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The Athletic team ID edit

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   Under discussion
Descriptionidentifier for a sports team on The Athletic
RepresentsThe Athletic (Q39087006)
Data typeExternal identifier
Domainsports team (Q12973014)
Allowed values[a-z-]+
Example 1San Diego Padres (Q721134)padres
Example 2Orlando City SC (Q15214308)cityfc
Example 3Duke Blue Devils men's basketball (Q4171772)duke-blue-devils-college-basketball
Example 4France national association football team (Q47774)france
Example 5Montreal Alouettes (Q576837)alouettes (language of work or name (P407): English (Q1860)), alouettes-fr (language of work or name (P407): French (Q150))
Planned useLinking teams to stats and news articles about them
Number of IDs in source~937, per
Expected completenesseventually complete (Q21873974)
Implied notabilityWikidata property for an identifier that suggests notability (Q62589316)
Formatter URL$1/
See alsoWikidata:Property proposal/The Athletic player ID
Applicable "stated in"-valueThe Athletic (Q39087006)
Single-value constraintyes (separator (P4155): language of work or name (P407))
Distinct-values constraintyes

Motivation edit

The Athletic is a news outlet owned by The New York Times covering a wide range of sports. They have team pages on their site, which includes statistical information about the team as well as the latest articles they've written about them.

Note that there are multiple formatter URLs for this property -- the URL includes "football", "nfl", "mlb", etc depending on which sport the team plays. However, if you link to the wrong sport, the site will automatically redirect to the correct URL, so it won't cause issues for us (try out examples 1, 3, and 5 above; the URL will automatically change from "football" to the correct sport). IagoQnsi (talk) 22:27, 9 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Discussion edit

  • The property passes the bar on notability. It seems a bit weird to me that there is no ' team ID' property for American football. I would think that is a better source than a newspaper who in all likelihood gets their information from some place like that. Infrastruktur (talk) 13:06, 16 April 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]