018 (UTC)
  •   Support David (talk) 18:56, 30 April 2018 (UTC)

@Tagishsimon, ديفيد عادل وهبة خليل 2, Floatingpurr, Micru:   Done: Italian School ID (P5114). − Pintoch (talk) 19:54, 1 May 2018 (UTC)