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What is SPARQL

SPARQL (pronounced "sparkle") is an RDF query language, that is, a semantic query language for databases. Wikidata provides an SPARQL endpoint including a powerful Web-GUI since September 2015. With SPARQL you can extract any kind of data, with a query composed of logical combinations of triples.

Learning SPARQL

Presentation "SPARQL and Wikidata intro" by shonagon- École de Bibliothécaires Documentalistes (French) (2016-04-04)

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SPARQL queries can be submitted directly to the SPARQL endpoint with GET request to{SPARQL} or the endpoint's alias{SPARQL}. The result is returned as XML by default, or as JSON if either the query parameter format=json or the header Accept: application/sparql-results+json are provided. See the user manual for more detailed information. RDF data can alternatively be accessed via a Linked Data Fragments[1] interface at

Wikimedia SPARQL query services

On Wikidata, the WDQS allows to practice SPARQL queries creation in an intuitive way.


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