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Wikidata:Property proposal/NooSFere book ID

NooSFere book IDEdit

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Authority control

Descriptionidentifier for a book in NooSFere Database
RepresentsNooSFere (Q3343389)
Data typeExternal identifier
Domainwork (Q386724)
Allowed values[1-9]\d*
Example 1The End of Eternity (Q466196)3359
Example 2Valentine Pontifex (Q3553617)9318
Example 3The Time Machine (Q627333)3583
Example 4The Dirdir (Q3222333)4638
External linksUse in sister projects: [ar][de][en][es][fr][he][it][ja][ko][nl][pl][pt][ru][sv][vi][zh][commons][species][wd].
Planned useto be added in the module for template :
Number of IDs in source61133
Expected completenesseventually complete (Q21873974)
Formatter URL$1
See alsoWikidata:Property proposal/NooSFere author ID


Complete the template fr:Modèle:Bases_littérature on french wikipedia. — eru [Talk] [french wiki] 09:52, 28 July 2018 (UTC)


  •   Support. Nomen ad hoc (talk) 08:01, 29 July 2018 (UTC).
  •   Support but   Comment is this for work or editions (or both)? Cdlt, VIGNERON (talk) 09:10, 29 July 2018 (UTC)
It seems that the EditionsLivre.asp?numitem= pages are for work and contain several editions. However if there is only one edition a redirection is made to niourf.asp?numlivre=. For exemple [1]. — eru [Talk] [french wiki] 09:29, 29 July 2018 (UTC)