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Property proposal

Before proposing a property, search the Wikidata:List of properties to see if it already exists. Before a new property is created, it has to be discussed here. When after some time there are some supporters, but no or very few opponents, the property is created by a property creator or an administrator.

You can propose a property here or on one of the subject-specific pages listed below.

WD:PP redirigís aicí. Per la politica de proteccion de las paginas, anatz sus Wikidata:Page protection policy (acorchi WD:PPP).

Las proposicions de proprietats son devesidas per subjècte (classificacion : $link) :

Generics (47)

Nòrmas, autoritats (28)

Personas (18)

Organizacions (13)

Sports (35)

Òbras (47)

Luòcs (13)

Projèctes fraires (14)

Transportation (3)

Natural science (28)

Lexemes (14)

Pending proposals

Ready for creation (64)

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