Wikidata:Status updates/2013 08 30

This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2013-08-30.



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Did you know?Edit

  • Newest properties: interchange station (P833), public holiday (P832), parent club (P831), Encyclopedia of Life (P830), OEIS ID (P829), possible causes (P828), BBC programme identifier (P827), tonality (P826), dedicated to (P825), Meteoritical Bulletin Database ID (P824)
  • Newest task forces: Wikidata:País Valencià task force


  • Work on allowing API module editentities to edit claims
  • Work on entity / item redirects
  • Work on support for moving qualifiers in API and Frontend
  • Adding coordinates to diff display and improving diff display code
  • Allowing site groups for language links on clients to be configurable (needed for commons)
  • EntityId changes, we are now working on 0.5!
  • Show snaktype in summary for novalue and somevalue snaks
  • Further work on merge module for the API
  • Wrote missing tests for various jQuery widgets
  • Work on value formatters
  • Continue on moving tests to cucumber
  • Bug fixes for coordinates following the latest deployment

See current sprint items for what we’re working on next.

You can view the commits currently in review here and the ones that have been merged here.

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