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Query data
Cita (Q108311142)

Adds citations metadata (i.e., what other items an item cites) support to the reference management software Zotero, using cites work (P2860) information from Wikidata, and enabling users to easily contribute missing data.

by Diegodlh
CLOCQ: Fast and Effective Search Space Reduction for Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Bases (Q111316242)

Provides efficient access to Wikidata, with a focus on functionalities required for question answering use cases. Additional information:

by PhilippChr

a web hub based on Wikidata

by Maxlath
inteGraality (Q84572489)

Dashboards of property coverage for a given part of Wikidata.

by Jean-Frédéric
Item Quality Evaluator (Q110831886)
Item Quality Evaluator

The Item Quality Evaluator retrieves a quality score for each requested Item and also calculates the avarage score of all Items requested.

by Wikidata development team

A note-taking tool that lets you directly search Wikidata to use Wikidata Nodes as notes and Statements as links between notes. Kanopi also offers higher-order tools for organizing your notes, such as Trees and Maps.

by brianru
Linked items (Q92076502)
Linked items

Returns sorted, de-duped list of Q values from a Wikipedia page, or chunk of wiki-text.

by Magnus Manske
Navel Gazer

Wikidata users statement addition counts.

by Bamyers99
OpenRefine (Q5583871)

Clean messy datasets and connect them with Wikidata.

Platypus (Q20726406)

Ask Platypus questions in English about general knowledge and math.

by Tpt
Property explorer

Shows properties of Wikidata, its classes and statistics.

Scholia (Q45340488)

Displays scientific and bibliographic information from Wikidata by queries to Wikidata Query Service.

by fnielsen

A (very) limited, visual, replacement for Wikidata Query which just does one claim, based on the 'linkshere' method of the Wikidata API.

by husky
SPARQL extension for RoamResearch

Based on Roam page, block, or custom query, imports data from Wikidata into RoamResearch, mapping properties and items to attributes and pages.

by David Vargas
TABernacle (Q26882268)

Displays a table of statement values for a set of items (as rows) and set of properties (as columns). Items can be specified as a either a manual list, or as a SPARQL-query or PagePile ID.

by Magnus Manske
QAnswer (Q47545479)

Question answering (QA) system to query Wikidata in multiple languages: english, french, german, italian, spanish, arabic and chinese. Depending on the result set you can render the result set as images, maps, or list. If we do not find the answer in Wikidata we fall-back on the search engine Qwant. So you can see QAnswer as a web search engine using Wikidata as the underlying Knowledge Base for providing direct answers. Enjoy!

by DD063520
Wembedder (Q63379435)

Knowledge graph embedding of Wikidata items with "most similiar" item functionality.

by fnielsen
Wikidata Class Browser (Q29982490)

Displays wikidata class information including subclass and instance totals. Includes common class properties, qualifiers, enumerated values, instance of super class.

by Bamyers99
Wikidata duplicate item finder
Wikidata duplicate item finder

Finds potential duplicate items on Wikidata, via identical labels/aliases.

by Magnus Manske
Wikidata Dynamic lists (Q33163005)

In this Wikidata Dynamic lists tool, everyone can view lists, and change options like language, columns, and sections on-the-fly; to create your own lists, use your trusted WiDaR login. See blog post and Wikidata:Dynamic lists tool.


by Magnus Manske
Wikidata Resolver
Wikidata Resolver

Redirect to a Wikidata item, based on inserted value for an inserted property.

by Magnus Manske
Wikidata Translate
Wikidata Translate

A tool used for translating a term from one language to another.

Choose the language in which you want the term to be translated by clicking on "Change your preferred languages?". Click the drop-down menu of "Translate from" to select the language of the term.

A list of wikipedia pages, in your preferred languages, titled with that translated term, will appear.

by Husky
Wikidata Walkabout (Q99677798)

Provides an interface for drilling down through Wikidata's data, by using the properties for this type property to determine the set of ideal filters for each "class" of items.

by Yaron Koren and Sahaj Khandelwal
Wikipedia Tools for Google Spreadsheets (Q48719750)

A Google Spreadsheets add-on that provides custom functions to work with data from Wikipedia and Wikidata.

by Tomayac

SPARQL query builders edit


Prototype tool to run SPARQL queries built using visual blocks (based on SparqlBlocks).

by MichaelSchoenitzer
SPARQL query generator
SPARQL query generator

A simple interface to generate SPARQL queries based on subject-predicate-object triples.

by Bene*
Vizquery (Q30369996)

A visual way to query Wikidata without using SPARQL by means of a query builder.

by Husky
Wikidata Query Builder (Q105550739)
Wikidata Query Builder

Create lists of items by filtering them based on their statements.

by Jakob Warkotsch (WMDE)
QueryGraph (Q104778121)

Draw a graph with nodes and edges to generate a query in SPARQL for Wikidata.

by Shevekk

Mathematical knowledge retrieval edit


Physics question generator and solution interrogator.

by PhilMINT

Mathematical question answering system.

by Physikerwelt

Formula and identifier annotation recommender system.

by PhilMINT

Benchmark to evaluate tools for mathematical format conversion (LaTeX ↔ MathML ↔ CAS).

by Physikerwelt

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