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This page is for preparing sister project portal pages and coordinating efforts for deployment to sister projects.

Planning deployment for a sister projectEdit

See the discussion of deployment to Wikimedia Commons for recommendations and things to be aware of before and during deployment


  • Has a sister project portal been set up? (see below for a how-to guide)   Done
  • Who are the ambassadors?
  • What is the scope of interwiki linking and/or data access? What is out of scope?
  • How will we map things to existing items?
  • What new items need to be created?
  • Does the Wikidata:Notability policy need to be updated?
  • Where will local users see changes? How will local users and/or workflows be impacted?
  • What documentation is available? Has it been added to the sister project portal?
  • What documentation needs to be created?
  • How do we educate local users as to how to use Wikidata?
  • Who will run bots? How will bots get approved?
  • What is the sister project's policy for global bots? (see m:Bot_policy#Authorisation and m:/Bot_policy/Implementation#Where_it_is_policy)
  • Do existing interwiki bots need to be shut down?
  • Can we start discussions at the local projects?   Done by Lydia
  • How will local communities be kept in the loop?
  • Have local communities confirmed/approved proposals?
  • How can local users help?

Setting up a sister project portalEdit

  1. Create a page for the sister project portal in the Wikidata namespace using the following naming convention "Wikidata:Name_of_project"—for example, Wikidata:Wikipedia, Wikidata:Wikisource, etc.
  2. If there isn't one already there, add a link for your page to Template:Sister_projects_on_Wikidata and the list of "On-Wikidata sister projects" at Wikidata:Sister_projects/Project_discussion
  3. Add the category Category:Sister projects to the page; create and add a new sister project-specific category using the following naming convention "Category:Wikidata:Name_of_project"—for example, Category:Wikidata:Wikipedia, Category:Wikidata:Wikisource, etc.
  4. Using Template:Sister_Project_Header, add a navigation header to the page
  5. Create pages for the four new tabs (click on the red links from the navigation header); add the navigation header to each page in turn, as well as the "Category:Wikidata:Name_of_project"
  6. Add necessary content

Adding content to a sister project portalEdit


A template is available to use for creating a basic and brief overview of Wikidata for sister project communities. This template also provides an overview of the portal structure (i.e. where to look for certain content within the various subpages).

This template can be found at Template:Sister_projects_overview_content. Depending on the status of deployment and the complexity of providing data access for the project, you may find it easier to use parts of the template (as the full template content may not apply). Parts 1-7 of the content are also available at the template page.

How to helpEdit

This page is intended to provide more in-depth content about what Wikidata going live will mean for sister project communities—how will it affect the project, where they will see changes, and how they can help.

Content has been developed for use on this page but is not in template form; please see Wikidata:Wikisource/How_to_help for an example. The content has been divided into three main sections: "Add sitelinks," "Use data," and "Improve data." Depending on the phase of deployment of a sister project, you may want to create your own content from scratch.

When copying the content, be sure to provide new sister project-specific screenshots and item examples.

Get involvedEdit

Please add a list of ambassadors (people involved in both Wikidata and the sister project) that are willing to field questions or offer assistance to others.

This page can also be used for proposing tasks and coordinating WikiProject-type efforts related to the sister project's integration with Wikidata.

Project discussion & developmentEdit

This page is for proposing and planning the sister project's integration with Wikidata. You may want to include such things as links to relevant Wikidata and sister project policies, important terminology, technical implementation details, item/entity examples, etc.


This page is for linking to previous discussions and alternative proposals (either on Wikidata, Meta-Wiki, or the sister project), as well as Wikidata Help pages and documentation.