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Here is a matching of Beall's list of predatory open access journals (Q56273878) into Wikidata. It is based on a 2017 Wayback Machine copy.

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#Finds focus list items that are published in journals with publisher identified on Beall's list.
SELECT DISTINCT ?item ?itemLabel ?journal ?journalLabel ?publisherLabel

    ?item wdt:P5008 wd:Q55439927;
          wdt:P1433 ?journal.
          ?journal wdt:P123 ?publisher.
           VALUES ?publisher
          {wd:Q52636754 wd:Q52635805 wd:Q4689899 wd:Q52620137 wd:Q4732612 
           wd:Q43080819 wd:Q30270870 wd:Q30297686 wd:Q52661346 wd:Q52636079 
           wd:Q52557383 wd:Q54958933 wd:Q2896740 wd:Q18712923 wd:Q52609680 
           wd:Q52609536 wd:Q52636154 wd:Q52609215 wd:Q80796 wd:Q52636535 
           wd:Q52633727 wd:Q52636944 wd:Q63254434 wd:Q52637577 wd:Q52665969 wd:Q52660711
           wd:Q52659576 wd:Q56979398 wd:Q52670242 wd:Q29891111 wd:Q63254475 wd:Q52619294 
           wd:Q52662151 wd:Q7072722 wd:Q52609375 wd:Q7259709 wd:Q52636843 
           wd:Q45251004 wd:Q52637573 wd:Q52662489 wd:Q52635330 wd:Q47116994 
           wd:Q30267116 wd:Q24706265 wd:Q52620720 wd:Q52633876 wd:Q56416796 
           wd:Q52660351 wd:Q52635690 wd:Q7433770 wd:Q27991304 wd:Q55566796 
           wd:Q52619286 wd:Q30265175 wd:Q8035326 
SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }

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