Wikidata:Sixth Birthday/Wikidata Workshop @ Princeton University Library

The Center for Digital Humanities is located in Floor B of Firestone Library

The purpose of the workshop is to give interested participants insight in how Wikidata works, how they can use Wikidata, and especially how to add data to Wikidata.

When? Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 12-2pm (a light lunch will be provided).

Where? Center for Digital Humanities (Firestone Library Floor B, Princeton University).

For whom? A beginner-level, hands-on introduction to Wikidata for interested members of the Princeton community who want to learn (more) about Wikidata and structured data.

How to participate? The workshop is free, no registration is required. Not affiliated with Princeton University? E-mail lwainer (at) princeton (dot) edu with your full name to guarantee access to Firestone Library.

How to prepare?

  • Bring your laptop! Editing Wikidata on a tablet or mobile phone is not very user friendly yet - a laptop is highly recommended
  • If you don't have a Wikidata account yet (same account as on Wikipedia), please create one before the event. You can do that here:

Workshop outcomesEdit

  • Understand how Wikidata supports other Wikimedia projects, particularly Wikipedia.
  • Understand Wikidata's data structure model and grasp Wikidata-specific terminology (item, identifier, label, description, statement, statement group, property, value, qualifier, reference, rank).
  • Edit existing items by adding labels, descriptions, qualifiers, references, identifiers, and/or statements.
  • Create new items.

Workshop materialsEdit




One page guide to Wikidata by Andrew Lih

Wikidata data model

Wikidata tour

Wikidata sandbox (edit Wikidata without having to worry about it actually affecting anything)

Wikidata games v.1 and v.2