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Wikidata:Third Birthday/Presents/Ladsgroup

It's Wikidata's third birthday, right? So I prepared three gifts for you:

1. AI-based anti-vandalism classifier is ready after four months of work thanks to Aaron Halfaker. It's so big that I can't write it here. This is link to the announcement.

2. Remember Kian? Using bot I already added 100K statements when the Kian had high certainty but there are far more to add but they need human review. Thanks to Magnus Manske now we have a game that suggests statements based on Kian and you can simply add them. what I did was populating a database with suggestions and building an API around that There are 2.6 million suggestions in 17 languages based on 53 models. I can easily add more languages and models. Just name themĀ :)

3.Still there lots of old interwiki links (in case you don't remember, things like [[en:Foo]], ewww) in small wikis specially in template namespace and there is a flow of them adding in medium-sized wikis. Also in future we need to clean them from Wiktionary \o/. Now we have a script in pywikibot named merged ten hours ago thanks to jayvdb and xzise. It cleans pages, add links to wikidata and create items for pages in your wiki. i.e. It's but for wikis that use Wikidata Just run:

python scripts/ -unconnectedpages -clean -create

Or if you are a little bit advanced in pywikibot. Write a script based on this and handle interwiki conflicts (more help in source code)

Happy birthday!
Best -- Amir (talk) 08:22, 29 October 2015 (UTC)