Wikidata:Status updates/2018 03 19

This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2018-03-19.



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  • Looking into current Lua usage to see where we can improve the Lua functions we provide (phab:T189506)
  • When there is a constraint violation in a reference, the reference is now automatically expanded to make it more visible (phab:T177970)
  • Looked into issues around notifying the Wikipedias about changes happening on Wikidata (sometimes delayed due to too quick bot editing) (phab:T189772)
  • Fixed some translation issues in the embeded part of the Query Service (phab:T188990)
  • Fixed an issue with usernames being broken for Wikidata changes in watchlist and RC on Wikipedia (phab:T189320)
  • Optimizing a heavily used database table (wb_terms) (phab:T188279)
  • Polishing a lot of things for lexicographical data first deployment
  • Make it possible to remove a Form (phab:T173332)

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