Update 2019: the main SourceMD tool is currently inactive but the older version still works.

SourceMD, also called the Source Metadata Tool or Source, M.D., is a prototype tool that takes the persistent identifier (Q420330) for a scholarly article (Q13442814) (or several) and processes it by importing bibliographic metadata into Wikidata items. In August 2018, it was merged with ORCIDator into a single tool that allows for fully automated batch processing based on the following identifiers: ISBN-13 (P212), DOI (P356), ORCID iD (P496), PubMed ID (P698), PMCID (P932).

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The tool is a prototype service for anyone who wishes to automatically generate Wikidata items using metadata from scholarly publications. Typical users of this tool will be Wikimedia community members participating in the WikiCite project. Other users include any person seeking to share the scholarly profile of any individual, or any organization seeking to share the scholarly profile of its individual members.

The likely motivation for anyone using this tool is that they want to use Wikidata to index, share, and promote the scholarly publications for an individual, an organization, or on a particular topic.

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Instructions on how to use SourceMD are available via Wikidata:SourceMD/instructions.

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