Wikidata:Tools/Array properties gadget

Array properties gadgetEdit

Array Properties is a gadget designed specifically for use in association with Wikidata and each of the language Wikipedias. Its purpose is to request that for a selected list of articles at a language Wikipedia to have the same statements (properties and values) added to corresponding local item.


Found on each individuals' preferences gadget section.

  • Properties tool: send a request for copy specific property to many items. It will send your request here, and a bot will process the request after review.

When the gadget is activated, the text "Array Properties" will be display in the toolbox in the left sidebar.


When the text "Array Properties" is clicked a form will appear which is to be completed and will be submitted to a page where it will be reviewed and actioned as appropriate to the request.

Note: This gadget only prepares and submits a request to be considered. It is not automatic, it is not immediate, and it will need to be reviewed prior to any undertaking of the request.


  • Language:
The language of the Wikipedia of interest (required)
  • Source:
Choose to use either Category or Template, not both (one is required)
  • Category:
The category at the target wikipedia containing the pages for which the local data will be updated. Only pages from namespace 0 are used.
  • Template:
The template at the target wiki for which the article pages transclude the template. Only pages from namespace 0 are used.
  • Property:
The property to be added (required)
  • Value:
The item (Qnnnnnn) that should be applied to the property set (required)
  • Ignore prefix:
Adding a prefix word will cause the corresponding pages to be skipped (optional)
  • Ignore articles:
Provision is made for skipping three specific articles (optional)
  • Create:
If filled in with any value means true. Leave blank for false. If an article does not have a corresponding wikidata item should the wikidata item be created. (optional)
  • Recursion:
For the number of categories that this action should recurse. Default is zero (0). (optional)