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order of battleEdit

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Event

Descriptionarrangement of units and hierarchical organization of the armed forces involved in the specified military action
Representsorder of battle (Q11167066)
Data typeItem
DomainInstances of military operation (Q645883) and its subclasses
Allowed valuesInstances of order of battle (Q11167066)

This would enhance our coverage of military conflicts by providing an easy-to-find link between battles and orders of battles. We have hundreds of items about these latter. Thierry Caro (talk) 21:12, 17 August 2017 (UTC)

Currently, it's not clear to me what a order of a battle happens to be. Can you describe the property in a way that doesn't simply copy the existing words? ChristianKl (talk) 11:52, 29 August 2017 (UTC)
@ChristianKl:   Done. Thierry Caro (talk) 14:10, 29 August 2017 (UTC)

  Done @Thierry Caro, ChristianKl, Pigsonthewing: created as order of battle (P4220). Enjoy! --99of9 (talk) 13:38, 14 September 2017 (UTC)